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Official Game day thread: Week 11 2003 Broncos vs Chargers

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  • As it was said above if Denver can remain relatively healthy they have pretty good shot at making the playoffs.
    John 11: 25-27

    My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

    Thanks Snk16


    • i would have to say that plummer did awesome returning from his injury. i am surprise how good the denver defense did. i smell playoffs!


      • Re: Broncos-Chargers

        Originally posted by thesith2001
        Guess I had nothing to worry about after all, being both a fan of San Diego and Denver.
        The Chargers performed about how I expected, but the Broncos' just blew me away with their play. Welcome back, Jake!

        Um, Mike who? Anderson not needed. Broncos show real team that they are. Perfect football from the start. Holding LT to what? 24 yards? 2 yards passing in first half? Nice job Broncos.

        I guess we really know who the 2 best teams in the AFC West are now

        Looks like Schottenheimer leared a coaching lesson today doesn't it? Question: How much longer will "Schottzie" be employed by San Diego?

        What do you think of Minnesota now? Weak division or what? I hold my nose when I go to NFL,Com when I see the NFC North .
        Nice game, Broncos, everythign goes right.

        Don't know how anyone can be a fan of two teams in the same division. But, whatever....

        I wouldn't say we don't need Anderson. He's a former Rookie of the Year. Sure, we made it without him, but he's a part of the team.

        I don't find much comfort in being one of the two best teams in a four team division. I would rather be the best.

        Marty has struggled against Denver his whole career, no matter who he was coaching. I think his days in San Diego are numbered. When you go back to last season, they have only won four of their last 20 games.

        Minn may be weak, but they beat us. In fact, two of our loses are against teams in the weakest divisions in football (Minn and Balt).

        If we can stay healthy, we should give everyone a run for their money.


        • Check Out the Charger's Drive Summary

          Check out the Charger's drive summary for Sunday's game. This is from Sorry, but I am loving this win!