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Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 3 Jets vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 3 Jets vs Broncos

    Welcome to week 3 Bronco fans.

    Broncos are 2-0, hasn't happened since 2018. Broncos have a chance to win a 3rd game in a row. Also hasn't happened since 2018.
    If the Broncos can win, we would be 3-0 which hasn't happened since 2016.

    If only we were playing a struggling team. Oh wait, we have a good chance at this provided we don't beat ourselves.
    Today we face the struggling Jets. The Jets are 0-2. They scored 20 points so far this season, and have given up 44. Differential -24
    Denver by contrast has scored 50, give up 26 for a differential +24

    Denver played fairly well last week, despite not having Jeudy. We moved the ball efficiently. Teddy played well again completing at least 75% of his passing and throwing for two more TDs. He has 4 so far for 592 Yards. The offense is moving well. Over 300 yards in the air last week. On the ground we were just under 100. The D played well giving up an Early TD before locking it down. Special teams messed up and allowed a score. Sure Vic tightened it down.

    Offense has played well so far. Teddy has been composed in the pocket. As noted in another thread, Vic has been more aggressive on 4th down going 5 for 5 so far in 2 games.
    We need to play well and sharp this game. We have the Ravens next week and head to Pittsburg after that, both are legit threats. We need to not let this be a trap game and again play as if we are 0-0.

    Jets are 26th on offense, we are 9th. Jets are 9th on Defense (not bad) We are 2nd. (Better) Weird posted stat:
    Jets rookie QBs are 3-0 in their next start after a game with 4+ INT. So let's hope Zach Wilson breaks that trend. The Jets as a team have lost 11 straight Sept games. We need to make it 12.

    Courtland Sutton came alive last week. Hopefully you didn't have him on the fantasy bench like I did. Von got another sack. Fant got in the end zone, Williams showed some moves and speed. It is nice each week seeing this team come together. It's not perfect, but after the last few seasons, it's not bad either. Also not the last two games were east coast road trips and last week was an early start game. We rose to the occasion. The Broncos are 1 of 2 teams that has two RBs with 100+ rush yards this season.

    In recent history game 3 has been hard on us. We are a woeful 3-7 over the last 1o seasons. Of the 3 wins, 1 was at home, 2 were on the road. Of the 7 losses 5 were on the road 2 at home. Numbers are skewed some as 7 times over the last 10 seasons we were forced to be a road team.

    We are back after way too long with a home crowd. Can't wait to hear the home crowd make some noise. Would love to go 3-0. Let's hope we play well at home crowd. They deserve it. As always we ask that as every season you follow the COC and be mindful of what you post. If you see others violating the COC report them, don't engage them or feed the trolls. The board has a great group of long standing mods who help keep this place running. I hope you get to see the game. Hope we leave the field healthy. I hope we do well and end up with the "W" Be safe out there, and as always Go Broncos!!!
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    In for the Win!!!

    Broncos 35 Jets 13

    Two defensive scores

    Thanks Elway


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      Go Broncos!

      Would be very surprised if the Jets can even keep it close. They’re not good at all. Should be a fun game as long as we don’t make any mistakes.
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        We lose so many games we should win. Fangio will never up the score it’s going to be close.


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          Hey if we struggle, we can put Rypien in, he got us the win last time.
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            Thanks for the write up Elway.
            Can't wait for this first home game. Broncos to win!


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              Thanks, Elway! Great as always.

              Go Broncos!!

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                GROUND THE JETS!
                BLAM! BLAM!
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                  3 and 0!!!

                  When the season ends, you do not give back "W's" because you played some easier opponents. Winning in The NFL is hard, and winning your first 2 on the road is really hard, no matter the opponent. Winning breeds confidence and belief in one another.

                  Sorry Jets......not today, not on our turf.
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                    Thanks, Elway! It's been an awesome start to the season so far, the Broncos not beating themselves! Loving this team!

                    Go Broncos!!
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                      Well at least I get the game being in New England...keep em, grounded, shouldn't be too difficult.


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                        Originally posted by 2 Minute Warning View Post
                        Well at least I get the game being in New England...keep em, grounded, shouldn't be too difficult.
                        Yeah, me too. Very excited that I can finally watch the game.

                        Go Broncos!!!
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                          GO BRONCOS!!!!!


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                            #DB4L !! Ok Some More Reverse Psychology Here. Denver always plays down to their opponents so I would not be surprised at all if the Jets took it to Denver in this game so therefore called a Trap Game. I say the Jets stun Denver 44-0. Go Denver Broncos !!


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                              just hope no more injuries and that the OL can run block A LOT better this week