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Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 6 Raiders vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 6 Raiders vs Broncos

    Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 6 Broncos vs Steelers

    Hey Bronco Fans,

    Welcome to week six, well we blew another one. Bad Defensive play early on gave the Squealers a lead we couldn't come back from. I was glad to see some fight in the team in the 4th quarter. We got close to the end zone only to make a bunch of bad calls. Why have running backs if you are not going to use them in optimal situations. Play calling is just not getting it done. Doesn't help when Bolles flashes back to his 2019 form.

    So we hit some rough times. We loss 2 in a row and looked pretty bad in the process. So we have a chance to right the ship. Coming into town this week is the team we love to hate. The Faiders. Who after a 3-0 start lived up to their name and loss their last 2 games. On top of that they just loss their coach. That can only work in our favor. No matter what you though of Gruden or why he was fired, the man knows football. I'm glad they are without him. The last 4 Raiders coaches started off losing their first game.

    Raiders are ranked a little better than us on offense. They have a top 10 defense as well, we are ranked 3rd. Passing they are 4th to our 22nd ranking. Running wise we are ranked 13th to their 29th status. They like to do most of their damage through the air. With the burners they have, seems like pretty smart play calling. Hopefully our secondary is up to the task. We have a tendency to let whatever ails the opponent be corrected against us.

    Carr is averaging over 320 yards a game, Teddy is under 250. Part of that is they don't run the ball well and we are down two big time receivers.

    Broncos are averaging 16.8 points a game. That's not good enough to get it done. Our defense is not that dominate to hold opponents below that.
    We need to get better. First 3 weeks we gave up less the 60 rush yards a game, last two weeks we gave up 249 yards.

    Teddy is still Teddy, 7 Tds to 1 Int this year. We need to end this game better than the last two, where our final drives ended up with an int in the endzone.

    In the last 10 years we are 6-4 in week 6 games. Of the 6 wins. 3 were at home, 3 on the road. Of the 4 losses 2 were at home, 2 on the road.
    Fangio has won game in 19 vs the Titans , and lost it in 20 to the Chiefs. He has a 1-3 record vs the Raiders.

    One of these teams is going to make it to 4-2. I am hoping it is us. We need some better coaching to get there. But a "W" against a rival in front of the home crowd would go far in helping thiback. s team out. A loss to put us at .500 would be devastating.

    Regardless of outcome please follow the COC as always. If you see others violating the COC report them, don't engage them or feed the trolls. The board has a great group of long standing mods who help keep this place running. I hope we play better than the last 2 weeks have shown. I hope we leave the field healthy, we need to get our players back.
    Let's go get the "W" Be safe out there, and as always Go Broncos!!!
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    Thanks, Elway! Always enjoy reading your post.

    Go Broncos!!

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      Thanks, Elway!


      Broncos 38
      Faiders 13

      Six sacks and three picks!!!

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        Thanks Elway! Really hope the Broncos don't wait til the fourth quarter to play again.

        GO BRONCOS!! 4-2
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          Time to get the train back on track and stop derailing.


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            Gotta get the W today!
            Thanks Elway.


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              After The Broncos kick Raiders' butts, this is what will best describe their reaction (in sort of their own words).....

              JUST "WHINE" BABY!


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                Today we find out how much HEART this TEAM has. We need team captains to step up and show some fire! Vic and Pat have to bring it today, Division is everything!!! Keep the crowd in it!!!

                Go Broncos



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                  SURPRISE THE RAIDERS!
                  BLAM! BLAM!
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                    Let’s go Broncos!


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                      Want to see some heart from our team today. Want to see some urgency from the get go today. Do we want to be winners and be 4-2 ? we drop to mediocrity and fall to .500 and continue to post who we want as our next coaching staff. Short time from now, we will all know.


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                        i hope we can finally run the ball today and please stop the run and go get carr and hopefully get a win


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                          GO BRONCOS!!!!!


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                            Go Broncos!

                            Offense has to show up today. Last 2 weeks, offense has been terrible. Starts at the top with the man calling the plays. If Shurmur wants to keep his job, he better call a good game.
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                              i see we activated john brown and cleveland must want/need some speed at WR