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Official Game Day Thread: 2020: Week 3 Bucs vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2020: Week 3 Bucs vs Broncos

    Hey Broncomaniacs,

    If Covid didn't suck the life out of you, how did the first 6 days of the Broncos regular season do? Two losses. Down our starting QB and top receiver. We haven't looked good at all. There have been some flashes of talent, and a good play here or there but missing Miller, Lock and Sutton will hurt us. Jeudy is looking ok for a rookie, but there have been some drops there with him. Driskel was servicable but neither him or Blake Bortles is going to take us to the promised land. Driskel was 1-7 as a starter and unless things change we're looking at 1 - 8

    Coming to town is Tom Brady and Tampa Bay. Tom some times has issues in Denver, but right now we are under manned. Tom didn't look so good week one and looked better last week. Bruce Aryans know how to build and coach a team. We have to hope that while Brady is still learning the system, out D can pick up on some of the miscues and turn them to our advantage. That would be nice for a change.

    The coaching needs to improve as well. Offensively we look sluggish. The run game is erratic. Gordon is good but I think we need the change up and speed of Lindsey there to keep defenses off balance. Hope he heals up soon. We are trying to compete, but we dont have the tools just yet and after 2 weeks were at the bottom of the division.

    Games still need to be played and our rookies need time to be out there and get better. The receiving corp is doing what they can and Fant has done a good job being our top TE. The Oline looks better so far. We are not asking for Bolles head this early in the season, so thats good as well.

    Offensively and defensively the Bucs and Broncos are almost the same in passing and rushing rankings. Defensively they rank 11 and were 21st. I'd like to think McManus and a home game gives up the special teams edge. Driskel went for 256 yard 2 td and 1 int last week. Good considering we were on the road vs Blitzburg. The Bucs had 5 sacks and 7 qb hits last week so he needs to be ready again for that kind of rush.
    Also they held McCaffrey to 3.3 yards a carry. So tough sledding there as well.

    Brady threw for 217 yards last week . 104 of them to Mike Evans who he hit 10 times. Fournette ran 12 times for over 100 yards so they will most like try to use him and some play action. Our secondary which gave up over 300 yards to big ben will need to be better as they gave up some deep passes last week. I didn't mention Gronk, because he has yet to be a factor, let's hope we keep it that way.

    Ok so Vic went 0-4 to start last season and 0-2 to start this season. How will he do week 3? Well history tells us not good. Over the last decade we have went 3 -7 in game 3. Our last win came in 2016 at the Bengals. To be fair most of the time we were on the road in week three.
    We had Seven road game and won 2. We had three home game and won one. That was in 2013 vs the Raiders. So its been some time since we won on the road or at home. The stage isn't set up like we would like, but any given Sunday....

    So we play the deck were handed, do the best we can and hope the players and coaching get a little better each week. It's all we can do. Wait and keep the faith. Kinda like the last 5 years. In the meantime please follow the COC, report anything bad you see and most of all take care of yourselves in this pandemic world. As always keep bleeding Orange and Blue. Go Broncos
    The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!

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    Bury a win.

    Go Broncos!!!
    To infinity...and beyond.


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      Time to step up.

      Go Broncos.


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        Im just excited to see how Jeudy and Hamler respond to Sutton being out. I think Hamler could have a big day. We need to get this guy on deep balls and have Jeudy pick up those easy 5-7 yard pick up passes


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          0-2 teams at home are always a desperate bunch. Let’s remind Brady of his Mile Hi woes... Hope the rookie CB returns a pick 6 opening drive of the game!


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            Beat up on Brady day.
            Do us proud Broncos and stay safe!


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              Go Broncos!!!!!!
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                Go Broncos!!


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                  This is most likely the Broncos' opportunity to solidify their winning record against Brady; I hope they can pull it off!


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                    We should have won the first two games...We should win this one... Do we have a coach?

                    Protect our house!!! Go Broncos


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                      First Sunday afternoon home game. Play on Thursday, then all Sunday games the rest of the way. No fear! Let's go, baby!

                      BLAM! BLAM!

                      "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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                        This should be interesting.


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                          Today is all about the next man up. Who will take the leap and make plays in the absence of key starters? We face a sneaky-good TB defense and of course, Tom Brady and good ole’ Leonard Fournette. For once, I actually have zero expectations for the outcome of this game. I’m just excited to see what our young guys can do and hopefully bounce back from a rough (yet close) game against the Steelers.

                          Why not us? I’m going Broncos today, 20-17.


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                            I hope I am wrong but I do not see this game being very close today so I just hope NO MORE injuries for this team


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                              I have seen nothing from Fangio to make me think he could win this game if we were completely healthy. But with all the injuries, Bucs win easily. Arians is 10 times better as a head coach.

                              Another wasted year continues....

                              ...Fire Fangio.