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Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 2 Broncos vs Jags

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 2 Broncos vs Jags

    Welcome back Bronco fan.

    Welcome to week 2. Vic got his first win of the season, and 13th in Broncos head coach career. It was an all too rare Sept win.
    This week we have a chance to make it a 2nd win as we go on the road again to Florida to face the rebuilding Jags.

    Urban Meyer is a fantastic college head coach, but still getting his feet wet in the NFL. He's got a great young QB in Trevor Lawrence.
    They asked much of him last week. He went 28 of 51 for 332 yards. 3 TD and 3 Ints in his debut.

    Fangio vs rookie Qbs. Rookie QBs are 9-11 as starter vs Vic Fangio-led defenses since 2000 (sacked 2.3 times per game).

    With a win Denver would go 2-0 for the first time since Case Keenum started in 2018 for Vance Johnson on our way to a 6-20 season.

    Last week we played a very good game. Unfortunately Jeudy got hurt in it. The receivers stepped up. Gordon broke a long run for a score.
    Teddy B played very solid going 28 of 36 264 yards with 2 TDs. He often looked under pressure, not sure whether if was due to the Giants D or our O line.
    Teddy made some good plays and looked very composed in the pocket. I liked what I saw from him.
    D looked very solid. Gave up a few plays, including some QB draws. Hopefully we account for that this week.
    Looks like with the injury to Darby, that Surtain will get the start. Chubb looks to be out again, but Von looked pretty good out there.

    The Jags D, needs some fine tuning. The Jaguars have allowed 24+ points in 16 straight games (longest streak in NFL history). So we will have opportunities.
    The run game for them mustered up 76 yards on the ground with Carlos Hyde leading the way.
    This may be one of those games that could be ours if we don't shoot ourselves in the foot. We've done it before.

    So in recent history how do we do in game 2 of the season? Well we are a very respectable 7-3 over the last 10 years. Of the 7 win 5 came at home, 2 on the road. Of the 3 losses. Of the 3 losses to were on the road, 1 at home.

    So like in dumb & dumber, I'm saying there's a chance. Would love to go 2-0. No game is a given though. So many up and downs to follow. As always we ask that as every season you follow the COC and be mindful of what you post. If you see others violating the COC report them, don't engage them or feed the trolls. The board has a great group of long standing mods who help keep this place running. I hope you get to see the game. Hope we leave the field healthy. I hope we do well and end up with the "W" Be safe out there, and as always Go Broncos!!!
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    Go Broncos!

    Not nervous about this game at all. Jags looked awful week 1 against a bad Texans team. As long as we don’t play sloppy, should be a big, ol’ W. Expecting the D to have a very good game.
    Eternal Broncos Optimist


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      Lets go......

      2 and 0!!!!

      Broncos going to show the new kid how it's done.....we like to mentor.


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        Honestly I think that this will not be a cake walk as some would like to think. Denver generally struggles in that Florida Heat. Hope all the players stay hydrated electrolytes ect. I actually think the Next 2 games will not be easy and honestly as much as I want to see a Denver Beat down on the Jags I think that Urban Meyer will have his team fired up ⬆️ to play Denver so Denver better be ready for their knock out attempts. I think the Next 2 Games are what I call Trap games so hopefully Denver is ready for the Traps. I hope Denver wins this week just not sure.


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          Going to my first ever Broncos game tomorrow after all these years.

          It's going to be muggy with the potential to rain. It won't be the easiest conditions, but I think Denver is well-equipped to overmatch Jacksonville in every facet of the game. If the conditions are sloppy, then I expect another strong attack with Gordon and Williams. Glasgow is probably going to be out, so it's worth keeping an eye on how Muti (or Meinerz) fares in his absence. With how volatile the weather here in Florida is, it could very well stay dry for most of the game. With Jeudy out, I'm interested to see how Shurmur gets Hamler involved. I would love to see Teddy and Hamler connect on the deep ball. I'm hoping Sutton can see more targets.

          I watched Jacksonville play against Houston last week and they made Tyrod Taylor look like a franchise QB. They are just undisciplined and lack decent playcalling on both sides of the ball. Fangio feasts against rookie QBs and I expect him to do the same against Trevor Lawrence. I will say though, Lawrence looked decent last week despite the 3 INTs. Hopefully Chubb can suit up, but if not-- there's no harm in trotting out Reed/Cooper/Mintze for another game. As unfortunate as the injury is for Darby, I'm quite excited to see Surtain make his starting debut at outside corner opposite Fuller.


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            Austin Schlottmann has been brought up from the PS:

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              Last week was a lot of fun and I even managed to stay awake till the last ball after midnight!
              Looking forward to today's game. GO BRONCOS!


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                Thanks, Elway!

                Go Broncos!!

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                  Thanks, Elway!

                  GO BRONCOS!!!

                  Denver 31
                  Jacksonville 13

                  Six sacks and three picks!!!!!!!!! Let's Go D!

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                    Thanks Elway!

                    Felt so good to watch the Broncos get a win last week! Looking forward to starting the season 2-0! Was so excited about seeing our defense this season, but thanks to our offense I didn't see as much of them as I was expecting. Hope they get plenty of rests between drives this week as well!

                    Go Broncos!
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                      well if this team wants to contend for the playoffs games/teams like this they need to win and i pray no more injuries


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                        CAGE THE JAGS!
                        BLAM! BLAM!
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                          hopefully we run block better today to esp. those 3 inside need to pound them today in the heat


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                            Is it ok around here to say you "expect" a win today?

                            I guess I'm sayin it.


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                              GO BRONCOS!!!!!