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Official Game Day Thread: Week 9: 2016 Broncos vs Raiders

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 9: 2016 Broncos vs Raiders

    Hello Broncomaniacs,

    Here we are Raider Hater Week # 1 This time it is a prime time match up with the 5 time defending AFC west champion vs the upstart but much improved scrappy Raiders. Both teams are 6-2 and while Denver is still trying to find some offensive rhythm the Raiders have excelled at the passing game.

    The D played well last week, the offense still struggled, it was very start and stop. Trevor did not go deep until late in the game. He had a pick 6. Booker also took great field position after a Phillip Rivers turnover and quickly fumbled it back to them while we were in the red zone.

    We will need the passing game to start off stronger. Booker did good for most of the game. Play calling was ok, I'd love to see Janovich used more, he is a beast! Most of all, I'd like to see us not shoot ourselves in the foot like we sometimes do. Let's avoid the holding penalties if we can.

    Derek Carr has 17 Td to Trevors 8. Raiders rush for about 116 a game, Denver 104.
    Denver ranks # 27 in Passing the Raiders are # 4
    Denver is # 1 vs the pass, the Raiders are tied for 27 vs the pass.
    Denver is tied for sacks at 26 this year. Carr has been sacked for a league low 9 times.
    Denver leads the league in QB hits this year with 19 more hits than the next team.

    The Raiders won in overtime last week, and have loss to the Falcons and Chiefs this season.

    So how do we do in week 9 tilts? Well in the last 10 years the NFL has sent us on the road 8 times for game # 9.
    We are 8-2 overall the last decade. Winning 7 out of 8 times on the road. Of the two home games both were against the Chiefs, we beat them in 2010 and lost last year to them in game 9. (The Peyton set a passing record and still got pulled game after 4 Ints)

    D will be on fire. Hopefully the Oline pulls it together and doesn't get our QB killed like they did last year against Mack.
    Prime time game, playing in the lights. Raiders will be ready and their fans will be rowdy. Lets hope the D is correct that there will be balls there for intercepting. With a battle for the west, emotions will be high

    So Again as a reminder, please be mindful of what you post and lets try to enjoy the game. Watch what you say and how you say it in a post. Please follow the COC and thank you for helping making this board great. Hope we end with a "W" and knock the Raiders down a peg. GO BRONCOS!!!
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    GO BRONCOS !!!

    SMASH THE faiderz !!!

    GO "D" --- SACK carr !!!

    Denver 42
    faiderz 13

    GO BRONCOS !!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!
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      Smash them Raiders

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        BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

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          Turn the black hole orange!!!

          GO BRONCOS!!!!! ����

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            Thanks for the great write up again, Elway!

            Go Broncos!!!!

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              Smash the Raiders in the mouth.

              Go Broncos!!!

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                GO BRONCOS! Lets hold them to under 200 yards and under 14!
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                  This is the day that the Broncos D kindly feed Sharks with Raider legs!
                  I will be lurking in the bay waiting for tasty tidbits.


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                    Go broncos


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                      I am so nervous about this one..,


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                        Is this message board back from the dead?


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                          Go Broncos!!


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                            What happened to it? Missed changing some game picks


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                              Go Broncos!!!!!