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Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 17 Chiefs VS Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2021: Week 17 Chiefs VS Broncos

    Hey Bronco Fans,

    Like last week we lost another former coach who helped the Broncos find success when he was here.
    Greg Robinson did a lot of good things for this team, crafted a fantastic defense that helped us stop the
    Jags, Steelers, Chiefs, and Packers in one post season and the Dolphins, Jets and Falcons in another. R.i.p. coach.
    Welcome to week 17. Shame the NFL had to add a week 17 just so the Broncos could be playing in something after week 16.
    Guess they felt sorry for us. I know I do. When we had Manning on the roster we won 50 games. In the 6 years since we have won 39 with a slim chance at 40.
    In order to do that we need to Beat the Chiefs. I'd say our rivals, but when they won 12 games in a row that's just a history of beat downs, not a rivalry.
    Manning, Oz, Simien, Lynch, Keenum, Flacco, Lock (3x), and Bridgewater all have had their lunch money take by the Chefs.

    We played them well defensively a few weeks ago, but our offense was anemic. It was a 9-22 game. The Chiefs got Teddy for a pick 6 as we were having a good drive for a TD.
    A loss is a loss though. Based on past history and the last few weeks of play we don't have much hope that tomorrow's game will be different.

    The Chiefs have been playing better, they have a chance to be the # 1 seed. So they will be bringing their A game. Denver will be playing for pride. Some may be trying to just
    play and end the season healthy not knowing what next year brings. Win or lose it is the end of the road for us and the team as it stands. Not sure what lies in store for the coaching staff but I cant imagine that the lack of significant improvement over the last two years might not be a ringing endorsement for their future. The Broncos are 19-29 in the Vic Fangio era

    So the 3rd ranked offense will face the 9th ranked defense. We have home field and hopefully use it to our advantage. The Chiefs 12 game win streak vs Denver is its longest against any one opponent, we need to seriously put it to an end. Patrick Mahomes is 12-0 in his career on the road vs the AFC West. It's a pretty impressive record. Mahomes is 8-0 vs Denver. He owns us... flat out.

    Denver has lost its last 8 games vs teams with 7 or more wins. Tomorrow may not be different. To have a chance we need Lock to play well. Lock hasn't been terrible moving the ball, we
    just can't score. Last 3 games we haven't been able to score 14 points even. I do like though that Lock is at least using our Receivers better than Teddy was. The D had 3 hits on the QB last week, but not many pressures, no sacks and no Ints. We need them to turn it up for this game.

    The Chefs D got torched in the passing game last week for over 400 yards and 4 Tds. Burrows and Jamarr Chase served them a plate of humiliation, and it was AWESOME!

    How do we do in week 17 games in the regular season? I guess we are about to find out as this is a first.

    It's been a tumultuous season. Between Injuries, Covid, Bad Coaching, Playcalling and being inconsistent in our play it was a very up and down season. I don't want us to go out with a 2nd four game losing streak of the season. I am sure the offseason will very different for us. Lots of moves. Salary cap is higher, we will have a decent draft position and there may be changes at coaching and QBs.... who knows what will happen? As we said the last few seasons, it has to get better at some point. Maybe that is 2022 finally.

    Either way. Thank you for being here this season. Thanks for sticking with the team and the message boards. Even though I post less in the offseason, I am here still reading and lurking about.
    The Mods though are a different story. They are here all year trying to keep the natives from getting restless. I want to again thank them for another Season in the books. Modding can be a very time consuming thing, so thank you to those you have kept us running.

    Win or lose tomorrow please follow the COC. I am a Broncofan, have been over 35 years. I married a Bronco fan and named my son Myles. (wanted the spelling different from the mascot)
    I will stick by this team tomorrow win or lose, the next season and so on. It's in my blood. It's why I do this season after season, and am thankful to the mods who let me continue it. I'm thankful to all of you who post here as well and keep this thing moving on game day and all year round. Good luck tomorrow. I hope we have a great game. I hope we all have a good year and a great offseason. Want the "W" pretty bad tomorrow, but whatever happens as always "GO BRONCOS"
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    We can not all be legends, but we can be prepared and play hard each time out, as they did.

    Go Broncos!! Think of the legends whenever you wear Orange and Blue!

    Thanks Elway!


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      We will lose. Better draft pick, Lock will have another loss, vic will have another loss, Shurmur will have another loss, and they will have much success on their next new teams.
      Until we get a TRUE not name "Lock" qb we will miss the playoffs and be average at best! I'm E2DS and I approve this message! "AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW, NOW YA KNOW."


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        BLAM! BLAM!
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          Thanks, Elway! Appreciate what you do. Hopefully we'll be able to celebrate more wins next year.

          GO BRONCOS!!!

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            Thanks for another season of game day threads, Elway! Much appreciated!

            It's a WIN-WIN situation: If we win, we break a long streak against a hated and despised rival and I would really relish that! If we lose, we move up a notch in the Draft, and it's another nail toward Fangio's dismissal. Regardless, Shurmur's two-year contract expires after the game and he's gone.

            GO BRONCOS!!!

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              Thanks again for Game Day Elway! Maybe next year...

              Hoping for a good effort from our squad today leave a bad, bad taste in the Chefs mouth!

              Go Broncs


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                I am going to get as much out of this game as I can. There are a number of players I am going to watch more closely this week, because sometimes when you watch games you see the whole picture but not the details. Of course I will be assessing the team game, and the play design and so forth. But because this is the last game of the season for The Broncos, and probably the last game for some people involved, I might be homing in on a LB for instance, or an Oliner, maybe even one of the receivers. Of course it's a big game for Lock and others, but it's a lot easier watching QBs, pending camera angles.

                If the game is close that may change of course. But this game gives me a chance to focus more on players I may not have given enough time this past year. For sure, whichever rookie is out there.

                Enjoy the game everyone.


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                  "League sources outside of Denver reportedly expect the Broncos to move on from Fangio, although no final decision has been made."

                  If we get embarrassed on national TV today I think it's a done deal...imo


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                    Go Broncos!

                    Fangio’s game plan from the first game against KC was pretty good. Held the KC offense to 16 points.

                    Mahomes was 15/29, less than 200 yards, 0 TDs and a pick.

                    Kelce and Hill combined 5 catches for 49 yards.

                    If we can get a similar defensive performance today, we can win. Granted we did nothing offensively against them in the first matchup, but we got a new QB today and he has yet to turn the ball over in his first two starts, so hopefully the offense can dominate as well as the D did last time.

                    Let’s go! Get one final victory to finish the season strong! Go out on a high note!
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                      1 final game and the coaching search and QB search will be on once again and hopefully no injuries


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                        Go Broncos!!!!

                        Finish strong!!
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                          RIP DT, Coach Reeves, Odell Barry, Coach Robinson

                          GO BRONCOS!!!!!



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                            Time to end the losing run versus the Chiefs and set the tone for next season.


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                              Originally posted by GMTD View Post
                              Time to end the losing run versus the Chiefs and set the tone for next season.
                              will be hard to do with top 3 CB's out