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Official Game Day Thread: Week 7 2006 Broncos vs Browns

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  • Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx
    Hey troll don't hit your butt on the way out of here
    I don't envy the mods at all trying to merge all this crap.
    :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa:



    • You never would have survived the Elway years LOL!


      • Originally posted by watchthemiddle
        The offense did look like it was starting to click. Throw out the 1st and 4th quarters and they looked like we have all wanted them to look.

        I look for a complete game next week.

        We will need it.

        Good job Broncos!!!!!!!
        I agree, I think it's just shown enough of what it's capable of and gives me confidence that with the D keeping reigns on Peyton and his crew, the O can do just enough to get us through


        • Broncos defense on course for historic season

          As season-defining trends go, it didn't take long for this one to develop, recalls Broncos defensive line coach Andre Patterson. The tone on defense was set early in Denver this year. Extremely early. By halftime of the Broncos' opening day game in St. Louis, the makings of Denver's shutdown, whatever-it-takes mentality had already surfaced and was prominently displayed.

          With Denver down 3-0 late in the first quarter, the Broncos proceeded to cough the ball up on three successive drives, with all three turnovers occurring dangerously deep in their own territory. In the span of five snaps, Jake Plummer and Tatum Bell fumbled the ball away to St. Louis, and Plummer was picked off by rookie cornerback Tye Hill.

          Ballgame? Not exactly. On the resulting three Rams drives, the Broncos defense stiffened and allowed all of one first down, with minus-3 net yards on 15 snaps. The Rams wound up missing a field goal on that first drive, then converting two short field goals on their next two possessions, leaving the Broncos with a 9-0 second-quarter deficit to deal with but also sending the unmistakable message that surrender would not be an option this season in Denver.

          The Broncos lost that game, 18-10, as the Rams prevailed on six Jeff Wilkins field goals. But they haven't lost since, and through six weeks of the season, the Broncos defense is on a historic pace. You can't spell domination in Denver this year without a D.

          "It all started with those three turnovers in our own territory in St. Louis,'' Patterson said. "It was like bang, bang, bang, but there was no panic at all. The defense just went out there and got it done every time. You could just see that in their mind, the other team wasn't getting in the end zone. They weren't getting six.''

          Not getting six has become a hard, cold reality for Denver opponents this season. Through five games, the Broncos have allowed just one -- one -- touchdown, to go with 10 field goals. In a season in which stout defenses seem to be plentiful in the NFL, nobody is doing it any better than Denver, which didn't surrender a touchdown in its first 11 quarters this year.

          Last Sunday night against Oakland, the Broncos became the first team in 72 years to limit opponents to a single touchdown in their first five games, and their 37 points allowed (7.4 ppg) puts them on pace to break both the 2000 Baltimore Ravens' league record of 165 points surrendered in a 16-game season (10.3 ppg), and the 1977 Atlanta Falcons' NFL mark of 129 points allowed in a 14-game season (9.2 ppg).

          "In my 10 years in the league, this is the best defense I've ever been around,'' said Patterson, who had NFL coaching stops in New England, Minnesota, Dallas and Cleveland before coming to Denver in 2005. "We've got talent at every level of the defense, from the D-line, to the linebackers and in the secondary. It's a group that has a chance to be special if they stay hungry and stay focused.''

          This week, the Broncos defense puts its burgeoning reputation on the line at Cleveland (1-4), in a game that has obvious special meaning for Patterson and five of his Denver defensive linemen. You remember the "Browncos,'' that collection of largely disappointing ex-Browns who have followed Patterson to Denver, finding success in the Rockies and writing new chapters to their NFL stories?

          While cornerback Champ Bailey, safety John Lynch and linebackers Al Wilson and Ian Gold get the lion's share of the credit and attention in Denver's defense, the Broncos' dominance wouldn't be possible without the strong and steady contributions of the ex-Browns contingent up front: Ends Kenard Lang and Ebenezer Ekuban, and tackles Gerard Warren and Michael Myers. All but Lang joined Denver last year, along with injured defensive end Courtney Brown, who is out for the season due to the lingering effects of his recent knee surgery.

          Patterson stuck his neck out for his ex-Browns shortly after arriving in Denver, lobbying Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan to look past their underachievement in Cleveland and take a chance on their potential. The rewards have been obvious, and today all those snickers that Warren and Co. elicited upon joining Denver have long since been silenced.

          That the "Browncos'' are returning to Cleveland as part of a defense on a record-setting pace only adds to the misery of the last-place Browns, whose touch on the personnel front has been a study in failure since they returned to the league in 1999.

          "It makes me feel good that these guys have come in and played the way they've played so far,'' said Patterson, who served as Butch Davis' defensive line coach in 2003-2004. "I knew they could play, and that's why I recommended them to Mike. I'm glad they got in a situation where people could see what kind of football players they are, and what kind of workers they are. It's great to see them all experience what I feel they deserved in Cleveland.

          "They all want to go back and play well there, but not to rub dirt in Cleveland's face or say 'I told you so.' They're not those type of guys. They want to go back and play well and help the Broncos win the game. That's it.''

          There's an irony inherent in Denver's defensive excellence this season, and it's that for the first time in memory, the Broncos offense is an absolute bottom-feeder. Denver has scored just 62 points in its five games, or 12.4 per game. Only 0-5 Oakland has been less productive, with 50 points scored, which makes the Broncos' feat of winning 80 percent of their games thus far even more impressive. Denver has yet to score more than 17 points in any game, and is one of just two teams (joining 1-4 Miami) with that dubious distinction. Even the winless Raiders have a pair of 20-plus-point outings.

          The Broncos have scored just five touchdowns themselves, winning by three at home against Kansas City in a 9-6 battle of field goals, and posting three consecutive 10-point wins the past three games, at New England (17-7), and home against Baltimore and Oakland (both 13-3). The lone touchdown allowed by Denver came in the fourth quarter against the Patriots, in a game the Broncos were in complete command of at 17-0. That lead was the biggest margin the Denver defense had to work with all season, with every game remaining relatively tight throughout.

          Given the Broncos' history of offensive prowess, the fans and media in the Mile High City have by far focused more on what Denver isn't doing -- i.e., quarterback Jake Plummer's continued struggles to move the ball -- than the defensive half of the story. But that hasn't yet caused the type of locker room tension that so often arises when a team is heavily imbalanced.

          "I don't think they'll go there,'' Patterson said of Denver's defenders. "I don't think they really care about it. Guys like Al Wilson and John Lynch have both said it: 'It's not about the offense. It's about us taking care of our job.' I've been places where the offense has struggled, in Dallas and Cleveland. And you get that chirping on the sideline about how the offense is playing. But I haven't heard that here. There's no complaining.''

          But there is a serious shortage of love for the Broncos' D, which ranks only 10th in the league in yards allowed (293.4 per game).

          "Oh, it's still an offensive place around here,'' Patterson said. "We're still kind of playing in the shadow of the offense. They haven't all the way embraced us. Even after the Oakland game, there's still two articles in the paper on what the offense isn't doing, and one on the defense playing so well. But that goes with the territory here.''

          In catching the likes of Baltimore, Oakland and Kansas City without starting quarterback Trent Green, the Broncos defense has probably already faced some of the weaker offenses it will draw all season. That trend should hold at least through this week's trip to Cleveland. But over the course of the rest of the season, Denver will be sorely tested to maintain its historic pace on defense.

          Starting in Week 8, the Broncos close out their schedule with a challenging 10-game span that includes games against Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Diego (two), Kansas City with Green expected back, Seattle and Cincinnati. If Denver is still giving up just more than a touchdown per game at that point, it'll be time to place the 2006 Broncos alongside the greatest defensive units of all time. Even in Denver, where offense rules and the famed Orange Crush defense had its day nearly 30 years back, the D will get its due.

          "We're aware of the history, but it's not really talked about,'' Patterson said. "The only time we might talk about it is after the game, when the PR guy comes in and tells us we set a record that had stood for 40 years or something. But you know the guys feel good about it and want to keep it going. They want to get it done.''

          They're getting it done so far on defense in Denver. This season, it's been that way right from the start.
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          • Let's be happy this is 4 10 point wins in a row

            Plummer sucks, shanny can't call plays late in the game. Our Defense wins inspite of our Offense. Blah Blah Blah

            This is 4 count em four 10 point wins in a row. I don't know about anyone else but I consider 10 point wins to be convincing.

            That being said we really need to be up by more than 10 on Indy going into the 4th quarter
            No Blood No Foul


            • Lets end this negativity!!! and be happy for the broncos!!!

              Throw every stat out the window and we still won this game!!!! who cares if jake throws a pic, the only people that care about the record our the fans not the players. You people need to relax cutler is the future, Jake is the present you will all get your shot next year, but you cannot deny that Jake wins games for us and thats the most important statisic in the game of football. Relax and enjoy our wins instead of bringing this whole fourm down with negativity, lets all celebrate the broncos winning , and thank God were not like the raiders
              Even Rod said "judge me on my wins and losses",Not on his individual performances!!!! it's what a true team player says!!!!!!
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              • Originally posted by DawgFanatic
                Man my grass seems to get yellow everyday i don't water it.
                Ha ha. I'd give you a CP if I could funny man........


                • Is the sky falling?

                  I thought I was on Arizona's message board for a second with all this negativity. My gosh guys, every week people keep saying that if Jake keeps playing like this we are going to lose next week, but yet we keep winning. Everybody needs to calm down. Jake is the lowest creation to set forth on this earth. Cutler is the great savior. This has already been established millions of times by millions of people. Guys, the Broncos are WINNING and by Broncos I mean the Defense, the Offense, and Special Teams. Give the Jake v. Jay thing a break. WE ARE WINNING. If we lost then go give verbal lashings to Jake. But WE ARE WINNING AND IN FIRST PLACE in our division. Please dont turn this into a Jake v. Jay war board. Just post something positive, which I know its really, really, hard to find something positive, since we did win today.


                  • Originally posted by anton1287
                    we dont need more...

                    we only need enough each week to win...

                    it dont matter how...

                    but when the 60 mins are over we are up on the scoreboard...

                    we are the best in the league...

                    simple really...

                    If we play like we did at oakland against INDY I dont think we come out on top
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                    "Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a freakin' game!"- Jim Mora- IND Colts


                    • Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx
                      No he's not 100% correct and yes yes you are a troll.
                      We wont win a Superbowl with Plummer. If you disagree, fine... but that just makes you wrong, not me a "troll" Internet boy.


                      • Originally posted by GuitarJ
                        Yes, we are winning,
                        Well, at least we agree on that much.

                        Originally posted by GuitarJ
                        but against a good team, Jake could have cost us the game.
                        We've played good teams already this year, Jake hasn't cost us a game against any of them (I don't think the Rams are all that great and it wasn't any more Jake than anyone else on offense that cost us that game).

                        Originally posted by GuitarJ
                        I have not been for pulling Jake up until this point,
                        Shocking, just shocking....

                        Originally posted by GuitarJ
                        but I think it is time to start Cutler.
                        Even more shocking than the line before. Honestly, this is on par with saying, "I've been a liberal my whole life, but I think it's time to vote the Republican's out of power." Most teams, when on a 5 game winning streak, don't make many if any changes to the depth chart. You certainly don't get rid of your starting QB. Though we haven't played great (and Plummer's play has been especially poor so far), our Offense finally seems to be meshing a bit. Pulling Plummer is probably the last thing we want to do at this point.

                        Now, if we were on a five game losing streak and looking worse every week, fine, try out Cutler if the coaches think he'd make a difference. Of course, important part of that sentence is "IF."


                        • The sky is always falling in Denver.

                          My adopted Bronco is Chris Kuper. Huzzah!

                          I am the raid leader for this World of Warcraft guild. Yay us!


                          • HELL YES!!!

                            Rest in peace Darrent


                            • Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx
                              No he's not 100% correct and yes yes you are a troll.
                              Well I don't think Denver should start Cutler till next year but Plummer is getting "progressively" worse.



                              • Originally posted by Summerz
                                I have not read the thread, just want to say good game!
                                I don't expect perfection.