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Official Game Day Thread: Week 7: 2016 Texans vs Broncos

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  • This is the common theme for the big runs allowed:

    The runs to the weak side, through the gap between Ray and Crick.

    The Texans saw it from the previous games and exploited this issue.
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    • Facing a third-and-6 near midfield with time on the clock Monday night, Broncos coach Gary Kubiak eased off. Instead of pressing forward for some extra points just before halftime, he waved his offense inside. “I had my reasons,” Kubiak said Tuesday from Dove Valley. “Probably not very good reasons. We should stay aggressive right there.” In a skid-ending 27-9 victory over the Houston Texans, the Broncos’ offense appeared to turn a corner. It rushed for 190 yards. It breezed through without a turnover. It didn’t fade behind early penalties. It sputtered, sure, but it didn’t stall. It seemed, for a night, that Denver’s offense shifted into a new gear. So why did the coach hold them back? “I don’t have to (explain),” Kubiak said. “But I do agree. You have to take advantage of your opportunities.”
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