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Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 9 Broncos vs Cowboys

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 9 Broncos vs Cowboys

    Hey Broncos fans

    Welcome to week 9 where the 4-4 Broncos take on the 6-1 Cowboys.
    The 4 wins are amazing in itself as the Broncos are 1 of 2 teams with 4 or mote wins averaging fewer than 20 PPG this season (PIT)
    Denver has a 1 pm early start down in Jerry's worlds. Dak is back and ready to attack. We will need the explosive pass rush of Von Miller to help slow him down...
    Um.... Scratch that. Gonna miss that man, a legend in the making.

    Week of up and downs. The Broncos finally stopped their 4 game losing streak. Of course the Broncos could not even score 20 points to the only team that gave up 20 or more points 7 weeks in a row. The Defense came to play and applied the pressure last week. We will need them to do the same this week if we want to have a chance. 17 points wont cut it this week. Broncos can't score, even if it was last call at a bar.

    The Broncos have allowed 17.1 PPG this season (2nd-fewest in NFL). The Cowboys have averaged 32.1 PPG this season (3rd-most in NFL).
    We need offense and defense. Defense may be an issue as Paton decided it was time to trade Miller. It may work out for us with the future draft picks, but for Sunday the loss will be felt instantly.

    The Cowboys have 6+ wins, 30+ PPG and 450+ total YPG through 7 games of a season. A pace shared by (2013 Broncos, 2000 Rams).
    On paper this looks like a butt whooping of Epic proportions. The Broncos struggled stopping the run most of the last few weeks. If Dak doesn't torch us in the air,
    Zeke will on the ground. We need to play A+ football. I don't think we have the talent or coaching staff for that.

    We will see how this Sunday goes. IIt would be a major shock if Denver could pull it off. But hey the Jets thumps the Bengals. The Saints beat the Bucs, and The Giants almost beat KC. Weird things can happen.

    Over the last decade week 9 has been Meh. We are 5-5. Of the five wins, 4 came on road. 1 at home. Of the five losses. 3 were on the road, 2 at home.

    I wish this game had the Epic feel of the Peyton Manning game of 2013. If it is any consolation we beat Dallas in 2017 as well. One of the few wins under Vance Johnson.
    Hell even McDaniels beat them in 2009. Plummer beat them in 05, Griese beat them in 01, Elway beat them in '98. That means we won the last 6 times we played them.
    That's gotta account for something.

    Win-Lose or draw please follow the COC. Emotions are high. Moreso with the Miller situation. Like I said last week, we are all in this together. Wacky weird season and all.
    Let's hope November goes better than October did. Hoping we play smart, hard and come out safe. Thank you to the Mods who volunteer their time here endlessly week after week. Keep the faith and as always GO BRONCOS!

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    Go Broncos!!
    "Dwight Howard On The Post Dog!!"


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      Go Broncos! Let’s get a W! I’m ready for an upset!
      Eternal Broncos Optimist


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        Thanks, Elway!

        I HATE the Cowpies —with a passion! Please let this be a trap game for them; let's see them come out flat and fumble the ball away, throw picks, and miss kicks!

        GooO BRONCOS!!!

        Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016


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          Thanks, Elway!

          Go Broncos!!

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            Going to be weird seeing the Vonless Broncos.
            As long as we're not spineless and they give it their all.
            Go Broncos!


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              If we could beat Dallas with Trevor Siemian, we can beat them with Teddy. Different teams and different times of course but I do think we have a real chance today.


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                UNHORSE THE COWBOYS!
                BLAM! BLAM!
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                  Thanks, Elway!

                  Will be sad to see this first game with no Von. Dallas has a great team and would just love to see some effort from our guys, even if I'm expecting a loss. It would nice to see them stop a team like them on their opening drive. That alone would make me happy. Hope the surprise me today and get a W.

                  GO BRONCOS!!
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                    Lock is out due to Covid protocols. Rypien is the primary back up.
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                      will look strange with no 58 out there and as for this game i do not think it will be pretty because our horrific offense cant score enough and defense will be worn down...i just hope no more injuries


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                        GO BRONCOS!!!!!



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                          Drew Lock QB
                          Malik Reed OLB
                          Jamar Johnson S
                          Garett Bolles OT
                          Mike Purcell NT


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                            so down another pass rusher dak may have all day to throw


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                              Broncos have a choice today. Lose 27-13 and take no chances or take chances and still lose but gain a possibility of making something happen.

                              If they play bend don't break, the Cowboys cruise.

                              Hooray, beer!