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Offical game day thread: Week 6 2006 Raiders vs Broncos

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  • Originally posted by tnedator
    Shanahan said as much in his press conference today. He said that they scored three of four times in the first half, and it should have been two TDs and a field goal, but wound up being one TD and two FGs (because of the drop).

    He said what most people don't realize is that they just didn't have the ball much in the second half. He said that they had an 8 play drive, a 4 play drive and a 3 play drive before trying to kill the clock. He said if they had scored the two TDs in the first half and hadn't fumbled the ball on the punt return in the third, they would have been on the 50 (in good field position after a good return), with a 17-0 lead and it could have been a much different story score wise.

    He said that in the second half they had a dropped pass here, and a missed assignement there that killed drives.

    He went on to point out that 4 of the five WRs in uniform last night weren't on the team last year, two of the three TEs, one RB, two of the seven OL, so that 10 of the 21 offensive players weren't on the team last year, and that when you have that many new people it takes time for it to all come together.
    Shanny knows best.


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