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Official Game Day Thread: 2017: Week 1: Chargers vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2017: Week 1: Chargers vs Broncos

    Hellllooo Broncomaniacs, the Hibernation is over... it's time for football.

    Well here it is the official start to the regular season. A MNF Tilt against division rivals the Chargers.
    It's been a heck of an off season and pre-season as well.

    Trevor Siemian as the starter again, Lynch injured and Brock is back.
    Strange times indeed. It kind if reminds me the End of Elways career. He was injured in his final season, Brister his back up won some games for us, Elway wins the Super bowl and retires. When we start the next season 3rd string Brian Greise was the starter over Brister.

    Manning injured in his final year, Brock comes in wins a few starts. Manning comes back , wins the Superbowl and the next year our 3rd string is the starter. Here we are now with Brock in the fold being back up to his former back up. Part of him must have wished he didn't leave in the first place.

    We have a new coach, new D coordinator, McCoy is back and Musgrove is back as well. I welcome the offensive changes and hope the offensive line play much better than they did last year, not that they could have played much worse. Looking forward to seeing how we handle this regular season.

    How do we do first game of the season? Well over the last decade we have been 8-2. We won our first game the last 5 years in a row. All those games were at home. We have not opened the season vs the Chargers in the last 20+ years.

    Taking a look at the schedule, I can say.... I don't like it. We must have angered some one. We play 4 of 5 at home to start the season, then have 7 of 11 on the road. We have 1 am early starts on the east vs the Bills, the Eagles, the Dolphins and the Red skins. We face playoff teams in KC, Oakland, Patriots and the Phins.

    I have high hopes for the No FLy Zone. I'll miss Ward out there, but I think we have a lot of great players on that D line and secondary. Von will still be a force to fear out there. Whatever distraction he had last off season, he didn't have that this year.
    My only concern is that were not the NO Rush Zone, being the 28th D vs the Run.

    Chargers will not be an easy out, as long as they have Rivers they have a chance. You may hate the guy but he is a baller. Melvin Gordon is poised to have another great year. Gates maybe ready to retire, but Hunter Henry burned us last year is his place. Allen is back and healthy as well. Their D is not to be overlooked either with Ingram and Bosa out there looking to make a Siemian sandwich out there.

    I think Trevor will get the job done. McCoy knows about Rivers though. So their should be some cues our D can exploit. Right now we have a healthy stable of running backs, so I am excited about seeing if the Oline can actually open lanes for them. We've beaten them 5 of the last 6 times so we have that in our favor. The Chargers our a team with a new coach and a new city, they are going to want to get wins any way they can so this should be a heck of a matchup.

    As a reminder, please be mindful of what you post. The mods do a great job here and can never receive enough thanks for the work they do. Please follow the COC and help make their jobs easier. To each and every fan here, Thank you for helping making this board great. As always looking forward to a great season. GO BRONCOS!!!
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    Yes first post!!!!


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      Go Broncos. Sack Rivers and crunch their run game, and the rest will handle itself.
      Superbowl 50 Champions!


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        Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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          No Fly Zone against the Can't Block Zone!


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            BLAM! BLAM!
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              GO Broncos!!!


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                One of those rare times where Monday is looked forward to


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                  Yes. I am ready for some football. Here's to a new season!


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                    It's a good thing I'm a night person. I just need to yell quietly so I don't wake anyone.

                    Good to see you, Elway! Thanks for the great job you do.

                    Go Broncos!!!

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                      It's ever so good to have Broncos football again
                      Great write up as usual Elway

                      GO BRONCOS!


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                        I think if we can keep it close going into the fourth qtr, we have a chance. This game makes me nervous.

                        Go Broncos!!


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                          Well, OAK looks ready to play. Dang.


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                            Mariota looks good too, great throws!


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                              I've been waiting all summer for Monday night!

                              GO BRONCOS!!!

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