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Official Game Day Thread: Week 7 2006 Broncos vs Browns

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  • Positives:

    -2nd and 3rd quarters the offense started to move the ball...( 2 long scoring drives)
    -Different players were involved in the offense for the first time all Marshall, Jackson
    - Defense continues to shut down on all parts of the opposing teams offense.
    - Tatum running hard on a continual basis
    - Top of the AFC West


    - Throwing the ball 41 times in a game you are winning
    - Play calling...see point one
    - Lepsis injury
    - Sluggish start and ending of the game by the offense.
    - Jake still needs to calm down and realize he doesn't have to do it all on every play
    - Still lots of room for improvement
    - Need to score more points


    • You're a little late.

      Originally posted by Ratman13
      No, but our whole team is worse off for having Plummer at QB.

      He might only cost our D a meaningless record against a bad team during the regular season, but in the playoffs against good teams... he's gonna cost us a SB trip.
      'Cos he already did that. Bronco turnovers in the 2005 AFC Championship: 4 Turnovers by Jake Plummer: 4. You do the math. Today he threw a TD for us and a TD for them, breaking a historic streak for a defense that didn't need any stumbles going into the game against Indy. Like I said, do the math: he was 20/41 for 197 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs, in addition to being sacked twice. Against the BROWNS. Y'know, the team whose defensive line plays for us now? By the way, take a look at the injury report on their secondary and tell me why our QB had a Passer Rating of 52.64227642. That's lower than his season rating, and THAT'S lower than it's been for any season in his career. Tatums 4.8 yds/carry for a total of 115 and a TD won this game--DESPITE Plummer.


      • It seemed our offense was content on sitting on the 17 points. I look over at the other screen, and see Indy up 30+ to 14, and still working to move the ball downfield. I look at us and running on 2 & 15 for no gain only to be satisified with a punt.

        The offense started off strong. I was happy, but its when we start to 'slow things down' that the offense gets in trouble. Jake started to just stare at those slants, and I think we went to the well too many times with it. We got lucky with 7 minutes left that the other slant wasn't intercepted giving them position at our 20yrd line again.

        I'm also curious (if they said it on TV we couldn't hear where I was) as to why they were switching M. Bell and T. Bell?? M. Bell just doesn't move the ball, and did you see the total MISS on the block? Horrible.

        I think the offense looked good until the 2nd half again.. sitting once we reached 17 points. It bores me in a big way..... and next week we will NOT have the luxury or just sitting on a lead.


        • Originally posted by TXBRONC
          That wasn't a particularly good game by Jake. When a qb throws two ints one of which leads to a score by the oppositions I would say that's very good game. Had Jake not thrown that second pick I would lean more to saying he had good game.

          Without the second pick, he could've been labeled as a "game manager". The second pick and almost third, made him a "game detractor" in my mind. He surely didn't do anything to "win" today. Javon and Rod bailed him out on several bad passes and kept our offense from really going in the tank.


          • Originally posted by broncos_mtnman
            You're right about the "pass blocking" in the pocket, but I don't think the whole blame goes to the line.

            First of all, Lepsis was out.

            Secondly, how many times did we see Jake on a roll out, only to have someone right in his face? I don't think this is an accident.

            I think most of the season so far has shown us that opposing teams will game plan to keep Plummer in the pocket more. The reason? It's simple, Jake is very weak if he has to make multiple reads in the pocket.

            Our line can give you the 3-5 seconds you need to complete a pass from the pocket.

            However, all the protection in the world won't make up for Jake's inability to perform CONSISTENTLY from the pocket.

            This game plan has worked with every team we've played so far. The only reason it hasn't cost us is the dominating defensive play.

            A defense that gives up 20 points or less is considered a strong defense in the NFL. Do you realize that if our defense was playing at this accepted level, that we would have lost every game this year?

            Anyways, the O-line is doing pretty well. It's just that Jake can't play in the pocket.
            i don't like it when fans and analysts say things like 'A defense that gives up 20 points or less is considered a strong defense in the NFL. Do you realize that if our defense was playing at this accepted level, that we would have lost every game this year?' because if we had conceded 20-25 points and were behind then our game plan would completely change. it sucks that our O is stuttering at the moment and we should score more points but because of our great D we have been able to play conservative, ball control football.

            we are 5-1 but there is a long way to go. we have a great D and a very good running game. hopefully the O keeps improving and hits there stride as the talent is there.

            btw - on a side note i believe the chargers are good but WAYYYY overhyped. 2 games against teams that are not below .500 and 2 defeats. our schedule has been brutal and we are 5-1 - that is FANTASTIC!!! it does not get much easier but at least we are at HOME to most of our hardest opponents - e.g. colts, bengals, seahawks.


            • Originally posted by Lorcust
              Jake is a problem. Yet, one that hasn't cost games yet, so I'm not complaining.

              I love how people want to call Jake god and make a big deal out of a small bit of support. Whoever thought a guy who threw 2 picks also threw a TD?

              I guess people that fail never have success either.
              Two fumbles and two picks in the 2005 AFC Championship cost us a game, and a pretty important one, too.


              • Originally posted by Nomad Broncofan
                Yeap! We will find out what the Denver Broncos are made of next week when they play a team of their caliber. You gotta cringe when you think of playing a shootout with the Colts.

                well if it comes down to a shootout with the colts...the way jake is playing we are severaly outgunned......we got a pop gun with a little int flag that pops out where the colts got a cannon
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                • gah

                  blah blah blah jake plummer blah blah
                  blah blah blah jay cutler blah blah

                  this message board is an abomination. joining this thing was a mistake. no one ever talks about anything other than jake plummer and jay cutler. and it doesn't matter. because our qb is who our qb is. that's not changing. unless there's an injury. so just deal with it and talk about something else for a change. this place blows. :brick:
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                  • Originally posted by AntiSteeler
                    "YEAH!!! GO BRONCOS, I have now converted to Broncology....".....Bull....
                    See doesn't feel good to let your ture feelings come out


                    • Originally posted by LDB
                      Our defense rocks!

                      What a game by Elvis! If Denver gets that kind of pressure against Indy next week I think they will get the win.
                      Good point! He's had 4 sacks in two games! He's a fast buggar, isnt it?!


                      I thought our D did great tonight! I hated to see that TD, but we knew that was going to happen. Allowing 2 TD in 6 games is pretty dang good. Thats better than the Chicago D did...heck they gave up 3 just last Monday night alone!

                      And our O did pretty good. Both Javon Walker and Tatum Bell got over 100 yards! It's always a good thing when our RB can get 100 yards a game!

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                      • I wanted to see the streak continue myself, and give the defense the challenge to keep going. I too kinda think that it would of not lasted the next game either, but I would have like to see the “D” step up to the challenge. Lets just hope they do a good job next week to keep us in the game!
                        Helping rock the Stadium on game day!!!


                        • Originally posted by Pathogen
                          New to the forums, but an old football fan. "note to you noob" is the best you can do?

                          Next time, try an intelligent reply.

                          less so then your illogical, plummer stepped it up..or plummer proved the naysayers wrong....face it plummer proved nothing
                          when do native Americans become human and not mascots


                          • You cant possibly defend plummer after this game. not after these 6 games, in which, if he was in a slump he woud've been out of it by now. 6 games is not a slump or a trend, it's indicative of what you're going to get for the rest of the year. So basically you can't be objective about it and still defend Plummer.
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                            • Originally posted by vandyman53
                              Well, I went to get some stats off of and Jake has now dropped past the TOP 30 mark in quarterback ratings.

                              This much I have figured out.

                              Opponents combined record: 18-18
                              Average Points per game:13.3

                              The meat of the schedule is getting ready to hit. Do we continue with a QB whose rating drops off the table, or do we swictch to a rookie whose never thrown a pass in the NFL?

                              At this time, it appears it wouldn't make any difference. The Broncs have a very managable game plan, and I even being a "homer" now can truly say Cutler would do just as good a job if not better than Jake. Jake's TD to Int Ratio is 1-2 and his completion % is around 51.

                              I think Cutler can pump some life into the offense that it doesn't have. He's has good leadership skills and 52 other GOOD football players backing him up.
                              I am with you!!

                              We want Jay!!



                              • It's was a good win.

                                Also, it is a good thing I watched the game cause if I didn't I would have thought we lost when I logged into Broncomania this evening.
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