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Official Post Season 2003 Game Day thread: Broncos vs Colts

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  • Should have been......

    I have followed Denver all year and I sit here trying to figure out what in the hell Shanny was doing. What got Denver to the playoffs???? Running the ball is my what do you do.....send Portis out as a wideout, then bring him in motion back to his running back he's set for about a second before the ball is snapped......I'm sorry but I just don't understand why Shanny didn't just keep his regular formations that got him there in the first place. I think he outsmarted himself a bit.....Indy couldn't stop them the first time around and I know if they would have played more smash mouth the outcome would've been different because the ball control by the offfense keeps the d off the field. I know hindsight is 20/20, I just can't get over the playcalling. I also know that Indy was gameplanning for the run.....thing is, they couldn't stop it even by gameplanning for it......I don't think there's a team in the league that can totally shut down Denver's running game, just my opinion......they have something special so I wouldn't worry Denver fans.......They'll be back!!!!!!!
    C Po is only going to get BETTER.....Priest is gettin old!!!!!!!


    • No Way

      There's no way Shanahan goes. That's ridiculous, no - it's incredulous. Shanahan is easily the finest coach in the NFL.

      Today's failure was largely the part of the Defensive coordinator - and I hate to say it - but Gary Kubiak, possibly the greatest offensive coordinator to ever coach.


      • Oh! Was this week a playoff game?

        Should be a quote from every member of the team.

        I've been raised since a wee one on my beloved Broncos, and never have they pissed me off so much. No way they should not have won this game. Enough to turn a guy into a Raider fan!


        • Re: Oh! Was this week a playoff game?

          Originally posted by Roozy
          ...Enough to turn a guy into a Raider fan!
          SNAP OUT OF IT YOU FOOL!!!

          Don't get nuts on us now.


          • Bump the receivers duh

            Ok after giving up 2 quick touchdowns with a crappy zone coverage what do you think you should do????? BUMP THE RECIEVERS and play them man for man and blitz dammit, what the heck was Larry thinking???? Anybody????


            • What and possible risk upsetting Marvin Harrisons feelings.... next thing you'll be asking that we sack the QB or get some interceptions...

              The Game Day Thread: Year 16 in progress!!! sigpic


              • Don't worry, nothing could convert me... but you know how I feel.


                • Ouch

                  Damn, Broncos you got stomped!(Like you need me to tell you that, right?) Last time you met Indy you did the stomping.

                  What went wrong thois time? I know you are a better team than Indy.

                  What changes, if any, do you think need to be made? If this game were in Denver, Broncos' would have won.
                  The noise inside the Dome may have effected the play, nothing went right in that game.

                  At least you made the playoffs which is more then a lot of other teams can say. (Oakland, San Diego, Miami, Jacksonville)

                  Reassess what the needs are during the off season and be ready to win it all in 2004!
                  (Is Jacke really the answer? Is he a better "fit" then Grease? Or does Denver draft a QB in the draft?)

                  Win in 2004!
                  "But that's just my opinion. "Of course I could be wrong".


                  • It sure seems like we mixed up our coverages a lot more the first time around. A lot tighter off the line of scrimage so they could'nt get those type of slant plays.


                    • Did you watch the game?? their first TD the WR was getting bumped and beat the coverage.


                      • The Problem with the Defense...

                        I don't know about one thing but a few things hurt today.

                        #1 Ferguson being hurt

                        #2 Herndon playing with the banged up hand, they had him in bump coverage and he could not bump. His left hand was too heavily wrapped. On the first td he lost his balance trying to bump the WR.

                        #3 Dline pressure was not there today.


                        • Re: The Problem with the Defense...

                          Originally posted by Mr. CSU
                          #3 Dline pressure was not there today.


                          • well our coverage got exploited and Peyton had all day to throw..but what killed me was Stokley 120(something) yards and 2 Td's? come on now, you would think Harrison or Wayne...but Stokley?...Stokley?..then again Harrison had 100+ yards and Wayne had a TD, so we basically couldn't stop anyone...
                            fight u dwn the must win.. fight fight fr knows no defet! so roll up the mighty score, Never Give in!!...shouler to shulder we will FIGHT..FIGHT ... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!


                            • Martzall 11, you just opened up a can of worms.

                              Yea!!!! Lets talk about Zone coverage for a minute.

                              You would think that after having the opposition rip through your d-backs like they were not even on the field, something would change. Obviously not the case in that game. We just let the receivers pick and choose wherever they wanted to run. Even I could get a couple of beer drinking buddies together and do the same thing against that defense. Granted, the Colts are possibly the best passing team in the NFL right now, but Damn!!!! CHANGE the gameplan if it is not working. Now, lets talk about the people that are playing those positions. What type of coverage was that? Is it my imagination or did the safetys look like they were "hungover" and totaly unenthuziastic. I swear they looked like they were sleeping or something. I think that we really need to look at making some BIG time changes in our defensive backfield in the off season. What makes me mad is the fact that when it was obvious that the defense gameplan was not working, (like in the first quarter), it would have been changed, but nooooo. What is it? too much pride to change the gameplan during the game? It was really sickening to watch Indy just throw at will anywhere that they wanted to unmolested. It did not even look like they were trying. Now I think that I am finally finished with all of my postgame tangents, I will try to find a psychriatrist to help me deal with the next 7 months

                              THE VANDAL.......................................
                              (I think I feel better now)


                              • Remember last year when we played zone against the Raiders and got killed twice? That looked just like what happened today, except for the 2 man rush.