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Official Game Day Thread: 2022: Week 4 Broncos vs Raiders

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  • Official Game Day Thread: 2022: Week 4 Broncos vs Raiders

    Welcome to game four of our season.

    The 2-1 Broncos take a trip to Sin City to take on the 0-3 Faiders. It’s Raider hater week and both teams know what is on the line. We both seek the defeat and humiliation of our division rival.

    Both teams haven’t look good. The Broncos offensive woes continue for all to see. We punted 10 times on Sunday night. We had 9 3 and outs. Twice we had the ball starting at the 50 and failed to do anything with it. Russell took 4 sacks, was off target several times and only once had a pass go over 20 yards. Other than Russ coming alive on the game winning drive Denver didn’t do much. Denver had 50 yards total on 6 of it’s second half possessions. It says something when the punter appears to be the hero of the game.

    The Denver D however was alive and well harassing Jimmy G whenever possible. Love how they are playing and closing out games. They were forcing fumbles and interceptions keeping us in the game. The Niners only scored a TD because the refs missed the call on a pick play. Denver only gave up 3 points on the Niners last 12 drives.
    We will need them to continue to be dominate. The Raiders offense is ranked 18th, Denver is 17th. We have the 10th ranked D, they are ranked 29th. Against the pass they are 8. Not a problem as we haven’t been passing well the last 2 weeks. Against the run they are ranked 29th, that could be great news for us. Provided we can stop fumbling the ball in the run game. If some the Faiders can stop our run game, we are going to have issues. At some point though the offense is going to have to do more.

    Raiders have Davante Adams. He has score in 3 games. He is going to get his catches. Last week he was targeted 10 times. He made 5 catches, for 36 yards and the 1 TD. Hunter Renfrow is their possession receiver when healthy. Surtain was targeted 6 times last week and gave up zero catches. Raiders love to throw first, Carr had over 300 yards passing last week.

    It would help if we had better play calls. It would help If Russ could hit the receivers more often. Most of all if we didn’t have him running for his life. The Faiders have Max Crosby who is a beast. Chandler Jones can be a force as well at times. Faiders are a desperate team. I am sure they are thinking of this as a chance to get in the “W column while beating down a division foe.

    So how do we do in week 4. Over the past 10 seasons, we hold a record of 7-3 , Of the 7 wins 5 came at home & 2 on the road. Of the 3 losses, 2 were at home and 1 was on the road. We’ve lost game for though 3 of the last four years. Winning only against the Jets 2 years ago. That doesn’t fill me with glee.

    A lot of so called experts are again picking our opponent. Again can’t say I blame them with what we shown the first three weeks. Hopefully we see improvement. Cant do much worse than 42 points in 3 weeks total. At some point the coaching and the offense just have to start clicking better. Either that or just less Russ do his thing.

    Emotions may be running high as we face a division opponent. Especially as we try to keep pace in the West. Please watch what you post and how you react to others. As always follow the COC and let the always wonderful Mods here be able to enjoy the game as well. Looking for a good game, no injuries, a score over 16 points and better coaching. At the end of the day I still want the “W” good , bad or ugly. Hope everyone has a good Sunday, enjoys the game and as always, “Go Broncos”
    The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!

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    Thanks Elway, it would help a lot if we won.


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      To The Raiders....

      JUST "WHINE" BABY!!!


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        Thanks Elway

        I've seen improvement every week, let's not beat ourselves, fewer mistakes and more production.

        It's a simple game, you throw the ball, you catch the ball. Sometimes, you run with it.

        Broncos Defense is flying high after tomorrow's Smack down in sin City!

        Smash the Faiders

        Gooooooooooooo Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!


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          The Raiders are probably desperate to get a win, and they always get fired up for the Broncos. I hope our guys are ready to counter that level of emotion.

          Our defense has been great, but now teams have had several weeks to study it, so I hope our offense takes a step forward.
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            Thanks for the write up, Elway!

            Go Broncos!!

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              GO BRONCOS


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                This is the week Russ is let loose.
                Let's make mincemeat of them. Tastiest match up in football.
                Broncos for the W!


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                  Go Broncos!

                  Can’t wait to make McDaniels 0-4. It’s about time our offense has a get-right game, and that will be today. Make the Raiders our play thing. Let’s go!
                  Eternal Broncos Optimist


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                    Thank you Elway!

                    I have never lost the hate I have for McDaniels and would love to see him have that same amount of success with the Raiders. Can't wait to see what our D has in store today and hoping the offense kicks up a notch or so, have seen some improvement each game.

                    GO BRONCOS!
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                      Let’s get this offense rolling! I’d love to hand McD a nice juicy L.


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                        Carr is not elite but he is a way better QB than we have faced so far and i expect them to feature Waller and Adams a lot we can not double both but i am happy no renfro but our defense will be tested hopefully we can slow them down

                        the offense will need 24-30 to win i think their defense stinks in the redzone and so does our offense hopefully it ends today and we stop these dumb penalties...and the OL MUST open some holes run the ball and dominant the clock....can't lose this game boys come on


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                          ATTACK THE RAIDERS!
                          BLAM! BLAM!
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                            Let's hope the Refs aren't blind today, for all the criticism the Broncos got this week, not one mention of the tripping penalty that didn't get called. Missed OPI as well.



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                              we are over due to win on the road vs the faiders been since PM was here gotta have this win....go bucs and texans to