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Official Game Day Thread: 2020: Week 2 Broncos vs Steelers

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2020: Week 2 Broncos vs Steelers

    Hello Broncomaniacs!

    Well week one is done and in the books. Now maybe it's the pandemic, but I saw poor coaching decisions, dumb penalties, dropped passes, missed receivers, questionable play calling, an offense that can barely score and a defense that gives up a game winning Field Goal in the closing seconds of the game. I thought I hopped in a DeLorean and visited the beginning of last season.

    Got to be better if we want to have a chance in Pittsburgh. It's an early start which never works out well for us. At least we wont have to put up with a stadium of terrible towels. Pittsburgh is coming off on win vs the Giants. They used Blitz heavy packages and sent extra rushers a lot of the time which resulted in poor QB play and turnovers by NY. Drew has to be able to handle the Blitz where his stat line is
    48.4 comp pct, 2 TD, 1 INT, 78.4 passer rating.

    Pittsburgh has a QB much better than Ryan Tannehill. They have a great run game. With Conner out Snell filled in fine. They have aGood defense and some very excellent receivers. Tomlin is great coach and knows his situational football. Vic better be ready this week. The Broncos o-line has been better. Lock as a starter has only been sacked 5 times. While the Steelers have led the league in sacks the last 3 seasons. TJ Watt is a major reason for that.

    There were good signs last week as well. Melvin Gordon showed he still had some moves 15 rushes 78 yards, 5.2 yards a clip. Jeudy made some good plays aside from the two drops. The D did as well as they could vs Henry. Lock made some plays with his arms and feet, but not nearly enough. HE was 22/33 216 yards, 1 TD 95% rating. He was good, but we need to be great. We missed Sutton and it showed. Lindsey going out didn't help the cause, so all we can do is regroup for the Steelers.

    So how do we do in week 2 games. Well we are 8-2 over the last decade. We won the week 2 game 6 years in a row, until last season with Vangio. Of the 8 wins 6 were at home, two on the road. Of the 2 losses. One was on the road, while the other was last year at home to the bears... You know where a last second field goal killed us. Deja Vu.

    Win, lose or draw. I hope we see improvement. We can say it was game one with no preseason, but it was the same for all teams. The season is young , we have time for improvement and for some players to return. Good news in Big Bens winning percentage vs Denver is .333 so have some hope. I'm glad I get to watch them on TV again.

    Football is still here, glad you are too. As always please follow the COC. Please be mindful of what you post. Emotions can run high here. If you see something, say something, don't make it worse. Thank you for being here. Wins have to be around somewhere. Hope you enjoy the game and I know we will have much to discuss. As always GO BRONCOS!!!
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    First to post

    Thanks for this Elway.....and to a good game


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      Thanks, Elway This will be a tough game, no doubt...but, find a way.

      Go Broncos!!!
      To infinity...and beyond.


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        Thanks, Elway and

        GO BRONCOS!!!

        Broncos 27
        Steelerz 16

        Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016


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          Thank you, Elway--

          Go Broncos!!


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            Go Broncos!!!!!!
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              Ben's a great QB but in this latter stage of his career he has tended to be extremely inconsistent in games, alternating rookie style calamitous errors with strokes of genius. We need to turn his inevitable mistakes into points.


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                I hope we can be competitive. And it will be nice that I won't be half asleep watching the game.


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                  Go broncos!
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                    Well I expected a win last week and we lost, I expect a loss this week so maybe we'll win??? Go Broncos!!


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                      I am not expecting much today and I think Wilkinson gets exposed today in a bad way and just hope no injuries and to have a chance will def. need more than 14 points


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                        We will win today. The Squealers beat up a very bad Giants team while we hung with the AFC champ runner up and almost beat them despite shooting ourselves in the foot. I bet the Squealers are sleeping on the broncos and already looking forward to next week. Lets go Broncos - get that first win outta the way!


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                          BLAM! BLAM!
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                              Lets WIN this time!?