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Official Game Day Thread: 2018: Week 6 Rams Vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2018: Week 6 Rams Vs Broncos

    Hello Broncomaniacs,

    There has to be a few of you out there still here right???

    Been a rough three weeks for us. We choked late vs the Chiefs and had Two early East coast blunders vs the Jets and Ravens.

    There is a book out there that states, "It was the best of times, is was the worse of times."

    For Bronco fans it has been the latter.
    A home date with the 5-0 Rams does NOT sound like what the Doctor ordered as a remedy.
    I like Wade Phillips, but I really don't want to see his defense this week. I'd rather not see Gurley or Goff either.

    I would love to see some semblance of a Broncos team out there. We have some good parts in the running game, but that is about it.
    Keenum has 5 TDs to 7 Ints, not the results I think we were hoping and paying for. Sanders has under 400 yards and 1 TD in 5 games, DT has under 300 yards and 2 TDs. Cooper Kupp on the Rams has 5 so far.

    After the Jets Debacle where we gave up a 75+ rush td then a 75 pass TD on back to back drive and let them score at will, our ranking dropped yet again. WE are now ranked 25th in Defense, and sad to say deservedly so. You can't give up that much rushing yards and win the game.

    The D knows this. Von Miller says part of that is on him, and he is glad because he can improve on that. That's great provided you can do it. He will get his chance this week against the Rams Offense. They are #1 with the top rushing offense and 7th passing offense. Denver has the # 2
    rushing offense, but the 19th ranked passing offense.

    So here we stand at 2- 3. A worse mark than last year after 5 games. We have our work dug out for us. Not sure what Vance and Woods has planned but it will need t be Epic in order for us to turn it around this week and get the "W" We can't think about what the other teams in the west are doing, we just need to play hard against whatever team is in front of us.

    SO how do we do in game 6 of the season? Well we are a pretty OK 6-4 over the last 10 seasons. Of the Six wins, 2 were at home and 4 were on the road. Of the 4 losses 2 were at home and 2 were on the road. Hopefully after last 3 weeks of beatings, we will come out and try to put a halt to this losing streak.

    This game will be hard, The Rams are loaded on offense. Their Defense.... um, pretty fantastic as well. They are solid and can pass rush like nobodys business. Good thing our offensive line can..... well they can.... Well gosh darn it they try hard to protect their QB.

    Denver is my team. Good, Bad, or Ugly.... Hoping we some more of the good soon. We need some creative play calling, some better effort and more consistency. WE have some great players like Sutton, Freeman and Lindsay that we need to build around.

    This will be a tough one, so emotions will run high. Lets hope for a good game where we emerge healthy. It has been rough sledding which makes it more important the we all follow the COC and watch what we post. Let's make it as easy as we can for the Mods, who always do a great job here and have no control over how the team performs. Let's do our best. Most of all let's hope for the "W" AS always GO BRONCOS!!!
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    Thanks, Elway!

    Go Broncos!




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      I will be at the game. Cheering and freezing my butt off! Go Broncos!


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        After the week I've had a Broncos W would sure be the bestest medicine!
        Go Go Go!


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          Let's go Broncos. A let down last week and a chance to knock off an unbeaten this week to turn the season around. Let's do it.

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            Its startin to feel like last season, but’s it’s still early. It’s gonna be tough today, but if we play good football like I know we could, we could turn this thing around today and make a run. This will be a HUGE boost of confidence
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              Go Broncos!


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                Go Broncos!!!!!!
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                  Always love Elway's game day thread... made me laugh a couple times this morning reading through it. As fans we all feel the pain, but like everyone else, I'm really hoping they can turn their season around!

                  GO Broncos!!!
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                    Time to turn the season around, Go Broncos!
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                      a lot of things will need to change to get a win today like pressure on the qb, better coverage and run defense, better play from keenum and the OL hopefully it happens


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                        BLAM! BLAM!

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                          Not feeling too confident today but anything can happen. I hope we can snag a win and drop some peoples jaws with this WIN


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                            Trying to keep it positive today. I hope for a clean healthy game, minimal shenanigans. Let's go team!


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                              Here's to a clean injury free game. Go Team!