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Official Game Day Thread: 2018: Week 16 Chargers vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2018: Week 16 Chargers vs Broncos

    Well Folks,

    Here we are, the last game of the season. Nothing on the line for us, other that our draft position, no post season, I'd say pride, but that went out the window in the Raiders game. Team is just playing out the string and planning vacations.

    This should be Vance Josephs last game, KC and LA have as many wins right now as we do in the last two seasons combined. Vance has given us back to back losing seasons for the first time since 71-72. 46 Years and Vance did it in 2 years. Kudos to that man, that defensive genius, the master of "Good Practices." :clap:

    This whole staff left something to be desired, Offense, Defense, and Keenum at QB. Yeah we had some great rookies out there, but a lot of players regressed. Roby leading the charge there. Bolles held so many people that he had to either be related to them and wanted a hug or he had crazy glue on his gloves. We also got rid of DT because the "D" now stood for drops. We invested so much in Case, the run game was a big after thought, and once Sanders went down, our play makers at WR showed they weren't quite ready for the big time.

    After last season there should have been improvement, we brought in some talent, but as a team we really didn't improve. Yes we had games we could have won that were close vs KC, Rams, Houston and the Browns. WE also won some games we could and should have lost. The only game we looked good all year in all phases was the Arizona game.

    We had hope to start this season, then we went on a losing streak and lost it, only to win 3 games in a row to get it back and tease us as the team would self destruct to the 49ers, Browns and Raiders. Sad state in Broncoland....

    Chargers have a chance to be the # 1 Seed, so they have something to play for. They are hot and on fire. They will be fighting and watching the KC scoreboard the whole game. We can possibly play the role of spoiler, and make sure they are the 5th seed no matter what KC does. Will our players want to play that role, or will they make a "business decision" to make it to the off season healthy. I guess watching the game we will see.

    SO how do we end our season? We over the last decade we are 5-5. Of the 5 wins 4 were at home, one on the road. Of the 5 losses 4 were also at home and 1 on the road. So we went 4-4 at home 1-1 on the road. Under Cutler/Orton/Tebow we lost the final game 4 times. Manning then won four season ending games. Trevor won one and Lynch lost the Final last year. And the Merry Go Round goes on and on...

    I'm Anxious to close the chapter on the season, much like the Bronco Brass I am sure. A season of woulda, coulda, shoulda, but didn't. Will a coaching change make a difference next year? How many steps back ward did we take and can we regain that footage. We have the AFC and NFC south on our schedule... Lions, and Packers and Bears OH my! (yeah Vikings too)

    I hope we get the win, just for the sake of winning. Of playing hard, for the sake of competition. I want the team to care about itself as much as we the fans do. With that being said, A thank you to all who have been here this season. It wasn't an easy one. Misery sure loved company these past few months. We have been down before. Here's hoping we get up for the next one. Thank you for being fans of this team and for posting here and keeping this thing going all these years. Coming from the longest running active poster still here, it means a lot to me.

    So a final time this season, please follow the COC. Please watch what you post and how you say it. It has been a season of unrest, but it is about to be over. IF you see a violation of the COC please report it so the great mods here can act on it. Also if you get a second, Thank a mod.
    They put a lot of time and effort into this board. Most of us only see the end result, but they are out there working, cleaning up posts, tweaking things and making this place a great place to be.

    I hope we get the win, I hope we get out healthy and I hope you all have a great New Year. As always, GO BRONCOS!
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    Go Broncos!!


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      Oh Lord...

      Where to begin?

      Historically we've maintained our dignity through troubled times. Orton, Griese, Oz, Siem, Teebs (although The Teeber was a hoot) but the rope is short and the noose is snug.

      Screw up the draft pic and put a Whoopin' on the Sparklers!

      Happy New Year!


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        Thanks, Elway. Great write up as always. Next year will be more fun. It has to be.

        Go Broncos!


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          Can we just sack Rivers a lot? If that to much to ask? I think not.

          Go Broncos!


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            hopefully no bad injuries today...and just like 2 years ago we will have a lot of new coaches next year need to get a good one obviously and boy does Elway have a lot of holes to fill on both sides of the ball this offseason


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              Last time we see our beloved Broncos on the field until next summer!!! Pretty sad but I am looking forward to the offseason, which I'm sure we all are at this point


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                BLAM! BLAM!

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                  Go Broncos!!!!!!
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                    Go Broncos!!!

                    Isn't it week 17? Gave me the illusion that I would have to watch VJ coach this team for one more week:brick:
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                      EXCELLENT write up Elway. Hopefully we have enough gas left for a win today. This has been an incredibly long and disappointing season. This is the first time as a Bronco fan ( 35 years ) that I will be glad a season is over. As Elway stated this should be and hopefully it is Vance Joseph's last game as the head coach of the Denver Broncos. And, maybe just maybe, the Broncos front office can find a new coaching staff that can take the young talent we have and turn them into at least a wining season team and who knows maybe even a playoff contention team next year. Good luck to the Broncos today. Y'all enjoy the game and have a Happy New Year.
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                        Who is watching Denver's next starting QB today? (Teddy Bridgewater)
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                          Bridgewater looks fantastic, getting through his reads at a high rate. He's accurate too.
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                            Originally posted by TheAsianPA View Post
                            Bridgewater looks fantastic, getting through his reads at a high rate. He's accurate too.
                            Hope the Saints open up their Offense for him today, also Dan Campbell as HC with Teddy would be a fantastic option for Denver IMO.
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                              Thanks for another season of awesome game day threads, Elway!

                              Go Broncos - and cheers to the end of the VJ era! Here's to bigger and better things!
                              To infinity...and beyond.