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Official Game Day Thread: 2020: Week 5: Broncos vs Pats

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  • Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
    How many of us thought going into this game that we’d come out with a win? I’m betting not too many. From what I recall most wanted to see some kind improvement, Lock not holding the ball too long, less penalties, a good defensive game, a solid run game and yes, TDs.

    BB basically refused to play last week because he wanted Cam and Gilmore back.

    So, this young, banged up team goes into Foxboro, and beats the Pats playing against their starting QB, against their best cornerback.

    Our defense was spectacular today. Our Oline was terrific. Lindsay was awesome. McManus was perfect. Only one or two penalties. What a MASSIVE improvement from other games.

    Yes, our offense needs to get TDs. Lock needs to stop trying for the home run balls. Our OC needs to call better plays. But I’m happy because I feel we’re trending up.

    I’ll take a win over the Pats any day of the week however it happens.

    Especially because I live in Boston and whining is just glorious.
    ^What she said!

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    • Originally posted by JvDub95 View Post

      I've admitted being wrong about LJ. He's made a fool out of me so far. Yes, I thought he wasn't the most accurate of throwers but My biggest fear was his size. I thought he couldn't handle the NFL abuse with his size....
      We good lol. But hey we got the win. Broncos 1st always. One thing I do like about lock is he dont care about the "name" of the defense he moves the ball. Seen that a lot in his first 8 games. There are some vets that don't even have that.
      Until we get a TRUE not name "Lock" qb we will miss the playoffs and be average at best! I'm E2DS and I approve this message! "AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW, NOW YA KNOW."


      • Lock wasn’t great today, the picks were awful. First one looked to be some miscommunication with Patrick but that second one was horrendous. Outside of that he made some good plays and his stat line looks a whole lot better if AO hangs onto those 2 and if Hamilton (how is on the roster still) catches that deep ball.

        But he still isn’t stepping into throws, and like I said last year he seems to be doing it to not overthrow his targets, it’s his way of putting touch on the ball. It’s fine for now but eventually that’s something he needs to figure out. One concerning thing (outside of another botched snap) the ball isn’t coming out of his hand cleanly. Not sure if he’s gripping it too hard or what but there’s a noticeable wobble on it when he throws. That’s going to create drops that shouldn’t be there. That wasn’t the case on the big drops noted above but it is something to monitor going forward.

        Playcalling wasn’t as bad as many make it out to be but it could definitely be better. It’s clear the gameplan was to open up the run game so the shots were to keep them from stacking the box. Definitely don’t agree with passing the ball on those picks though, don’t need to pass it there. It did get a tad predictable with the first down runs in the 2nd half. I was waiting for a hard play action. Against a team that plays so much man, I’d expect to see a lot more crossing routes, there wasn’t much of it and I think AO may have been the only one to run one all game. Young QBs are used to throwing crossers, college is a game out of out athleting the other team most of the time, you’d think they’d let Lock lean on it a bit when teams go heavy man. Especially since outside of Jeudy our targets aren’t great route runners. Lastly, they have to find a way to get Jeudy the ball more. He’s too good of a player to be getting 2-3 catches a game.


        • I am happy for the win! I think they could be getting better, learning as a team? I am a little concerned with Locks completion percentage.
          Its takin many years to get a win in Foxboro, so I will take it!!!!


          • Good win... But another game we fail to even score 20 points... Our QB completes just 10 passes and gives opponent ball twice in final 5 minutes. Just awful.

            DL might develop into a serviceable QB, but it’s hard to be excited about our future when we have the 4th best QB in the DIV.

            and... we can’t keep wasting second rounders. Hamler
            was just a bad pick.


            • Originally posted by arapaho View Post

              Other then two td drops
              I didn't see the 2nd half .... did it get ugly for him? His 2 catches looked very natural

              I definitely saw potential
              The beatings will continue until morale improves....


              • Originally posted by dizzolve View Post

                I didn't see the 2nd half .... did it get ugly for him? His 2 catches looked very natural

                I definitely saw potential
                They were both tough but definitely catchable. The first clanked off his hands and the second he caught it but the DB stripped the ball. AOK's scouting reports and his "training camp" seem to show he can be inconsistent catching the ball, sometimes making amazing catches and others not making routine catches.


                • I don’t think Lock is 100%. He needs to have a rough game to bounce back from. Lack of all the off season work is really hurting this young offense and his best chemistry is with Sutton. He needs time to get that with others.


                  • Originally posted by RockWarrior84 View Post
                    I don’t think Lock is 100%. He needs to have a rough game to bounce back from. Lack of all the off season work is really hurting this young offense and his best chemistry is with Sutton. He needs time to get that with others.
                    With a rotator cuff and labrum strain, I'll bet his first pass in practice made his shoulder hurt like hell. Guessing that as the game went on, his throwing arm got tired. Buzz started and finished the game, which is a big deal. Knowing who is the backup QB is also important.

                    Two of Denver's losses were to undefeated teams by a combined score of seven points. It was known that D would need to step up while the O jelled and developed young players.

                    Losing Jurell Casey, Von Miller, Courtland Sutton, A.J. Bouye, Dre'Mont Jones and DeMarcus Walker required signing DeShawn Williams, Timmy Jernigan, Sylvester Williams, Anthony Chickillo, Mark Barron (also on IR), Nigel Bradham, Darius Kilgo, Isaiah Irving and Kevin Toliver as well as playing rookies and second teamers. FO deserves credit for finding them and the coaching staff for getting them ready to play.
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                    • Originally posted by Megalodon30 View Post

                      You guys know we won, right? It's like some fans expect us to go 16-0 and win the Super Bowl, and if we don't they want us to be 0-16 and have the number one pick. This isn't a bad team. It's a young team with a brand new offense that is taking some time to learn, especially with all the injuries we've had to our stars. Sutton done for the year. Lock has missed time. Lindsay has missed time. Fant has missed time. Be patient. We will be better. Guaranteed.

                      I hear you, and I agree. A win is always awesome, but it was a win by a team in spite of its coaching.

                      My thoughts (as if anyone cares lol)

                      Vic Fangio is a great guy, but he doesn't know how to be a head coach. When he assumes the Fangio Position it really makes me long for the confused gum chewing of John Fox.

                      As for Shurm, the offense is missing all of its compliments and playing at maybe 50 percent. Once everyone's healthy, look out.

                      Once AGAIN, Drew Lock coming off an injury with little to no practice is expected to be perfect. I don't care if he makes mistakes right now. We're not going to the playoffs with this coaching staff anyway, I'd rather Lock learn under fire and become battle hardened. I do know that if he doesn't stop throwing off his back foot and start learning how to put actual touch on throws hes gonna be another Cutler story.


                      Hooray, beer!


                      • Fangio and Lock deserve this season and next season before we evaluate what we have. I would even argue, barring something pathetic occurring over the course of the next 27 games, that they should get 2022 season as well.

                        we won’t know u til then if we have our duo or if we don’t.


                        • Not complaining about the win, but posting my observation and conclusions. With a 2 score lead and under 4 minutes on the clock why pass on 1st down? Our running game already had 100 + yards. Run the damn ball down their throats til they stop the run and take significant time off the clock. Make them burn their timeouts. Pass on 2nd or 3rd down if you have to but run the damn ball. Basic football 101 and Clock Management 101. I expect and demand more from an NFL coaching staff. We have already lost two games this year because of poor clock management and use, or not use of time outs, and we tried hard to allow the Pats to get back into this game. Defense saved our backside; but better play calling would have given us a much larger cushion. Mistakes like we have shown will lose us games against Reed and Gruden.


                          • Frag09, How long before or how many more losses before you conclude - Hey Man, this is not good enough for Broncos football !?!


                            • One thing I know about Broncos fan is that they are harsh when it comes to QBs. Have an extremely high bar that even Peyton Manning has issues living up too. Elway has flipped drafting QBs but Lock is the only young QB I think he has put in position to really showcase his case as QBOF.


                              • Originally posted by Bootleg View Post

                                It's also worth taking into account they had no real offseason to build chemistry, as well currently playing with a depleted roster.

                                The revolving door of QB's isn't helping either. Lock, Driskel, Rypien, Lock
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