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Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 7 Chiefs vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 7 Chiefs vs Broncos

    Welcome to a mid week special Bronco Fans,

    A Thursday Night Prime Time Extravaganza for the 2-4 Broncos vs the 4-2 Chefs of Kansas City.
    It's been a two week twilight zone as Denver won back to back games, while KC has soiled the bed in the meantime.
    Who'd think we'd be so happy with two wins at this point. Take some roughing the passer penalties away we could have been at four.

    Pat Mahomes has turned into Pat I need more of Mah homies. The Chefs have lost some of their Mojo and are looking
    at a Denver team to refuel them. The struggling Broncos have been playing better, the run game has been strong with Phillip Lindsay leading the charge. That is a major piece to stopping KC as it helps control the clock. The Colts used the run to possess the ball for over 37 minutes. The Texans did the same and held it for over 39 minutes. KC has a harder time beating a team when they don't have the ball. You lose the time of possession vs KC you pretty much lose the game. They are like the Cobra Kai of the Nfl, strike quick, strike hard, no mercy.

    KC is 29th vs the run . giving up 5.3 yards per carry. In the last 2 weeks KC has given up 132 Yards to Marlon Mack and 116 to Carlos Hyde. Both of those happened in home games at KC. So Lindsay should have a chance at doing some damage in his own back yard. Let's hope our Oline can open some lanes for the boys in the trenches.

    Props to the team for extending Andy Janovich, a versatile hammer of a full back. That was one of our smarter moves in recent history.

    D- needs to play big, KC is still 5th in points per game at just under 29 points per game and 3rd in yards per game at 422.
    Denvers D is ranked 6th against the pass. So if we can. contain Tyrek Hill with some safety help. Put pressure on Mahomes and keep Kelce in check. Easier said than done, but there is a blue print that opponents have been using vs KC.

    So what's our history for week 7? A mediocre 5-5 over the last 10 years. Of the 5 wins 4 came at home. Of the 5 losses 3 cam at home, two on the road. Hopefully we can turn the tide and make it a winning week.

    We won two in a row, looking for three. Let's keep Kc's losing streak intact. They have had the better of us at home the last years. We need to protect our house. Win or lose, division games are tough. please follow the COC and make it easier on the mod staff here. We appreciate your continuing fandom. Let's hope for a great game and a Broncos "W". Enjoy the week and GO BRONCOS!
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    Control the clock. Run the ball.

    Go Broncos!!


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      Thanks, Elway!

      Go Broncos!!

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        Originally posted by Elway View Post
        Pat Mahomes has turned into Pat I need more of Mah homies.
        Thanks Elway and

        GO BRONCOS!!!

        Broncos 31
        Chiefs 23

        Three takeaways!!! :hammer:Three sacks!!! :hammer:

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          BLAM! BLAM!

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            Go Broncos!!!!
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              Wish I could stay up to watch this game, but I'll have to make do with catch-up during daytime hours. Can't afford the sleep loss unfortunately!
              Hoping for a third win in a row. Go Broncos!


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                Pretty excited about this one, going to make it hard to be productive today


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                  Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post
                  Pretty excited about this one, going to make it hard to be productive today

                  Totally Agree....


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                    Lets Go Broncos Country Make A Ton Of Noise at the Stadium from Start To Finish Lets get Home Field Advantaged Back !!

                    Lets Go Denver Broncos I want to see a 11 Minute Drive Control The Clock 🕰 and Win this Game ! DB4L !!


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                      Not sure how I feel about our chances here. If the defense can get after mahomes and bang up his already banged up ankle, we can slow then significantly.

                      If we are going to win this, we need to commit to a run heavy offense this week and we have to score points. Imo we don't beat the chiefs with less than 24
                      To expect the defense to hold them to less than that would be unreasonable.


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                        We haven't beat the Chiefs in years, it would be sweet to get a win tonight.


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                          Man I'm so stoked for this game. I hope we come out and punch them in the mouth out the gate then kick em when they're down.


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                            Go Broncos!!! Pound the hell out of that rock! This is a winnable game and would put us right back in the division.

                            Bring it home!
                            To infinity...and beyond.


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                              Let's go get this one!!!

                              Run to the Playoffs starts tonight!

                              Goooooo Broncos!!!