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Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 11 Chargers vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 11 Chargers vs Broncos

    Hey Broncos fans

    Welcome to week 11 where the 5-5Broncos take on the 6-4 Chargers.

    Last week was nice, another Broncoless Sunday. No stress, though I was worried they would lose to the bye week as well.
    Instead they made two decent moves locking up Patrick and Sutton. So they cracked open some of the piggy bank. Hopefully they are saving some for a
    future QB out there to come to town.

    I was resting today watching college football. I saw Michigan hang up 299 rush yards vs Ohio State. It felt like I was watching the Broncos D. Unable to stop the run,
    even when they see it coming. They didn't stop it vs the Browns 3rd stringer. They held Dallas in check and once again completely collapsed vs the Eagles.
    So how will they do against the Chargers who can pound the ball and have a QB who put up lots of yardage.

    Herbert had 382 yards & 3 Tds last week vs the Squealers. We cant let him have that kind of performance again. Esp. with the so called talent we have in the secondary. Allen has 9 catches for 112 yards and their RB Ekeler had 6 catches for 65 yards and 2 TDs. Mike Williams went 5 for 97 yards and a TD. All 3 avg more than 10 yards a catch. They will pass to anyone open.

    Herbert can also run the ball, he took off last week 9 times for 90 yards. Denver cant seem to stop running backs or qbs who run either.

    This is our chance to go 6-5 and climb back into the AFC west race. Let's hope they dont blow it. Tepid Teddy will again take the reigns. The D should get a boost with
    the return of Chubb in the lineup. Of course the way the D played last week, Phil the garbage man would be a boost to this team.

    Part of Denvers issue is 3rd down conversion, we rank 28th out of 32 teams. No so impressive is it? The Oline doesnt helo much giving up 30 sacks so far, which ranks 27th.
    Surprised they don't give a dinner mint to the pass rushers as they are feasting on our Qbs.

    The Dolts D isnt overly dangerous. The sacked Big Ben 3x last week, and Denver gives up about 3 sacks a week so that should balance out nicely.
    We have had a week off to get rested, to get organized, to lock up some players and to get over the Eagles debacle. If Denver wants to push for the playoffs
    then this is the place to start. A conference game at home, after a bye. They should have something to prove and I hope they do.

    Week 11 games have be so so for us. We are 5-5 over the last decade. (1-4 over the last 5 years) Of the 5 wins 3 came at home, 2 on the road. Of the 5 losses, 2 came at home and 3 on the road.

    I hope we play well. Use this game as a nice tune up to face KC next week in primetime at Arrowhead. That game will be hard enough without going in there on a 2 game losing streak.
    So play smart Denver. Play with Energy and Pride. Stop the dumb penalties, stop the run and get the damn "W"

    Win-Lose or draw please follow the COC. We're in this together. Ups and down we fell them all every week. Hoping we play smart, hard and come out safe. Let's hope we used the bye week well and come out a better team. Thank you to the Mods who volunteer their time here endlessly week after week. Keep the faith and as always GO BRONCOS!
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    Thanks, Elway! Appreciate you!


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      BLAM! BLAM!
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        Originally posted by Peanut View Post
        Thanks, Elway! Appreciate you!

        GO BRONCOS!!!
        Thanks Peanut. Little later then I'd like, but I made it.
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          The Chargers are losing charge (and the game!)...

          Click image for larger version  Name:	tenor.gif?itemid=14227262.gif Views:	2 Size:	2.03 MB ID:	8386040

          Go Broncos!!

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          6 and 5!!!


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            Originally posted by samparnell View Post
            BLAM! BLAM!
            Being a Shark I first read that as dismember!


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              Start fast, play hard!

              Go Broncos!


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                Thanks Elway!

                Lets get a division WIN BRONCOS!!
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                  well since they paid patrick and sutton maybe they will start using them more often


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                    GO BRONCOS!!!!!



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                      Praying for a win today. Mac Jones continues to defy logic.
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                        Originally posted by bronco30 View Post
                        well since they paid patrick and sutton maybe they will start using them more often
                        it won't matter until we get a real QB. I was one of those fooled into thinking hey we have Jeudy/Fant/Albert O/Sutton/Hamler/Patrick that should be enough talent on the o side of the ball but it doesn't matter in the end. In fact it's just a waste of talent.


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                          I don't know why, but this seems like one of the more anticipated Broncos games in some time. Well, I guess I do understand why it might be:

                          - To see if The Broncos can actually go above 500, even with the "setbacks"
                          - To see if TB will make amends, along with his mates
                          - To see if TB actually gets another chance to make a tackle!!!
                          - To see if Lock gets a shot
                          - To see if our run game can take it to a below average Chargers' run D
                          - To see if our newly paid WRs make a splash
                          - To see if our D is as good as some think (hopefully with Chubb making a dent)
                          - To see what it's like to be firmly in a Wild Card spot, at least for another week

                          GO BRONCOS!!!


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                            Meanwhile Waddle is shredding the Panthers
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                              I have a feeling we're going to need 30 points to win today. Even if the D plays well, we will not be able to completely stop Justin Herbert. Teddy is going to need to be adventurous and the running game is going to have to fire.