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Official Game Day Thread: 2020: Week 14 Bills vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2020: Week 14 Bills vs Broncos

    Hey Bronco fans,

    Hope everyone is doing fine. It is one of those rare weeks where we can post after getting a W. We need those more often. The offense had a great game vs the Panthers.
    The D surprisingly did not. How weird was that? Bright side this is a Saturday afternoon tilt, so we all get to watch!!!

    I'll give Lock some credit, he did good with the longball. 4 TDs , he was a balling! Hamler with 2 TD. That was a fun game. Hopefully he continues to play turnover free football and tha the D plays better. We will need everyone to be sharp with the Josh Allen let Bills coming into town. Its the 5 - 8 Feisty Broncs vs the 10-3 Bills. Got nothing to lose as there is no post season fort us again this year.

    D will need to be sharper in the secondary. Vs the Steelers last week Stefon Diggs torched them for 10 catches, 130 yards and a TD. He is a playmaker with 100 receptions, and 1167 yards this year with 3 games to go. Allen has 28TDs vs 9 Ints this year. He is pretty solid. The Bills oline has given 25 sacks this year, so if we keep the pressure on we might get him a few times. So far our D has 36 sacks and counting.

    The Bills avg 102 rush yards a game. Not stellar, not bad. Denvers run game was a bit stifled last week, but Lock rose to the occasion this time. He will need to keep it up as the Bills pass defense has been improving. Bills Mafia want a win and a division title this week. Denver can spoil that some for them

    Kudos to our WRs last week, Patrick, Jeudy, and Hamler all chipped in. Vanette made a few plays as well. That was a glimpse of what could be. Also we did that without Bolles being there to protect and block for us. The running game was not great, but not every week can be. The play calling was a bit better offensivly and a bit suspect defensively. WE got the won though.

    Over the last decade we are 3-7 in week 14 games. That's all kinds of horrible. The three wins all came on the road. 4 of the 7 losses came at home. It is just not a good week for us
    Each season is different but that is one trend I would like to turn around. It would be great if all 3 phases clicked in for one game.

    I'm stoked though. We had a good game out of Lock last week and got a "W" The Bill will be a tough out, but Denver has played pretty competitive all season.
    Win lose or draw I hope for a great game, where everyone end up healthy afterwards. Christmas is less than week away, this would be a great present.

    Please follow the COC, report violations to the wonderful mod staff here, and try to find some Holiday Cheer. Wish everyone a good game day and a Happy Holiday.
    As always GO BRONCOS!!!
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    The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!

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    Thank you, Elway -- as always, nice write up.



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      Thanks, Elway!

      Go Broncos!!

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        Originally posted by Peanut View Post
        Thanks, Elway!

        Go Broncos!!
        Thanks, Almost forgot I had to do it a day early.
        The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!


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          Let's go Denver! Hopefully lock builds off of last week and continues to grow. But I'm worried more about our lack of corners. Should be an interesting game and what Denver team shows up.

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            Really excited for this game - especially as it will be the first time this season that a Broncos game will be broadcast live in my area at a reasonable hour.

            Also, we are in our best form of the season. I can see us
            winning by at least 2 scores.


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              Its bad enough at 5-8 ... Broncos are not 4-9.

              Buffalo averages 27.6 points per game, Broncos give up 26.7 points per game ... I say if the Broncos can keep them under their average with no starting CBs and 2/3 of their starting DL out; their star pass rusher out, that ain't bad ... considering.

              Game is only on NFL Network outside of Broncos market. I will not get the game in Kansas.


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                Big game here, this team will have to perform to great extents in order for certain players and coaches to remain.
                They don’t have to win today but just show some heart and compete like they did against KC however this will a test for the offense because we know the defense will perform well.


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                  We will see if Lock + Offensive coaches have learned we need to pick up first downs and take opportunistic shots at the deep ball or if last week was just an abnormality.
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                    BLAM! BLAM!

                    BUFFALO THE BILLS!
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                      Lets repeat last week, Go DENVER


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                          Oh Yeah I forgot to mention, if Pat Schurmur is classic Pat Schurmur, they lose. If Pat Schurmur becomes Pat Schurmurello, they have a good chance of putting up enough points to stay in the game.


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                            Originally posted by L.M. View Post
                            NFL hates the Broncos.
                            "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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                              This could be a really good game. Buffalo is seeking out a division title, while we have something to prove. A victory against an upcoming potential contender (this year) would change the landscape for The Broncs even more, as we prepare for a better '21.