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Official Game Day Thread: 2016: Week 17: Raiders vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2016: Week 17: Raiders vs Broncos

    Hey Broncomaniacs,

    Hope you have had a good Holiday Season despite the Broncos being the Grinch who stole Christmas. Getting this in a little early since it is New Years Eve. This is the last game day thread of the season, thank to Kubes and company.

    We face the Raider who managed to get a leg up on the AFC West this year.... until Carr broke it.
    If KC beats SD and we beat the Raiders, KC gets a bye week... Ummm.. not sure I'm a fan of that. I'm more of a fan of let them be a wild card team and play three games on the road. Oakland would get the week off and most likely railroaded in the Division round, of which I am ok with as well. Perhaps Reid and Dantari Poe might not be a fan of that. Maybe you shouldn't think about rubbing it in when you will need help from that team the next week. Running up the score and in that fashion was bad form.

    Yes the Broncos players took the high road and did not seem to take offense. Maybe some should have. The fight has pretty much been out of the team for some time. A few players like Talib still had it, but this season was a struggle all along. Didn't see as much passion as I would have liked. Von did what he could, but the D had stretches where it struggled. With as many 3- Outs the offense put up, who could blame them.

    I was ready to give the Broncos a bit of a Mulligan after winning the Superbowl. Then they decided to start off 4-0 and go 7-3 into the bye. They gave me hope for a repeat. Yes we still had issues and struggles like last year, but we were somehow winning games. Then came the bye week and we weren't. The only game we won in five weeks was against the Jags and that was a struggle.

    We have had QB issues, RB issues, O-line Issues, Run D issues, WRs who can't get separation, and some bad and un-inspiring coaching decisions. As of late it has been bad. All we can do is try to stay healthy this game, regroup and hope Elway is ready to make some changes again. I don't think 3rd place in the west is what he had in mind.

    So how do we do in the final game of the season. Well over the last decade we are 6-4. Of the wins 5 came at home, 1 on the road. Off the 4 losses 3 were at home,1 on the road. The last 8 years we ended the season vs a division rival. With Manning as our QB we beat the Raiders on the road, and the Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers at home. So we ended strong the last 4 years. (all playoff years)

    Webster, Ware, Ward, Wolfe, Derby are out, most likely Marshall too. Kubes will play both Qbs. Not sure what his game plan is. He knows we are playing the Raiders with a back up QB. So is he trying to win, Using the game as exhibition to evaluate personal one last time, or secretly trying to throw the game? I don't know, but I will be watching.

    Does this team have heart, they still have fight? I hope so. But after this season, I don't know what to expect from them. Did we see much improvement? Trevor progressed, but still has issues. The Oline certainly did not get coached. Okung had holding issues all season long. Stephenson saved his up for last week.

    I hope all here enjoy the last game of the 2016 season. It was frustrating, but at least we were all in it together. So one last time this season, please watch what you say and how you say it in a post.. We may win, we may lose... but we need to keep it together while on the board. Please follow the posted COC and thank you in advance for your time. Thank you Mods for all the work you do both in the regular and off season. Best to all here and may you have a good new year. I'll be around on and off during the year, As Always Go Broncos
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    Go Broncos. Smash the Raiders. . Let's go out with a win and something to hope for next season!!
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      Best of luck to San Diego as well!
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        Originally posted by Elway View Post
        Best of luck to San Diego as well!
        They need it after losing to the Browns last week.


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          No way Denver mails this one in.

          Better draft position won’t help the O-Line, only FA will.
          Rookie O-Linemen need time to develop in the NFL.

          Broncos, next man up, get out there and fight to the end !!!

          BEAT THE

          Happy New Year !!!

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            BLAM! BLAM!
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              Happy New Year, Broncos Country!

              Hoping for the first of many W's in the new year! :lombardi: Go Broncos!!!

              Go Chargers...please redeem your brown-out.
              To infinity...and beyond.


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                Thank you, Elway. Always a pleasure to read your game day posts.

                Go Broncos!!

                Happy New Year!! You all are the best!

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                  Sorry you guys didn't make the playoffs this year. Will see you next year. If you can find it in your hearts to beat the Raiders, that would very much be appreciated. I think Patriots will handle Miami, but you never know down there. Happy New Year!


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                    happy new year yall n hopefully we can beat the faiders....n if kubiak does retire thanks for all the years as a player and coach


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                      Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                        Go Broncos!!!


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                          Happy New Year Everyone Its been an interesting season. Here is to ending it with Goooo Broncos. Lets get a W and stay healthy.
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                            Looking forward to seeing Norwood


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                              Go Broncos!!!!!