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Official Game Day Thread: 2018: Week 14 Browns vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2018: Week 14 Browns vs Broncos

    Hey Broncomaniacs,

    Well here we are, back in the loss column with a losing record. With everything on the line this team showed who they are. A talented, but woefully unprepared group. Can't start quick on offense and susceptible to big explosive plays. 220 Yards to a TE in the half would kind of back that up. The coaching and QB play still leave much to be desired as well as our depth at WR.

    So now why we have not been mathmatically eliminated we are on life support. All the chips fell the right way last week and we pooped the bed. It has not been a great week. All we can do is fight on, and this week face a young up and coming team that has been most every game they have played this year. They fight for a full 60 minutes start to finish. Denver seems to be sleeping through the first half.

    We're back at home after making Nick Mullens look like a stud and Wood showing he doesn't know you need to cover TEs in the league. We seem to play better and with more heart at home. Denver allows 21.9 points per game on the road and 21.5 at home. So we actually need the offense (or defense) to do some scoring... at this point I'll take the dude selling hot dogs in section 310.

    Both teams enter this game with 7 losses. Both Qbs have 10 Ints on the season. Mayfield has 19 Tds on the season to Case's 15.
    Nick Chubb has 8 rushing TDs on the season, Lindsay has 9. With 33 more yards Lindsay will hit 1000. :thumb: (Unless he has a repeat of last week) He has been one of the brightest parts of this Jeckyll and Hyde Bronco season.

    Both teams have Great Running backs. Ward and Garret Myles are two defensive playmakers for that team and Sutton could easily be shut down. (not that he has been a big producer) Vance called out captain check down to take more chance with the ball so we will see what Case can do with the players he has.

    One advantage we have is that this will be Mayfield first game in the Mile High air and in front of our ultra rowdy fan base! So if you will be there be loud. This is a prime time match up and Denver needs this one bad. Mayfield is not afraid to stretch the field, Jarvis Landry can move the chains and Nick Chubb has been great pounding the ball not to mention they also have a very good (Not great) TE as well in Njoku. So do we get the 4 TD Mayfield, or the 4 Int one?

    So how ho we do in week 14 games? Well over the last decade it is our worse week ever. We have a 3-7 record. The three wins were all on the road. The 7 losses 4 were at home 3 on the road. Not the prettiest of stats. Last years we won at this time against the Luckless Colts. We will need some luck and heart if we want to win. I want Bradley Chubb and Von to feast all day. Rush the QB, get sacks, pressures and hurrys, and maybe the D gets a turnover or two. At this point Denver needs to play better than last week, I don't think they could have done much worse. Hopefully we end the day at 7-7. One can hope that somehow we try to end the season with another 3 game win streak that needs to start here and now!

    I know a lot is on the line, same as last week, the week before and so on, but as usual I again ask you follow the COC. Let the Mods do their job and report anyone who is causing issues. Thank you for all you do and being awesome posters who keep this place going season after season. Let's stay healthy and Hope we can enjoy the game and have a shot at the "W" As always, "Go Broncos"
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    I want to see keenum throw the ball to open targets down the field sooner rather than later.

    I want to see teams flagged every time Von is being held.

    I want to see the broncos play hard and win a game despite the officials trying to dictate the final outcome.

    I just want to see this team rise up to the challenge and win every time despite all odds!

    Go Broncos


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      Thanks, Elway!

      Go Broncos!!

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        Go Broncos! Sure wish it was on a regular network.


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          Go Broncos!


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            So, let me get this straight, if you don't have the NFL Network on your TV, you won't be able to watch the game. Then again, I personally don't have a TV, so it's no big deal for me.


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              Go Broncos!!!!!!
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                Baker Mayfield elevates his team in ways Keenum can/t even dream of. Don't think the Broncos win this one, but if they do it'll be close. Go Broncos.
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                    BLAM! BLAM!

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                      GO BRONCOS!!!!!


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                        CP bet anyone??? I say Lindsay rushes for over 150 yards today!!!


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                          It would be nice to be 7-7 ! It will be bad if we drop to 6-8.
                          I have kinda lost hope, But It's always nice to get a Win!!!


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                            Getting this one on TV.
                            I'm sure I'll tune in sometime mid game after a few hours sleep.
                            Go Team Broncos!


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                              Cautiously optimistic today, but we are at home.

                              Go Broncos!!!