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Official Game Day Thread: 2016: Week 16: Broncos vs Chiefs

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2016: Week 16: Broncos vs Chiefs

    Hey Broncomaniacs,

    and if you are still following the team after all these weeks, you qualify as a maniac.

    Sorry for the lateness... Kids and Christmas items sidetracked me finishing this... my bad.

    Never has a team, with so much on the line, did so little. How do you follow up a Super Bowl season. Well if you are these Broncos , you might think they are just planning on polishing that trophy, because they have not shown much to say they ever want another.

    The D gave up the run this year, like Santa gives out presents. Often and to many. The Offense... offensive. I would expect to see Kubiak in the Usual Suspects Part II because his coaching was highly suspect and almost criminal at times.

    So here we are... not quite dead yet, but not in control of our fate. All we can do is try to win our last two games. We do have some things in our favor. Hopefully to start off the Steelers will defeat the Ravens. If Baltimore loses, KC is in the playoffs. That would lessen the pressure ever so slightly for them to win vs us. We need the Dolphins to lose next week vs the Pats. But with Oaklands win today, they have a chance for the # 1 seed, so NE will need to play hard next week to be the # 1 seed. Derek Carr is out, which helps Denver in their final game. It only matters if we win in a hostile environment. A loss by us turns weeks 17 into an exhibition game for us. This would then be considered be a lost season. One in which we so under performed we'd be lucky they didn't take last years Lombardi back. :lombardi:

    So how do we do in the 15th game of the season. Well in the last decade we are 4-6. Of the 4 wins 3 were at home, 1 on the road. Of the 6 losses. 2 were at home 4 on the road. Last year at this time we did not have a playoff spot yet. We needed a week 16 win vs the Bengals to secure our playoff life. Now we need a week 16 win to still have hope.

    It is Christmas, if you can't have hope, what is there? Believe. Whether it is Santa or the Broncos... and win or lose, life will go on. I want a win more than anything. In the end it won't ruin enjoying the day with my family. I love this team. I hate the roller coaster season and the missed opportunities, but like the last 3+ Decades, I stand by them and hope.

    A December win in KC, hard to come by. Stranger things have happened. Hopefully we win, I just can't even begin to guess ho this team will react. The offense can explode and the D can implode, it has happened a few times. We need to be strong in all 3 phases. Chiefs have good weapons on both sides. We need to protect Trevor, Stop the run game, get to Alex Smith, Stop making dumb penalties (Talib & Okung I am calling you out) We need to contain Tyreek Hill who single handedly dismantled us by scoring TDs 3 separate ways and to limit Kelce. We have the D to do it if they play like they are supposed to.

    I know it is so hard right now. The team is in desparation mode. Things are critical, peoples attitudes can be too. Please watch what you say and how you say it in a post.. We may win, we may lose... but we need to keep it together while on the board. Please follow the posted COC and thank you in advance for your time. Happy Holidays to all of you and your families. As Always Go Broncos.
    The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!

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    Go Broncos!!

    It can be done!

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      Merry Christmas, everyone!

      Go Broncos!!!
      To infinity...and beyond.


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        Let's go do this.

        Merry Christmas everyone!
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          GO BRONCOS !!!

          STOMP THE chefz !!!

          GO "D" --- SACK alex !!!

          Denver 42
          chefz 13

          GO BRONCOS !!!

          GO BRONCOS !!!

          GO BRONCOS !!!

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            Good Morning and Merry Christmas AZ!

            Lets get this done, the Christmas miracle game that will be talked about for decades...


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              Merry Christmas to all!!!!

              We can win today,It's christmas and miracles can happen,the browns won a game yesterday which proves miracles can happen!!!!


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                Merry Christmas all and GO BRONCOS


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                  MERRY CHRISTAMS to all of you and your families!!!!!!
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                    Im going to the game so hoping for not an embarrassing loss!


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                      Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                        merry Christmas to yall n hopefully a bronco win


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                          Go Broncos! My brother's gonna be at the game because he lives in Missouri and apparently loves the Chiefs now. So this win also has a huge amount of family hype on my end as well as all the other weight of the game haha. Let's get the W for one last Christmas gift!


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                            Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

                            GO BRONCOS


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                              Merry Christmas and hope all had a wonderful day!

                              Go Broncos get it done!!!