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Official Game Day Thread: 2018: Week 1 Seahawks vs Broncos

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  • Well watching Case since College and after a not so good outing he has Historically come back the next game and plays nearly flawlessly. Just a quick example: Last year against Pitt he was 20-37 for only 167 yards No TD's or INT's. The next game against Tampa Bay he was 25-33 369 yards 3 TD's 0 INT's. Now I'm not predicting he will have that type of game but it will look a lot better stat wise.
    CaseFan give Denver's Fan a little break. I'm not sure how for back you go with Case. Me, back since College. What I realized last yr with the Minnesota fans is they haven't watched Case like I have and have the confidence in him like I do. All NFL fans have heard about Case is from the "experts" where last yr he is only a "game manager" to this yr where he's only a "marginal starter". They will come around just like the Minnesota fans did.


    • 3 INTS in game one is scary and critique is totally fair

      I'm not going to worry just yet personally. The guy had only a handful of INTs all of last season so maybe it's an anomaly.

      Really though, if Case can keep our team in the lead of games 50% of the time, the defense should be able to bring it home. He doesn't have to be perfect. We just need our fair share of leads, and have the ability to threaten all parts of the field

      Even Manning wasn't particularly flawless in his last season yet he gave the D something to work with.
      The beatings will continue until morale improves....