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Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 14: Broncos vs Chiefs

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 14: Broncos vs Chiefs

    Well Bronco-ites,

    Hopefully you are enjoying Drew-Cember. Drew Lock has gave us back to back wins this season, something rarely seen here as of late. Drew is the first Denver Rookie QB since Elway to win his first two starts. The Broncos looked good on the road last week in all 3 phases. As usual they went into a shell in the 2nd half and the Defense let up some as well. We have yet to play a game hard for a full 60 minutes, which is part of why our record is what it is.

    Denver has another test ahead of them as we head to face KC yet again. This will be a hard game for us, KC had there way with us offensively and defensively , and did most of their damage after Mahomes went out injured. KC when in sync is a dangerous foe, even though they have been a little less than what they have been, they are a tough out. Great D, Great QB, Kelce killing us over the middle. They shredded us every which way possible.

    Still Denver has been playing better the last few weeks. The D has had several play makers step up. Yiadom and Harris not among them. Not sure what it is with Harris, he's a half step slower and can be scored on more easily. Denver is 13th against the pass, so we need pressure up front and to be able to hold up in the secondary. KC is still very bad against the Run, they had they best game against us. So we have work to do on the offensive line. We need to slow the Chiefs offense down.

    Offensively Lock has 300+ yards and 3 TDs last week and looked very comfortable on the field. He will need to be sharp as the Chiefs D is more stout than the Texans, They are ranked 6th against the pass. They did a great job last week, holding Brady to under 170 yards, 1 TD and 1 Int. Now part of that is that Brady and the Pats offense is not what it was, but a win at Gillette is notable. Of course the Texans beat the Pats before we wrecked them... so who knows what will happen? We need to contain Mahones and don't let his legs be the difference in the match.

    So how do we do in our week 14 matchups? Well we are putrid. We are 3 and 7. The three wins were all on the road. Of the 7 losses, 5 were at home, 2 on the road. We just can't seem to pull it together in game 14. Still we have seen promise of what can be with Lock and this team. Even in the first half of the Vikings game we saw what we can be when we click. Hopefully we see signs of that tomorrow.

    Win, lose or draw we appreciate your support. As always please follow the COC and assist our great mods whenever you can. We are all in this together. Hope everyone has a good week, finishes their holiday shopping soon and that we can enjoy another "W" this week, or at least look good trying. As always GO BRONCOS!
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    Thanks Elway!



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      Thank you Elway !!!

      Ha, ha, "Drew-cember" !!! Ras ?
      We can beat the chefz if the Broncos
      can keep pounding it on the ground,
      keeping mahomez off of the field.
      If the Broncos can get an early lead,
      they’ll keep arrowheadz fanz quiet. We
      need some long TD drives. Our D needs to
      get some turnovers and lots of 3 and outs.
      mahomez ain’t been looking too good lately.
      C’mon D, go out and bust them up. C’mon Drew,
      time to show us all just exactly what you can do !!!

      GO BRONCOS !!!

      STOMP THE chefz !!!

      C’MON "D" --- SACK mahomez !!!

      Broncos 42
      chefz 13


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        Make it three, Drew...and payback for week seven.

        Go Broncos!!!
        To infinity...and beyond.


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          Make it a December to remember! Let's take back the West starting with KC tomorrow!! Pound the rock, torch their secondary and keep the pedal to the metal until the end!!!

          Make it three and counting Drew

          Go Broncos!!!


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            Thanks Elway!

            GO BRONCOS!!!

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              BLAM! BLAM!

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                Let's shock the world!!!!
                Go to Arrowhead and get the W !


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                  Thanks, Elway! Great job as always.

                  Go Broncos!!


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                    Yes, Drew-cember

                    Go Broncos!!


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                      Go Broncos!!!!!!
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                        Beating the chiefs in arrowhead has always been tough. Hopefully we will NOT be playing any "not to lose football". We'll need to play todays entire game as we did last weeks first half. Hopin for a win today.

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                          Go Broncos!

                          Need the offense to light it up like last week. Get the secondary to clamp down on those speedy KC receivers and we just might win this one.
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                            Go Broncos!
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                              Go Broncos!!!

                              Beat them Chefs!! They can’t cook!!
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