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Official Game Day Thread: 2018: Week 8 Broncos VS Chiefs

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2018: Week 8 Broncos VS Chiefs

    Hey Broncomaniacs,

    Hope all enjoyed the mini-bye. Time to get back to business. Hopefully with the Halloween Party Hi-jinx behind them the Broncos are ready to play a trick on the Chiefs.

    Chad Kelly gone, shame we won't be able to see if he lived up to his preseason potential. So now we are more dependent on Case than we should be. Last game was a good game. D scored a 2 TDs, Freeman and Royce scored a TD each, and Case and Sanders threw for a TD each. It was a picture of the team we wish we had all season. Alas it was against the Cardinals, which the Chiefs are certainly playing better than.

    KC has been a team that has been hot. They have struggled in some games, but somehow pull it out in the end. Their only loss was to Tom Brady at home, and even then it was a tight game.

    When we played them a few weeks ago we had the Chiefs on the run and confused. We had Mahomes scrambling which turned out to be a bad thing as he is more deadly on the run , then in the pocket. He put 300 yards on us, never a good thing. Playing them in KC makes it even a harder task. Hopefully a well rested team is up to the challenge. We keep him in the pocket and pressure him, he tends to make mistakes if he has to hold the ball more more than 2.5 seconds.

    Hopefully the reffing is better than those crucial missed calls. Hopefully the Defense is better and doesn't give up a first down when we have them at 2nd and 30 and it takes them 2 plays to convert it, the first a 23 yard pass to Robinson that Simmons gave up. The second play he went deep to backup TE Harris for 25+ yards as well. With our team starting to pile up offensive and defensive injuries, our task will be harder. The players and coaching needs to be better to have a chance in this game.

    We haven't beat the Chiefs since Sept 2015. In Week 4 Last Hunt killed. He had over 175 yards against us. He has scored in six consecutive games and has averaged 149 yards from scrimmage per game in October. If you stop him you have to still account for Kelce who has went 75+ yards on five times in the last five seasons. We don't have an answer for that guy. Not even addressing Hills or Watkins.

    We held the Chiefs to 27 points, which is their lowest point total this season. They are hard to stop. We used the run game last time, and will need to again to chew up clock. The D will need to play better. Von was so close so many times, but couldn't make the play. Vance Joseph has to use the run and stick with it. I'm tired of we payed Case so we need him to pass like crazy, even though we have two great runners killing it.

    Week One they had 30 attempts - 142 yards, Week Two 22 attempts - 135 yards 1 TD,
    Week Three 17 attempts - 73 yards 1 TD, Week Four 20 Attempts - 136 yards 2 TD
    Week Five 17 Attempts - 92 yards, Week Six 13 Attempts - 40 Yards
    Week Seven 27 Attempts - 127 yards 2 TDs.

    Season Standings Lindsay 75 Att 436 Yards 2 TD / Freeman 71 Att 309 Yards 4 TD
    Keenum 254 Att 161 Comp 1848 Yards 8 TDs 9 Ints and 17 Sacks for 117 yards QB rating 81

    So last year at the time we were 3-4 and now again we are 3-4. So hopefully we don't go 2-7 the final Nine games. Been such an up and down season, don't know which way it will go.

    Past history. So in Week 8 tilts, how do we do. A poor, very poor 4-6 over the last decade. The four wins 2 were at home / 2 on the road. The six losses 2 were at home, 4 on the road. Reads very much like our Game 7 stats from last week. All we can do is try to improve on it this week.
    Most of this seasons games I've seen good effort , if not great execution. Still gonna be glued to my set to see how it plays out.

    Again please hang in here with the team. We know the season hasn't gone the way we hoped, but they are trying. As with each week we ask you follow the COC. Scream at the TV if you must, but avoid attacking other posters you may disagree with. If you need to reach out to one of our fantastic mods. I hope for a win and an injury free game, win or lose we still have games to go. So sit back, watch and "Go Broncos!"
    Last edited by Elway; 10-28-2018, 10:21 AM. Reason: Vance Joseph not Johnson :)
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    Let’s go on this crazy win streak Denver!
    My Fav 3 Broncos... 1. Demaryius 2. Von 3. Chris


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      Great write up again, Elway! Thanks.

      We can win this!

      Go Broncos!

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        Go Broncos!!


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          Thanks, as always, Elway!

          Go Broncos!!


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            Go Broncos!!!!!!
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              Thanks Elway! GO BRONCOS!!!

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                Broncos going to win this!


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                  Last year the schedule makers did the same thing to us in that we had the first 4 of our 5 games at home. So ignore the fast start last year and this year. We simply can't win on the road - although we won last week!!!


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                    I honestly had a dream about the game last night. Can’t say that’s ever happened before.

                    Don’t remember who won/loss, but Keenum threw a disgusting interception. I remember saying “dammit Kelly!” Lol

                    Regardless, Go Broncos!
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                      Gameday is my favorite day of the year and we only get 16 of them a year unless we make it to the playoffs! Go Broncos!


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                        Well let’s see how this slaughter plays out.. drama all week with Kelly, and now a game in arrowhead...

                        Please keep me interested for 3 quarters... I really want to sit and enjoy a game..


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                          Originally posted by Chop_Block View Post
                          Last year the schedule makers did the same thing to us in that we had the first 4 of our 5 games at home. So ignore the fast start last year and this year. We simply can't win on the road - although we won last week!!!
                          It almost seemed like a home game last week. Definitely wont feel that way in arrowhead.

                          Anyone heard if woods is calling plays again or if its still vj?

                          Thanks for starting up the thread elway
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                            were going to need 150+yds rushing no turnovers n td's in red zone to have a chance today in real tough place to play...the defense esp front 4 need to show up


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                              We Got This!!!

                              Go Broncos