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Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 16 Raiders vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 16 Raiders vs Broncos

    Welcome to the final Broncos game to close out the 2019 Season. Game # 16 of our season.
    We end the 15th year of the game day thread, with no post season run, but a date vs the Raiders.

    Thanks to all who stayed through the ups and downs of this season. Been a rough one, yet again. So here we are at 6-9 facing the 7-8 Faiders, Not exactly a duel of Champions. But Denver has won 3-4 and looked more like a NFL team as of late. We still have moments of bad clock management and head scratching play calling, but it has been better. Lock is coming along well, run game is solid and our Red Zone D is strong.

    We lost a lot of game early, by not being able to close out teams, 3 games we were killed by a last minute filed goal. That's the growing pains of a new coach. Reports state Vic will be back next year, so we have to hope we'll start off a much better team. We started the season vs the Faiders, so this seems like a fitting bookend.

    The Raiders are mathematically alive for the playoffs, but no one cares. Carr has played pretty clean football, not turning over the ball a lot. Denver is 6th in the Defensive yards per game. So it will be a little harder this week for him, than it was last week when he faced the Dolts. The Faiders D is 25th against the pass, so Lock should be able to make some plays.

    The run offense is a bit off this year, ranked 18th with just over 106 yards per game. It was a strong point of ours and something the play calling should make more use of. Lindsay is closing in on another 1000 yard season, if he can get enough carries. Also if the Oline can open lanes, Oakland held the Chargers to 19 rush yards last week. Also we had a Hamilton sighting last week.. who knew he could make some plays?

    Oakland needs a Colts win, A Steelers and Titans lost and to Win to make the playoffs. I just want them home next week no matter how, If we can send them off with a loss all the better.

    So how do we do in our final game of the season, a very mediocre 5-5. Of the 5 wins 4 were at home. (3 of those five wins were vs the Raiders)
    Of the 5 losses All were home. So we went 4-5 on final homes games over the last decade.

    Win, Lose or Draw... been a long season. Please follow the COC. Thanks the Mods if you want, send them some CP love. They do a bang up
    job here season after season. Thank you for all your support this past season, and we look forward to next season, which will hopefully be another step in the right direction. Have a good New Year and as always, "GO BRONCOS!"
    The Game Day Thread: Year 16 in progress!!! sigpic

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    Thank you Elway !!!

    Alas, at last, your last thread for 2019.
    I know it’s been a tough year for
    everyone but please check in with us
    from time to time, we like to hear from you !!!

    Broncos, go out there and get a W !!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!

    STOMP THE faiderz !!!

    C’MON "D" --- SACK carr !!!

    Broncos 42
    faiderz 13

    RIP D Wil


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      Last week I nailed the game prediction. I think this week Denver will win and win convincingly. I think Lindsay runs wild and Sutton dominates their secondary. Lock has his best statistical game of his young career.

      Broncos win 34-13!!!!


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        Destroy The Homeless Raiders !! Beat Them Down 2 A Pulp.


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          Go Broncos!!!!!!
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            Let’s go close out the season by ending their damn season!

            34-14 Broncos! :thumb:
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              27 - 17 Broncos.

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                BLAM! BLAM!

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                  So much appreciation for what you do Elway

                  'Nuff Said...


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                    Go broncos!!!
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                      While not a successful season by any stretch, I'm proud to see the growth of this team - both players and coaches. Hope is monumental for the success of Drew Lock, hope for a turnaround of fortune, hope for our future.

                      Go Broncos! Pound the Raiders, and end this year on the right page.

                      Thanks Elway, for another great season of game day threads!
                      To infinity...and beyond.


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                        Send them packing!! Make it a statement win


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                          Thank you, Elway! I'm already looking forward to next season.

                          Go Broncos!!


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                            Finish them!!!

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                              hopefully no serious injuries and we play well and get Lindsay 1000 yds and keep seeing these young guys on both sides of the ball progressing