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Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 7 Chiefs vs Broncos

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  • Originally posted by broncolee View Post
    You don’t get as far in football as Joe Flacco has gotten without caring.

    People have different personalities and Joe just seems to be less excitable than others. There’s nothing wrong with that. His teammates are professionals and are supposed to act as such regardless of his demeanor or personality.
    There are very few players from those who try, who even make it to the NFL in the first place, so clearly Flacco cares. However, while Peyton Manning was far from a rebel rouser or went about screaming and shouting, you absolutely got a sense of leadership and energy from him. Both Manning and Flacco had won SBs before coming to Denver, both were experienced, both were towards the latter part of their career, and neither were noted for their mobility and ability to hurt an opponent with their legs. So, there are similarities, but for me, taking playing skill out of it, Manning displayed leadership qualities even when not playing that well. For me, Flacco displays little of that.

    I guess we’ll need to agree to disagree.
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