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Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 8 Washington vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 8 Washington vs Broncos

    Hey Broncos fans (If there is still anyone here)

    Welcome to week 8 where the overly pathetic Broncos takes on the equally pathetic Washington team.

    Too late Teddy struck again last week, starting slow, throwing end zone picks and scoring 2 TDs in the 2nd half to still lose by three. Hey, he almost threw for 190 yards. Yes he sure looks like the QB of the future for us.

    To be fair it wasn't all Teddys fault. The Defense forgot they were supposed to play. When they found out they didn't have to stop Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt because of injuries, they thought
    that meant they didn't have to bother to stop any running back. They gave up 146 yards to a 3rd stringer at 6.6 yards a clip. I don't think they could have stopped my grandma with a walker from getting 100 yards. In the process of the game they made the mediocre Case Keenum almost resemble a competent QB.

    I was thankful we didn't play Sunday. I could enjoy dinner that night without Denver making me want to throw it back up.

    We will see how this Sunday goes. We are back home and may have Jeudy back on the field. Denver may have a chance as we are 3-0 vs team with a losing record. Of course none of those teams had wins either. Where as Washington some back ended into 2 wins as well this season. Kinda amazing as so far this season as they have given up 20 or more points in each game.
    Of course if there is a team to play to put you back on course it's Denver.

    Denver isn't much better. Over the last 4 games we are giving up over 25 points a game. Yes sir, this is the game of the week that NFL fans have been clamoring for.
    What's the worse that could happen? We go 3-5 and Washington moves behind us for a draft pick? Both teams are mediocre on offense. Washington is 30th on Defense while Denver is somehow holding at 10. We are a little better in the passing game, they are a little better at the run. Like Denver they have a few play makers, but still need a Franchise QB to get them going in the right direction. They have a good head coach trying to do the best with the talent he has.

    There is no FANG in Fangio, which makes sense as our D looks pretty toothless out there, all bark no bite. As part of this losing streak Vics defense is giving up almost 400 yards a game and 129 yards on the ground. Maybe he is one for equality. He is making sure we suck vs both the run and the pass. This is the 2nd time Denver has lost 4 games in a row under Fangio. I can't imagine he has much more room left before he gets the call from above that his services are no longer required.

    It's Halloween, maybe on the last day of October Denver will give us a treat instead of a trick.

    It is frustrating when you look at this team and see talent, but no cohesion. We have individual players who do well at times, but the team seems to be on 53 different pages of the playbook.
    The cast may be different, but it is the same movie that has been playing since Superbowl 50.

    It is bad play calling, coaching, lack of situational awareness, bad game planning, clock management, O-line regression and injuries. We just can't catch a break with the injuries.
    Maybe if we had been healthier we would have had one or two more wins. In a year where the Chiefs have a losing record we still can't do anything to help ourselves.

    Over the last decade week 8 has not been our friend. We are 4-6. OF the four wins 2 were at home and 2 were on the road. One of those wins at home was against Washington.
    Of the 6 losses all were on the road, so I guess it is a good sign that we are a home facing the former 'Skins. It is our chance to go .500

    I want us to win, I miss that feeling we had back in September. A win = hope. I'm hoping despite all that's happened the last 4 weeks this team can make something out of this season.
    I want us to be competitive all game long, not scrambling to catch up in the forth so the box score make us look better that what we are.

    Win-Lose or draw please follow the COC. I know it is rough at times , but we are all in this together. Thank you for coming here. Thank you to the Mods who volunteer their time here endlessly week after week. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and that we end the month with at least 1 win. Keep the faith and as always GO BRONCOS!

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    We will see what happens. I'm not expecting much.
    Until we get a TRUE not name "Lock" qb we will miss the playoffs and be average at best! I'm E2DS and I approve this message! "AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW, NOW YA KNOW."


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      Thanks, Elway!

      This is a game we can win!

      GoooO BRONCOS!!!

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        Originally posted by L.M. View Post
        Thanks, Elway!

        This is a game we can win!

        It's a game we should win...
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          Go Broncos!

          I have zero confidence in getting a W, so if we do get one, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s almost nice to have rock bottom expectations. Nowhere to go but up!
          Eternal Broncos Optimist


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            Let's hope the break changes the Broncos fortune!
            GO BRONCOS!


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              Great write up, Elway! Thanks!

              Hubby's a WFT fan. Should be an interesting day for us. You all need to keep me busy (in a good way) so that I can ignore him during the game.

              Go Broncos!!!

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                Losing streak ends today!


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                  At least we're not Houston...

                  Go Broncos!!!

                  Thanks Elway


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                    Originally posted by Elway View Post
                    I was thankful we didn't play Sunday. I could enjoy dinner that night without Denver making me want to throw it back up.
                    Thanks, Elway! The best thing about the Broncos right now are your game day thread openers.

                    I would love to revisit September, have that feeling one more time of Broncos W.....

                    Lets go for 5-6 against Washington

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                      Great one, Elway. Exactly how most of us feel.

                      I want the broncos to win. I want them to look competent doing so, not like they fell backwards into it


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                        Go Broncos!

                        Let's WASH 'em up!

                        Just get those Ws whenever you can, because if you get enough of them, it comes down to late season momentum. Matters not how you got there, it's how you finish.

                        Having said that a loss would put a real damper on this season, other than a potential high draft pick. Maybe, just maybe, Tua becomes part of the storyline.


                        Regardless it will be cool seeing Jeudy back. Should give the O a lift.

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                          Are we going to break the narrative today or hear a broken record??


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                            Hopefully, Teddy will be 100% for today's game and we can also get the running game going.

                            No reason why we can't beat Washington.


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                              If this offense cannot light up WFT's abysmal pass defense, there really is no hope. Having Jeudy back even if he's 80% at best should still be a large improvement over trotting out the carcass of John Brown and previously David Moore and Diontae Spencer.

                              Teddy should be a little more healthy, so with an elite short-intermediate separator in Jeudy and another athletic TE in Albert O, this offense should have more juice out of the gate. Key word "should". I am bracing for myself for the inevitable end-of-first quarter graphic where they show the opposing offense having almost 30 plays and nearly 200 yards and we just have 6 plays for 11 yards.

                              Let's hope Shurmur and Teddy don't make WFT's league-worst pass defense look like the No Fly Zone (especially since this team has had a knack for turning the opposing team's weakness into a shining strength) and let's hope that Fangio and our makeshift defense (may Kenny Young and Baron Browning flourish) beat up on a Taylor Heinecke-led offense.

                              Expecting the worst, but hoping for the best... I hope this team can get back on track with a win today or else we might see the first of some real moves to prepare for a rebuild next year. GO Broncos!!!

                              Broncos 23, WFT 20