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Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 10 Eagles vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 10 Eagles vs Broncos

    Hey Broncos fans

    Welcome to week 10 where the 5-4 Broncos take on the 3-6 Eagles.

    5-4 whoda thunk it? Last week was a helluva game. The Broncos gave us a glimpse of what they could be. Unfortunately those glimpses do not normally last.
    But with the hapless Eagles in Denver is favored for whatever that means by 2.5 to 3 points.

    Eagles have went all in on their run game. While Denver realized they should use there run game more. Gordon & Williams were a killer 1-2 punch in Dallas.
    Jeudy and Patrick were definitely game changers last week. Denver controlled the clock, the tempo and most importantly, the scoreboard.

    Broncos D was on fire, holding the high scoring Cowboys to a season low, and that was all done in garbage time. The Broncos have held 6 of 9 teams they have played this season to 18 or less points. In face Denver is 1 of 3 teams ranked top in on both Run and Passing Defense.

    Jalen Hurts and the Eagles have run the ball 71.4% of the time. Hopefully Denver has improved on their run D. they have been doing better. They should still be embarrassed by that Cleveland game where they got housed in prime time. The Eagles have 4 players on the team with 3+ rushing TDs. Hurts will not hesitate to take off and run the ball. We should have a spy on him all game. Of course when we ganged up to stop Lamar Jackson from running he threw for over 300 yards on our secondary. Whatever we do we need to be smart about it. The Eagles will try to make Denver the first team they beat this season with a winning record.

    Could it be Teddy time yet again this week? The Eagles have not had a sack in 3 of their last 4 games. Hopefully the patchwork o-line for the Broncos holds up well enough. They gave up 4 sacks last week, even though they were opening run lanes.

    Should be an interesting game with our OC out due to covid. So will Mike Shula remember to call the running plays or will he rely too much on his role as a QB coach. Not asking him for another 190 yards on the ground, but to use common sense and mix it up as needed. When the run is there call it.

    The last 2 games vs the Eagles were lopsided. In 2013 Denver won 52-20
    In 2017 the Eagles remembered and beat us 53-21 . (ouch)

    Over the last decade week 10 has not been too bad for us. Denver sports a 7-3 record. Of the 7 wins 4 were at home, 3 were on the road. Of the 3 losses 2 were on the road and 1 was at home.

    We survived and thrived our first week without Von Miller. This team never ceases to amaze me good and bad with what it can look like from week to week.
    Hopefully they use last week as a springboard. Been a while since we were at mid November and not mathematically eliminated.

    Win-Lose or draw please follow the COC. IF you're here and a fan, we're in this together and we made it halfway through. Hoping we play smart, hard and come out safe. Let's build upon last week. Thank you to the Mods who volunteer their time here endlessly week after week. Keep the faith and as always GO BRONCOS!
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    Thanks, Elway!

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      Thanks, Elway!

      We're 2-2 with them in the new millenium, each team having homefield advantage for the wins, and it's OUR turn to kick the living crap out of them in our house! I wanna see the Orange Crush 3.0 put the hurt on Hurts with fifteen hits, six sacks, three forced fumbles, and three picks!!!!!!!!!
      GooO BRONCOS!!!

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        The Eagle(s) Have Landed

        And they will leave just as awkwardly as they came....

        Click image for larger version

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        6 and 4!!!!! (time for a break)


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          Thanks, Elway!!

          Go Broncos!!!

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            Last week was unreal.
            I want to see it happen again so I can believe.
            Go Broncos!


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              Let's go Broncos!
              30-28 Denver by a late FG


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                Thanks Elway! This is the game I've been looking forward too all season, even if I'm watching from home! Would love to see the Broncos show up in the same manner they did against the cowboys. Like LM, looking at the homefield advantage the two teams have done well with over the last 2 decades, and thinking this one is ours!

                Go Broncos!! Ground the Eagles!!
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                  a win today may be more or equally as impressive as last week considering we have only 1 healthy OL in our center hope teddy can survive...the defense has to keep hurts in the pocket


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                    Thanks Elway

                    Well Gang, this is where the rubber meets the road. Keep the pedal to the floor until she blows! Keep it balanced and keep the Tweety Birds off balance!! Protect our house!!!

                    Go Broncos!


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                      It was pretty bad last time we played the Seagulls, I hope we can redeem ourselves today and get the win!
                      (I am going to be watching the game with a Seagulls fan (my sister) today.


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                        I see a number of "experts' are taking The Eagles today.

                        NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!


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                          I'm wondering how the game is going to be called. I'm assuming that Shurmur installed a game plan and Shula will be calling plays. I think I did read an article stating that. I was just glossing over a NY Giants website description of him as OC from 2018-ish. Looks like a lot of completions and few interceptions in the passing game with a lot of carries and yards in the running game, with positive TOP mentioned. So maybe we should expect play calling similar to what they did last week against Dallas. We'll see, I guess.
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                            Cowher just picked the Eagles to win over the vaunted Denver defense. He said vaunted in a very disrespectful tone.

                            Not only does he not belong in the Hall of Fame, he needs to be fired by CBS for incompetence.🤨🤬😡
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                              Sorry, but I believe the Broncos are losing today. This is a bad match up for the Broncos.

                              Eagles defensive line will overwhelm the our injury riddled offensive line and stuff the run game. Teddy takes to many sacks and the Eagles defense has 16 sacks in road games this year.

                              Hurts is a mobile quarterback and mobile quarterbacks have been a problem at times for our defense. Devonta Smith and Dallas Goedert will give our defense fits in the middle of the field. Quez Watkins is an underrated deep threat. The Eagles offensive line has been getting better and healthier over the last few weeks.

                              The Eagles special teams is one of the best while ours is one of the worst.

                              And, oh yeah, Fangio is still our coach. Yes, the Eagles coach is not great but Fangio has 2+ years of inconsistent coaching.

                              We beat Dallas because we were more physical. I don't see that happen today.

                              Hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so.