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Official Game Day Thread: 2017: Week 14 Jets vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2017: Week 14 Jets vs Broncos

    Oh are we here again already?

    Feels like I was just getting past the mind numbing pain of the last loss and we're ready for another go around.

    Welcome to this week Broncos game, where you can watch a team that went from being the winner of Super Bowl 50 to one that has since then tanked their way to being one of the worse teams to take the field in the history of the Organization. Not many teams can lose a half seasons worth of game, but here we are... we did it. Eight in a row! (Starts Mock clap) :clap:

    So the 3-9 Broncos are going to take on the 5-7 Jets. This is the match up the NFL has been waiting for (snicker)
    The Broncos screwed up their season, now it seems the only thing they can mess up is their place in the draft. Not that if they get a good pick they couldn't mess that up and grab a punter in the first round (Providing he had a good week of practice that is)

    I've given up on them winning at this point. I want to see them play competitively. Not sure if they care much. They let the Fins run up the score and didn't take umbridge with Gase doing an onside on them. I would have went full Talib on them as a matter of pride.

    So how do we do in game 13 of the season. (not that it matters much now) But we have a 6-4 record. Of the 6 wins, 5 were at home, 1 on the road. Of the 4 losses, 3 on the road and 1 at home. SO statistically we do good at home games for game # 13. Hopefully that is good news for us. At this point some of us are watching for the win, others rooting for the loss, and others just to see the trainwreck of a team and how we will mess it up somehow. No matter the reason we are glad you're here.

    McCown has 18 Tds and 8 Ints. Robby Anderson has come on strong for them. Plus The No Fly Zone has been giving out Frequent Flyer Miles as of late, so be ready for more of the same. Also we are still giving out footballs to one and all. We are like Oprah Out there, You get a turnover, You get a turnover, and You get a turnover!!! We have given out 27 Turnovers so far and have a 16 TO differential. 31st in the NFL in both stats. Somehow the Browns are still ahead of us there. I think we can beat them in the end.

    Any whoooo.... Thanks for coming, for staying. Remember to tip your waiters and waitresses generally and just say NO to drugs..... just the really bad ones. In the meantime please be nice to your Modstaff. Please watch what you post and dont attack other posters, report them. We get to do this all again in like 4 days and in 21 days we are free of this season. So hang in there, live long and prosper and may the Broncos play with some heart out there. And as I have done for years now... and will continue to do so... Go Broncos!
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    Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      Go Broncos....get that high pick!

      But we lol watch


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        Go team!!!


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          For God's sake don't get any of our starters hurt!

          Being the eternal optimist is rough right now (for some time), straight up, don't let this mindless coaching staff set us back any further!!!

          Elway...You got "Some splaining to do" our resolve as a fan base is on the ropes! C'mon Man, 57 years of pride on the line here.

          I feel like throwing up...In advance

          Sorry fellow fans but this is soooooooooooooooo hard to accept as "Game day" more like, I'm gonna hit myself on the head with a hammer for three hours now. :hammer::hammer::hammer:


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            Honestly hard to get excited anymore. Ughhhhh

            GO BRONCOS THOUGH!!

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              Go Broncos!!!

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                Go Broncos !!!


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                  We haven't won a game in over 2 months. The Broncos vs. Jets game with Tebow was a fun game to watch years ago. Its not much Fun watching this year, it kinda feels like one of those DTV commercials.
                  "Some people like watching this Broncos train wreck, while other people like watching well coached, real NFL teams actually win NFL football games." I will be watching, wearing my "hairshirt".
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                    BLAM! BLAM!

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                      I'm snowed in today and have nowhere to escape to, so the Broncos better entertain!

                      Go Orange and Blue!


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                        Go Broncos!!!


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                          I know why you guys watch, it's just like when everybody stops and stares at a car wreck, as they pass by j/k
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                            Originally posted by HUMCALC View Post
                            I know why you guys watch, it's just like when everybody stops and stares at a car wreck, as they pass by j/k
                            Lucky for me they haven't had the Broncos game shown in Boston for the past 3 weeks so I haven't had to watch the car wreck. lol
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                              Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
                              Lucky for me they haven't had the Broncos game shown in Boston for the past 3 weeks so I haven't had to watch the car wreck. lol
                              I live just south of Worcester