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Broncos @ Redskins Preseason Week 3 Game Night Thread

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  • Originally posted by Bootleg View Post

    He had a solid outing
    He said he hopes someone keeps him, but he hopes Denver keeps him.

    Hey Dymonte, we hope Denver keeps you too. Great game last night man!
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    • Hope the Broncos keep Thomas!


      • Originally posted by armedequation View Post
        Did sanders score his td on that side? I ask because when i replayed i noticed the crowd was really loud cheering

        Butler its hard to be upset when washington didnt convert a 3rd down until at least halfway through the 3rd
        We were loud. It felt like a home game. I just wished they yelled "In-com-plete". Would have been perfect.

        Originally posted by The Irish View Post
        Agreed. I was club level section 320. Definitely more orange than burgundy and gold. And that weather! Great night to watch a football game.
        Beautiful weather. Great game.

        Originally posted by Fantaztic7 View Post
        Glad you all got to go!!!
        It was just preseason but it was great for pictures, especially in the second half when the first string were on the sideline with helmets off and having fun. Von dancing. Wolfe walking around looking mean. We had some loud fans near us who yelled for some of the players. A few of them turned and acknowledge the crowd. One guy started yelling for Paxton, wanting him to get on the field. Another guy tells him to shut up, so of course he didn't. They went back and forth for awhile. Tebow got thrown in. One thing about Lynch. He's so tall, he was easy to find.

        Oh, and I did watch the game.

        EDIT: I scanned through this thread last night before going to bed. Every time I saw Dymonte Thomas, I thought it said Dynamite Thomas. I thought he had a new nickname (it's positive, so it's okay).
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          • Originally posted by Fantaztic7 View Post
            Absolutely love it.


            • Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post
              AP is done.
              I thought he looked good for his first game. Running behind a new oline he has no chemistry with and in a new offense.

              I think he would’ve had a much better year last year if Palmer never got hurt. He only played one full game with him and put up big numbers. After that they played the Rams and Palmer was injured. Then he only played 4 games after that.

              Now if he can stay healthy for 16 games is a completely different story