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Official Game Day Thread: Week 7 2006 Broncos vs Browns

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  • It was good to see brandon make that TD catch, otherwise it probably would've been a 10-7 win. Hopefully he'll get more opportunities when we play indy.


    • Originally posted by KyLewin
      Well, at least we agree on that much.

      We've played good teams already this year, Jake hasn't cost us a game against any of them (I don't think the Rams are all that great and it wasn't any more Jake than anyone else on offense that cost us that game).

      Shocking, just shocking....

      Even more shocking than the line before. Honestly, this is on par with saying, "I've been a liberal my whole life, but I think it's time to vote the Republican's out of power." Most teams, when on a 5 game winning streak, don't make many if any changes to the depth chart. You certainly don't get rid of your starting QB. Though we haven't played great (and Plummer's play has been especially poor so far), our Offense finally seems to be meshing a bit. Pulling Plummer is probably the last thing we want to do at this point.

      Now, if we were on a five game losing streak and looking worse every week, fine, try out Cutler if the coaches think he'd make a difference. Of course, important part of that sentence is "IF."
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      10 more years



      • Originally posted by broncsx3
        I'll give you that. But why does a 10 year veteran, in the 6th game of the season need to test his arm?

        Our offense makes me sad
        We all need to face it! Plummer is a 10 year vet and he looks terrible game after game. Sure the Broncos have won 5 games, but imagine how good this team would be if the QB wasn't playing like a rookie! Denver would be 6-0 and would be allowing about 3 points or less per game.
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        • Originally posted by Pathogen
          Yeah, sure. He did allow 2 interceptions....but at least he was willing to test his arm this game. Quite the improvement over last game.
          oh ...two ints with a close possible three more that should have been playing better then last week....

          note to you noob.....jake didnt allow two ints , jake gave them two ints and almost three more...jake did nothing special today...a low 50's passer rating...very eratic fact jake pretty much sucked again
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          • NO because if we get behind I do not think we can win with the offense, it will be up to the DEFENSE to do it......again.
            Helping rock the Stadium on game day!!!


            • Yes.
              ...capture it...remember it...


              • I thought Jake did okay, he was neither great nor horrid, but in all fairness he had some throws that against a team like the Colts or another powerhouse would have cost us the game. His first interception was a fluke (kick-a-catch), the second was bad judgement and he was lucky more were not. I really do not think he earned his get out of the shadow free card, yet. But in his defense, he has doen better then he has yet, besides against New England, one thing that remains though is that if he does not get over that hump, with the rest of our schedule...we will loose some games and maybe enough to really knock us out of contention, other then was a good win, mistakes granted.

                The real issue right now is Lepsis's spot, Dumervile's Ability and Marshall's use. I am more worried with Lepsis and the O-Line from here on and I was truly impressed with Marshall and Dumervile. As far as Jake, if he gets lit up next week or remains semi-productive, then a change may come. I am for one am enjoying the win!


                • Originally posted by Lorcust
                  I don't hear any of that mentioned during the game, or at the near end. Just that "he sucks" and a bunch of crap about that. From a bunch of people.

                  I'm not saying YOU take in watching Jake screw up. Just the people who were all:

                  Jake threw another pick wooohooo!

                  Don't worry Jake, you'll complete a pass to the Browns next time.

                  etc etc.

                  That's just stupid, IMO.

                  Where as exactly did I generalize a large group of people? I looked through my posts in this thread and I'm not seeing that. I just responded to the individuals who responded to me.

                  All I was saying is Jake was not as bad as people made him out to be. That doesn't mean he was lights out great. That just means he wasn't the detriment that several people referred to him as. Why do we have to live in absolutes? He played mediocre. Not game-losing, not HOFesque, he played mediocre and made some mistakes. With those mistakes, he made some plays that helped us win, and I like to remind some people he isn't the all-dud people like to make him out to be.
                  If you go back and read it, after INT-2, people were calling for Cutler.... when we still had a decent lead.

                  As much as I may like the kid, that is NOT the time to put him in there. You let the vet go out and close the game. You don't pin the game on a rookie, when you have a lead, and teh other team has momentum.

                  And while I see your point about being involved ingetting us the points and lead we did have. A 2/1 - TO/TD ratio cannot keep continuing, it just can't. And it's only natural that some people are going to focus on that, it's a problem, a big one, and HAS to be addressed.

                  Best to do that in a game vs a crap team than next week when we are really going to have our hands full.

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                  • Originally posted by LDB
                    Anybody that is satisfied with the way Plummer played in this game should have their head examined. The team I am happy.

                    But Plummer was awful. He should have had at least 4 INTs. This is unacceptable play from the QB position.
                    So, what else is new? It seems like no matter how Plummer plays, we still win games.


                    • Honestly though I want peoples opinions.

                      Do you honestly think putting in Cutler against the Colts would be a good idea?


                      • Originally posted by EdmcCaff87
                        No argument there. A win is a win. I'm saying that it seems that we have been keeping the scores low and at times we have had big opportunites including the momentum riding on ourside ands We didn't take advantage. I'm just stating we should you precaution when going against comeback teams as talented as the Patriots and the Colts who won't be so nice.
                        i totaly agree...

                        we need more and i hope more will come...

                        but im content that we do enough to win games...

                        and for that im happy...



                        • Originally posted by Dream
                          First of all, congratulations to the Denver Broncos with their fifth consecutive victory on the year. With credit given to Kansas City knocking off San Diego, we're ahead of the Chargers by a full game in our division. A great day to be a Broncos fan.

                          Today, the offense looked aenimic at times, but we did have some very successful drives. Jake connected with Walker and Smith a lot today, making good passes. Walker had a great game, I think 9 catches and over 100 yards, maybe even ten catches, which is wonderful, and Rod looked good this game from what I was able to see. (Only through the third quarter!) Brandon Marshall even got involved in the game, and Plummer made two good throws to him, and Marshall got his first touchdown. The running game was pretty effective, and Tatum Bell had a great game, carrying the ball over 20 times, and getting over 100 yards. He had a good YPC average. Seemed to get banged up near the end, but hopefully he's all right.

                          Pass blocking was bad almost all game, Jake got rushed a lot and had to force and hurry a lot of throws. Erik Pears filled in at LT for Lepsis, and we still do not know how serious his injury is. Now, Jake does make stupid decisions, but the lineman up front need to do their assignments to take some pressure of of Jake. Now his INT's are are inexcusable, but they have to do their part to make Jake feel more comfortable in the pocket.

                          As far as the defense goes, it sucks that their streak was brought to and end by a bonehead interception, but for most of the game, they played spectacular. Only giving up short and screen passes and shutting down their running game. Elvis Dumervil had a huge game, coming up with three sacks and the Broncos front four got quite a bit of pressure even with the loss of Gerard Warren very early on in the first-quarter. Ian Gold and DJ Williams had good games as well, and wow. . . Champ Bailey showed up big again.

                          Other than that, not much to say. We played a good game and hopefully Jake will make smarter decisions and hopefully our offense can keep rollin' and finish off the job. Please discuss, keep it civil and don't make this a Jay/Jake thread. Jake played all right today, but I do admit those interceptions sucked.

                          Go Broncos. 5-1.

                          Analysts will not have to go into much detail over the Broncos this season.

                          Only one phrase has been needed so far this season and will continue for the rest of the year.

                          Plummer = crap
                          Defense = great

                          The question is how far can Denver go despite Plummer?
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                          • *bump*

                            Actual good thread for those who want to discuss things thoughtfully.
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                            • Originally posted by broncos_mtnman

                              Jake's making it a way of life.

                              Yep, just keeps on winnnig as a Denver Bronco starter.

                              37-12 if you need him.


                              • I know no one wants to hear criticism about their QB, but Plummer is not playing to the level a 10 year vet should be playing at. He currently has 4 TDs and 7 INT, and although all of the offensive woes should not be attributed to Plummer, he is the leader. And as the leader, he is expected to play at a higher level and lead by example. Up to this point he has been a hinderance to the offense, and if he can not turn it around against potential AFC playoff teams (INDY and PITT, more so INDY), then it may be time to look at cutler.

                                The D has been the reason for our wins thus far, but they will most likely not be able to perform at this high of a level the entire season and then the playoffs.

                                I want Plummer to do well, but I care more about the team doing well, and thus have taken my orange glasses off, and am becoming worried at what I have witnessed from our veteran. Just my :2cents: .
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