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Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 12 Chargers vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 12 Chargers vs Broncos

    Well Bronco fans,

    Hope you all has a good Thanksgiving. It's back to that sad, depressing event we call Broncos football.
    This dead fish of a team managed to scrounge up 3 points vs the Bills last week. That matches the 3 points they managed in the second half vs the Vikings.

    Flacco was not and will never be the answer. Allen is not the Answer. Maybe activated Drew Lock will be.
    Of course that begs the question, the answer to what? This team is so full of questions and holes. Every area from the executives down to
    the peanut vendors seem to have problems. Once again the offense is offensive. I can see Scangarello up in his office complaining, "These plays work when I call them in Madden 19"

    We're a mess, not even a hot one at that. We have to hope the Boys in Orange and Blue are playing for pride. Hopefully with a division foe on deck this week, they are up for the challenge. At least it is a foe we have beat once already this season. The Dolts are having a season almost as bad as us. Phyllis "Cry me a" Rivers is a big part of that. Last few games he hasn't thrown an int he didn't like (7 in the last 2 games). He's struggling , the team is struggling. This could be Denvers chance for win # 4.

    If the Chargers are smart they will try to run than trust Rivers. Denver's D is still 5th against the pass even though our record is horrible. It wasn't Josh Allen that really beat us last week. It was the 244 yards on the ground that they piled up that did us in. The Chargers are 3-1 when they run for 100 yard, 1-6 when they don't. With Gordon and Ekelar . Denver is in the same boat. 29th in passing offense at 192 yards a game.
    We only appear to do well when we can get the run game going.

    So how do we do in week 12 games. Weird as it seems. We are 8-2. Of the 8 wins 7 were on the road, both losses were on the road. This is our first week 12 home game since the Bucs in 2012. So chins up, we may not be doing much this year, but we have a chance this week.

    As always, we appreciate you coming here. Please follow the COC and be mindful of what you post. We are at the three quarter turn in the season and before we know it, it will be mercifully over. Hang in there, keep the faith and as always GO BRONCOS!
    Master of Game Day!
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    Thank you Elway !!!
    phyllis is intimidated by our front D,
    always has been; phyllis can’t stop
    thinking about Wolfe eating his kids.
    We want to see phyllis whine and cry again;
    Go Drew !!! Let's see what you can do !!!
    C’mon Broncos, let’s get the sweep !!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!

    STOMP THE doltz !!!

    C'MON "D" --- SACK phyllis !!!

    Broncos 42
    doltz 13

    AZ Snake Fan
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      The Lock era hopefully begins.

      Go Broncos!!!
      To infinity...and beyond.


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        Sweep the chargers!!

        Go Broncos.


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          Go Broncos
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            Goooooo Broncoooooos!!!!!!:thumb:
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              Go Broncos...


              Give us a Reason to Believe, Please...


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                Go Broncos!!!!
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                  BLAM! BLAM:

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                    Go Broncos!
                    Eternal Broncos Optimist


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                      Excited to see Lock’s 1st start. At this point, I’m not really concerned about W/L. I’m just hoping to see some hope for next year.


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                        Go Broncos!!!!!!
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                          im sure Lock will make mistakes today like bad int or 2 or not throw it away and take a sack but hopefully show some flashes of real good play and decisions and I pray he pans out as our future long term qb


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                            Looking forward to seeing Lock play. Chargers have Derwin James back and Adrian Phillips those players should help the Chargers defense, maybe significantly... too bad it has to happen with Lock's first start. Lock will do well anyway... hopefully.



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                              The beginning of the very short and mediocre professional football career of Drew Lock.....
                              Adopted player Lindsey