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Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 2 Broncos vs Jags

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  • Originally posted by HDbroncos02 View Post
    The interior offensive line is a pretty big concern after the first two games. Granted, Glasgow sat out— but even Risner and Cushenberry didn’t look great.

    When it comes to Teddy, performing this well against NYG and JAX is the best case scenario. What if he struggled? People will complain, rightfully so. Yet, when he goes out there and does an excellent job— people still find a way to lament, citing the quality of our opponents.

    I’m glad you have the analytic ability to decipher where the imperfections lie, and it’s also something that the players and coaches have to understand if they want to improve.
    It’s somewhat concerning that we haven’t ran very efficiently but part of that is coming out in 2/3 TE sets and seeing a loaded box. Another part is that defenses aren’t always respecting Teddy’s arm. Also the Giants have a solid dline and the Jags did hold the Texans to a rather inefficient rushing day yardage aside so they may be better than they’re getting credit for. But the playaction has been very good so defenses are keying in on the run and the line for the most part has been pretty good in pass protection.