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Official Game Day Thread: Week 14 2005 Broncos vs Ravens

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  • Brom may have it is his highlights when he posts them later on this week.

    But that was a huge play by Ashley.
    My Broncomania Adopt-a-Bronco: Rod Smith

    Elway stops, loads up, throws deep down the middle of the field and Rod Smith's got it!

    America is like your team, and if your not gonna root for your team then get the hell outta the stadium.

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    • When the game is on the line, give it to your Playmaker (Ashley Lelie).
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      • Originally posted by Ravage!!!
        Well.. he threw the ball as many times as Jake, and had more completions, and more yardage.

        But.. didn't we say that the win against Baltimore should be NO problem? It seemed to be a problem. Certainly wasn't an easy win for us.

        Hopefully the offense will start picking it up.
        I hope the offense picks it up also. 27 points on the road in KC adn then come home and only hang 12 against the Ravens. It looks like last week it was the D that struggled, and this week the O. I can't wait for them all to have a good game. It would probably look a lot like the Jets game.


        • Yep, the Ravens have had our number for many years. I don't care if we beat them by one, it was good to get that monkey off our back.

          They have a good D regardless if #52 is playing or not.


          • Originally posted by kcjrfan
            He made that TD saving tackle on the Kickoff at the beginning of the game. Then I didn't see him again.

            He could be out for a while. Read the article on here on the homepage. He is in a lot of pain.