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Official Post Season 2005 Game Day thread: Broncos vs Pats

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  • Ok...not here to argue, they won, congrats and good luck against whomever you play next week. As I don't really want Indy or Pitsburg to win. But I am going to say this once...You were lucky ! I mean, how often does that happen ?? Troy Brown, fumble...Kevin Faulk, fumble. etc etc. All them Veteran great players not keeping a good enough hold on the ball in one game.Its rare. Its like God didn't want the Pats to win. And the passing interference call..etc. It was a gift, be glad you don't have to play it over again.

    Look at the stats. Take away the clumsy dropped balls that don't normally happen that much on the Pats side...and they walked all over you.



    • R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!

      That's all I've got to say



      • Originally posted by 95stang
        i'm guessing you are a patriots fan


        • Congrats

          Unrepentant Patriots fan here. You guys made the plays, we didn’t, congratulations on derailing the three peat. Just one more bad memory of the Pats getting clobbered in Denver.

          But PLEASE, get to the SB. I can’t stand Manning or Big Ben, please get past the AFCCG and go to win the SB. I want to know that we lost to the best team in the league.

          Good Luck next week.


          • But PLEASE, get to the SB. I can’t stand Manning or Big Ben
            Cheers Oyster Sauce


            • Hey Guys and Gals,

              Long time member in fact I one of the first ones on this board. I took a new job and it has been really hard to get back. I hope to write more though in the future.

              Anyway I was at the game in my normal seats and it was a real experience.

              First before the game my daughter and I did the normal tailgaiting with the Orange Force Bus crowd. Meck was just absolutely crazy, he was on the top of the bus catching a nerf football and yelling go Broncos. They had lobster for tailgating and everything you could imagine. They are definitely the best tailgators around and deserve all the awards they have been given.

              Going into the game we saw a street vendor that was selling Bronco Orange long sleeve shirts that had todays date on them with the AFC West Division Champs vs. the Patriots. I am now wearing that shirt with pride as I write this message.

              Before the game, it was a site to behold, everyone was already getting loud, but the most amazing thing was the soldiers in the pre-game pledging to defend our country. WOW did that ever put things in perspective. 4 of the soldiers sang the national anthem, it was tremendous.

              Our defense was great and our offense played good enough to win. Bottom line we are going into the AFC Championship. Bklynbronco, Javalon, Bronco51, Rascal just want to say HI again.

              AsianOrange, Thanks for calling me today. Hopefully we will meet again in Denver for another game sometime...


              Go Steelers. I really want to use my AFC Championship tickets that I have in Denver next week.

              Getting late and must go to bed.

              To my good friends Asian Orange and TXBronc and many of you others that I have enjoyed talking with over the years.
              Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


              • Welcome back b4e!!!

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                • Broncofan Go Home


                  • Originally posted by Dan Sully
                    Broncofan Go Home
                    Are you still here? Having your team spanked so publicly not enough you want to keep coming back for more abuse?

                    You know, for all the talk, your team was never going to win the game. We knew it. The oddsmakers in Vegas knew it. Everyone knew it but the Patsie fans, including the major media that ignored all the facts to try to make your team more than they were.

                    The team we beat was not the defending world champions. That team existed last year and didn't show up for most of your games this season.

                    The reason you lost is that you were outplayed on defense when it counted.

                    You want to whine perhaps about a couple of bad calls? Your team went to the Superbowl on bad calls or no calls at all while your DB's were mugging opposing receivers and not getting called on it. If the Pats team that showed up were really the defending world champs, they wouldn't have lost the turnover battle. They wouldn't have willingly given the ball and the game away.

                    Face it, Sully, your team lost because they deserved to lose.

                    And you are simply here because you are afraid that someone is having more fun in this weekend's games than you are. (and you are right! We are.)
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                    • Originally posted by Dan Sully
                      Broncofan Go Home
                      This is the Broncos forum, ergo a Broncofan is at home! What are you doing here? Homeless freak!
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