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Official Game Day Thread: Week 7 2006 Broncos vs Browns

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  • Originally posted by broncos_mtnman
    You're right about the "pass blocking" in the pocket, but I don't think the whole blame goes to the line.

    First of all, Lepsis was out.

    Secondly, how many times did we see Jake on a roll out, only to have someone right in his face? I don't think this is an accident.

    I think most of the season so far has shown us that opposing teams will game plan to keep Plummer in the pocket more. The reason? It's simple, Jake is very weak if he has to make multiple reads in the pocket.

    Our line can give you the 3-5 seconds you need to complete a pass from the pocket.

    However, all the protection in the world won't make up for Jake's inability to perform CONSISTENTLY from the pocket.

    This game plan has worked with every team we've played so far. The only reason it hasn't cost us is the dominating defensive play.

    A defense that gives up 20 points or less is considered a strong defense in the NFL. Do you realize that if our defense was playing at this accepted level, that we would have lost every game this year?

    Anyways, the O-line is doing pretty well. It's just that Jake can't play in the pocket.
    The TD to Marshall is teh first time I have seen him make any kind of progression in a while... He is always so focused on the go-to-guy, that he hardly every checks down to another receiver.

    And I wouldn't be surprised if that wa sunder specific instruction from Shanny, look right, turn throw left.

    Everyone knew it was going to Marshall, but that little look, gave him a couple extra feet from teh defender.

    DB's know to just watch his helmet, where it points is where the ball goes. It hardly ever moves.

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    • Originally posted by Summerz
      And when he screws up?! then what. People make mistakes.
      This is the question I have. Jay gets in there and throws an interception. Then what? I know......

      fire the bum. He isn't worth the draft pick. Shanny is an idiot. blah blah blah.
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      • Originally posted by Neversummer672
        See doesn't feel good to let your ture feelings come out
        If I had true feelings for another team, it would be Cleveland...Haha! Bull..once again.


        • Year Team Att Comp Pct Yds YPA Lg TD Int Tkld
          2006 Patriots 162 88 54.3 1031 6.36 35 8 3 5/42
          2006 Colts 171 106 62.0 1278 7.47 41 8 2 7/79
          2006 Broncos 128 68 53.1 775 6.05 83 3 5 7/51

          Here are some passing stats for 3 of the 4 top afc teams so far this year. Take from this what you like. I know it's kinda hard to read but I think that most will get the picture.


          • I must say Plummer looked pretty bad today.....thank god for our defense! As long as we keep winning I won't complain. But he does make me a little nervous when he steps back to throw the ball...... Go Broncos, Congrats on the win


            • Originally posted by vandyman53
              Well, I went to get some stats off of and Jake has now dropped past the TOP 30 mark in quarterback ratings.

              This much I have figured out.

              Opponents combined record: 18-18
              Average Points per game:13.3

              The meat of the schedule is getting ready to hit. Do we continue with a QB whose rating drops off the table, or do we swictch to a rookie whose never thrown a pass in the NFL?

              At this time, it appears it wouldn't make any difference. The Broncs have a very managable game plan, and I even being a "homer" now can truly say Cutler would do just as good a job if not better than Jake. Jake's TD to Int Ratio is 1-2 and his completion % is around 51.

              I think Cutler can pump some life into the offense that it doesn't have. He's has good leadership skills and 52 other GOOD football players backing him up.
              Did you happen to find the winning percentages of the QB's?

              How about their records this season?

              How about where they rank in their division in the standings?

              Just wondering if you saw those stats.


              • Originally posted by BaileyTheBest
                Because if Jake plays like this next week we will lose. I am happy to be 5-1 but I am worried as hell about next week because I am not sure if Jake can lead us to victory.
                What has he done that would not make you think that we will not win. Denver wins with Jake and that is all that matters. Plummer has played like this all year and we are still 5-1. And that is beating teams like Patriots (5-1), Ravens (4-2), and Chiefs (3-3) Plus you have to put into play that the Defense is playing great right now. And if you watched the Colts a couple weeks ago they almost lost to the Titans.
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                You know the difference between winners and losers?

                Ya the score.

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                • Originally posted by supertoady
                  blah blah blah jake plummer blah blah
                  blah blah blah jay cutler blah blah

                  this message board is an abomination. joining this thing was a mistake. no one ever talks about anything other than jake plummer and jay cutler. and it doesn't matter. because our qb is who our qb is. that's not changing. unless there's an injury. so just deal with it and talk about something else for a change. this place blows. :brick:
                  Cha Ching!! If Only we could. The threads of other players keep getting burried because all the people that keep starting new thread after thread saying the same dam dribble over and over again.
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                  • Of course I'd like to see us put more than 17 points on the board, but the average winning margin for todays game was a smidgin over 10 points (125 points in 12 games), so we were no better or worse than the rest of the league today, we just go about it slightly differently

                    I'd certainly rather win 17-7 than lose 38-41 as the Steelers did today
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                    Maybe Slowick should pay attention


                    • It's so many fans on broncomania that know completely nothing about football.
                      Truly laughable.
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                      • I thought it was an adequate to poor performance again this week. I wonder if the reason for his less than spectacular performances this season is due to Kubiak being in Houston


                        • Originally posted by Lorcust
                          He has had issues, no doubt.

                          I'm just waiting until his ineffectiveness starts costing us games, until then, him contributing to plays that helped us win is fine by me. Obviously we have different expectations.

                          The Colts, The Steelers, the Seahawks? Those are tests, and if Jake's poor play costs us games. I would be more inclined to a replacement that would keep us from losing, rather than a QB who isn't costing us games.

                          We'll see if Jake is up to the task. If not, Shanahan will put Cutler in provided he sees that Cutler gives them a better shot at preventing losses and winning. This will only happen, IMO, when Shanahan sees Jake as someone who keeps the team from winning and Cutler as someone who can remedy that.
                          Agreed and if this turnover/touchdow ratio stays in eefect, I think that could be sooner rather than later.

                          Sometimes bad things happen, but many mor etimes you can avoid those mistakes. When mistakes become habit there is a problem.

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                          • Originally posted by watchthemiddle
                            Did you happen to find the winning percentages of the QB's?

                            How about their records this season?

                            How about where they rank in their division in the standings?

                            Just wondering if you saw those stats.
                            Yea, I happened to see the other team's places in the standings. Winning %? Surely your not attributing to Jake. I think the other side of the ball is responsible for that. Jake's playing just well enough not to screw most things up. We shall see this weekend. One better hope it's cold and snowy at Mile High.
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                            • Originally posted by Ratman13
                              No, but our whole team is worse off for having Plummer at QB.

                              He might only cost our D a meaningless record against a bad team during the regular season, but in the playoffs against good teams... he's gonna cost us a SB trip.

                              I agree...sorta.

                              I think Jake will iron out the wrinkles by Week 10.
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                              • here I go again; forgive me....

                                I'll try not to be so long winded.....

                                But, let me play devil's advocate here(boy I don't like the sound of that)

                                If Shanahan does switch to Cutler during this season, what will this board turn into?

                                Will Cutler lovers/Plummer haters rub it into fellow Bronco fans?

                                If Cutler plays poorly, will Plummer lovers(I don't think anyone hates Cutler yet) bash Cutler lovers/Plummer haters for the move?

                                If Plummer wins Super Bowl does the hate for him end? Does it?

                                If Cutler plays better than Plummer but for reasons unkown, the Broncos fade, will he be hated as well?

                                What is going to happen on this board?

                                Will members leave?

                                Will members be banned?

                                Will the board shut down entirely like the Miami Dolphin board?

                                Just curious where the hate is going to wind up.
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