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    Originally posted by JoRo View Post
    How does our number of scouts compare to other teams? Is that one of the possible reasons why we don't do as well in the draft until recently? I know the Bengals were notorious for their small scouting staff in the past and that was a factor in their horrible drafting.
    You know, I really wouldn't know because I've never looked - but after doing a quick glance over some AFC and NFC teams, it looks like we're the same, if not having a little more than others. We seem to have more people overlapping in areas (we have three guys overlapping in the Midwest because that's where Denver is close to) than other teams do.

    I think we have a good amount of scouts (8) [For college] along with Goodman, so that's nine resources to go out and get their own personal views on players. Along with that, almost every team in the NFL goes through Blesto for their scouting services (Redskins are an exception) and will purchase their reports and evaluations on players and cross reference the two in order to come up with a final grade on the player.

    Denver has a relatively new scouting staff this year, and we lost a good one in Ed Lambert (I think he's with the Texans now!) but we have some old timers on here. One thing that makes me worry is a conversation I had with Mike (SoCal on the Mane) about some of our scouts. During training camp, they are responsible to watch the practices and make some evaluations, but Bobby Beers (in charge of the West) was essentially screwing around all week not doing his job. Maybe a little inexperience and maybe just some of the guys we have is a problem.

    Then again, you have to factor in the Sundquist and Shanahan factor, which will always skew value and make things complicated.

    I know that Goodman said they only needed to see two or three games of a player to make an evaluation and I think that's pretty bad. For example, say they were scouting Jamaal Charles and they went to three games of his - and he struggled in two of them, but did well in another. His grade would be skewed then, despite the fact he's a top 75, perhaps top 50 talent in the draft. However, I am selling some of these people short - because they do a lot of work going and visiting schools and getting tape as well. They spend a lot of time into doing what they do, and in the end - I think it's the tendency for us to go after raw players with enormous potential rather than guys who are solid football players - the lunch pail types, who will bring it every Sunday, but not be All-Pro's.

    I think we take too many risks, and last year's draft with Moss and Thomas were a huge arrow in that direction. We gave up two third rounders, plus a few late-rounders to get those guys. What for? Above average production by Thomas, and an injury plagued defensive end who didn't even play well when healthy.

    Denver needs to start acquiring value, not pissing it down their leg.