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Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 3 Broncos vs Packers

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 3 Broncos vs Packers

    Hey Ho Broncomaniacs!

    So it has been Twenty years… that’s two decades since the Broncos started 0-2 and yet here we are.
    We had chances to beat the Bears last week. We had the lead with less than 40 seconds to go, and a ridiculous penalty and magical second back on the clock later and it was over, not that it should have been a pass we allowed them to complete.

    I’m baffled here… we have one of the best defensive minds in football and are 0-2. How many Sacks does Miller have under the new regime? Last time we were 0-2 was Brian Griese starting his first game. That Means McDaniels/Fox/Kubes/and Johnson all managed to win at least once in the first two weeks as a head coach. Fangio can't us there though.

    Before we continue this opening, I’d like to note that Match.Com is our sponsor for this weeks thread. They are fully committed to helping this team out where they can. To that affect they have set up a dating profile for Garret Bolles. The idea is Garrett is just lonely, in need of a soulmate. He maybe out on the field battling, but he really just wants someone to hold. #holdmeplease

    Back to week three vs the Packers. Probably the last team we ever played a complete game against. When last we met we kicked their butts in all three phases. We were dominate. Now were diminutive. Something has gotta change. That's not us anymore

    What's the issue? Flacco has been clutch in the final 3 minutes of our first two games. He has thrown a TD late in both games. Maybe if he could start off quicker and not wait to catch fire until 57 minutes have passed. Not all his fault, a lot has been put on him. 50 pass attempts to 24 runs last week. Not great balance. Weird since Freeman was 4.9 years per touch.

    Packers got gashed by the run last week and will need to shore that up. The Defense though through 2 weeks have been killing it vs the pass holding Qbs to a 58.3 rating D has only allowed 19 points. Rodgers is always great at QB, with Aaron Jones lighting it up in the run game, there will be less on his shoulders, not that he will need it based on Denvers first two weeks. The bad… Since 2013, Joe Flacco is 5-13 vs other Super Bowl-winning QBs. The Worse… Aaron Rodgers has a 12-2-1 record in his last 15 starts in Green Bay.

    So what’s our historical take on week 3. Well it I a stumble week. Were 4-6. Of the four wins one was at home, three on the road. Of the six losses two were at home, four on the road.

    This is a bad game for us… On the road and we haven’t looked well. Maybe we turn it around, maybe we play better. Something needs to change, because it already feels like a long season. I’ll get to watch this game on TV tomorrow and I will until it reads zeroes on the clock. Win Lose Draw I’m a Bronco fan… even when they make it hard.

    Thank you one and all. Please as usual follow the rules of the COC. It's game 3, the mods have a vert long season ahead of them. Stay classy. Hopefully this time we get the “W” Let's help them as best we can. Looking forward to the upcoming season, all the highs and lows. (lotta lows) As always GO BRONCOS!!
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    Upset win! Hoping our pass rush lights it up, and our offense does just enough.

    Go Broncos!!!!!
    To infinity...and beyond.


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      Thank you Elway !!!

      GO BRONCOS !!!

      STOMP THE pack !!!

      GO "D" --- SACK rodgers !!!

      Broncos 42
      pack 13

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        Go Denver Broncos !! Broncos Country you rule....!!!!


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          How long has it been since the Broncos last started 0-3? Hopefully we add another year to that and leave Lambeau Field with a victory. If not, well hopefully the team improves enough to keep some hope alive for turning things around in week 4.
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            Go Broncos!!!

            It takes heart, a ton of heart...


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              I think we’ve got a chance to not get blown out. Go Broncos!
              Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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                Originally posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor View Post
                I think we’ve got a chance to not get blown out. Go Broncos!
                I love your positive attitude.

                Thanks, Elway, for starting us off with a smile. Love your #s.

                Go Broncos!


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                  Go Broncos!!!!!!
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                    Hoping to tune in to Redzone channel to catch some of this game just as soon as I'm home from watching the Downton movie
                    Hope we can stay with the Pack and sneak out something good after last week's devastating loss!
                    Go Broncos!


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                      Let’s go zebras let’s go. Wait meant Broncos!


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                        I'm interested to see how the team looks today. After a gut punch like last week, let's see how they respond.
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                          BLAM! BLAM!

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                            Most of you guys live in Colorado I have to wear shame myself near Baltimore


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                              GO BRONCOS!!!!!
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