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Official Game Day Thread: 2017: Week 9 Broncos vs Eagles

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2017: Week 9 Broncos vs Eagles

    What's up Broncomaniacs..... or is it Browns-co-maniacs. Cuz that is who we have been playing like lately. (Boooo!! )

    Here we are dropping four of the last 5 games. Trevor Siemian, is now Trevor No-See-The-Man. As he couldn't see receivers, Tight Ends, or Defensive Lineman in his vicinity and will now not see the starting line up. It's rough, but true as of late.

    Brock has the reigns for this next game and given our luck this season will get hurt by the first quarter and we will be back where we were. Coming off a horrible loss to the Chiefs, even our head coach could not believe we had 5 turnovers. Imagine if we only had 2? We might have had a chance of winning. Instead we are self imploding all over again.

    Now we have an early start in Philly in a East coast game (which as you know I hate) and then a date with the Pats. We have a chance to snap out of this funk of sink to the bottom of the abyss and waste a year with this talented defense. It has been a brutal, painful and disappointing stretch of games. QB issues, Oline issues, McManus has been spotty, Special teams god awful and a punter who kicks like he thinks Lucy is about to pull the ball away at the last minute.

    The Eagles are good, real good. We need to be better not to get blown out. Carson Wentz is getting better and better. We need to contain him from keeping plays alive and running the ball like we did to Alex Smith. The Eagles love to run the ball, and they just robbed Miami of Jay Ajayi to go along with Blount. They are not afraid to take their shots down the field. No Fly will need to live up to the Hype. Hopefully we will cover their TE better than we did in last weeks game. Ertz wont be at full speed so should help.

    So how do we do in game 8 match ups. Um not very well. Again over the last 10 years we went 4-6. (which this season seems to be mostly following the trend of W/L records)This could be another rough one Of the 6 losses 4 were on the road 2 at home. Of the pitiful 4 wins We won 2 at home 2 on the road. Last years game 8 was a win at home vs San Diego.

    Hoping Sanders is back, he is a game changer and so much more hard to cover than Fowler, Latimer or Taylor. I like Derby out there but between Green and Heuerman there is not enough balls out there. Maybe Brock can read the defense better, I know we have protection issues. Manning was able to work around them for the most part. Trevor can't. His 25 Sacks for 159 yards proves that.

    It has been rough folks. You know it, I know it. The Mods know it. We appreciate the faithful still coming here, being a part of the board, hoping for the Victory or co-miserating with the loss. I don't know if Brock is the answer of just another question, but at least someone did something to help us find out. As frustrating as it can be, Please.... Please follow the COC. We all want the Win, no one should accept losing games as the 'norm' , but please watch what you post. Hoping for a good game, a better offensive showing and as always wishing to leave the game healthy and with a "W". GO Broncos!!!
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    We can absolutely do this, I think Brock is going to be a pleasant surprise.

    Go Broncos


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      Gotta work during the game and it's on TV out here in California.. I'm definitely gonna be sneaking some looks when I'm in the back. I have hope for this game, offense is gonna have a new look which should be what the doc ordered. We know what we get with Brock.. Instead of sacks he will settle for the flats or the RBs. If we can make some people miss and break some tackles I can see us at least putting up double figures on offense which as sad as it is to say, would be a blessing. Go Broncos
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        Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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          Go Broncos !!!


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              hope oz shows up but he gets benched and then lynch shows up even better.
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                We got this!

                GO BRONCOS!!!

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                  Even though we may have hit Brock bottom...the heart still beats in Broncos Country, and the team still has life. A wounded animal can be dangerous.

                  Go into Philly and make them wish we didn't. Then grab yourself a victory cheese steak for the flight home. :thumb:

                  Go Broncos!!!
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                    Supposed to be a black out game from what I hear , all the fans supposed to wear the black eagles jersey...should be able to spot me with the bright orange jersey on
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                      Originally posted by BroncsFanInPa View Post
                      Supposed to be a black out game from what I hear , all the fans supposed to wear the black eagles jersey...should be able to spot me with the bright orange jersey on
                      Have fun!

                      Thanks, Elway. Great job!

                      We can win this!

                      Go Broncos!!!

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                        I don't know whether to say yes or yikes but it looks like I'm getting this one on TV too!
                        GO BRONCOS!
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                          Good luck today and see you next week!


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                            Going to be a tough game! Let’s go Broncos!!! Let’s get an upset win!


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                              they have a really good front 4 which don't bode well with our OL they better be giving Watson help or will be seeing trevor again....they have a good TE to n as good as our defense is we rank near the bottom covering them for what ever could be a long day hopefully no turnovers that would be a big help