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Boss Bailey and Earl Bennet??

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  • Boss Bailey and Earl Bennet??

    What do you guys think about these 2 as broncos?????Keep an eye on . . .

    If Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler has a chance to play the part of lobbyist in the upcoming draft, it's clear he will quickly take up the cause of Earl Bennett.

    The Vanderbilt wide receiver became Cutler's favorite target during Bennett's freshman season and has already jumped into this year's draft after concluding his junior season.

    While most scouts wonder what the Commodores' wideout will run in workouts and consider him a notch below top-shelf speed, Bennett did set the Southeastern Conference record for receptions - 236 - in just three seasons.

    He also has run away from plenty of cornerbacks and made enough space for himself to work in a steady diet of double coverage in what is regarded as a speed league.

    "Earl can play at this level," Cutler said. "I think he's got all those things quarterbacks are looking for. He's a player."

    Bennett had a 223-yard game against Richmond this past season, the ninth-highest total in SEC history.

    He's the boss

    All anyone had to see in Detroit's Ford Field earlier this past season was the Bailey brothers - Champ and Boss - posing for family photos before the game to understand how close the two are.

    Champ, a Broncos cornerback, has always said he hoped to play on the same NFL team as Boss at some point. There's now a chance.

    Boss, who has been the Lions' strong-side linebacker, is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent, with the Lions having already decided someone else will play that spot next season.

    I didnt know that Champ had a brother playing in the nfl...

    GO BRONCOS IN 2008

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    Boss is a decent LB. He still needs some work but is still pretty young. He has some good speed. I would love to see us get him but he may come with a high price tag and that might make us look elsewhere since he hasn't been a stud in this league.

    The receiver I don't even know. I didn't watch Vandy at all the last 3 seasons. I probably saw him on some Cutler highlights but I never payed any attention. Him and Cutler would already have some chemistry if we did bring him in though. If he is a later round pick, I don't see why we couldn't get him.


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      Bailey bros.

      sounds nice ,Boss is still not exceptional though. needs work describes him best.
      But I agree We need a Wide Receiver BAD! Bmarshall was great this year,Javon is shaky(hopefully comes back strong) & Stokes is possesion at its best ,but gets dinged up easy. I LOVE the kid from Hawaii Davone Bess!!!! this is a BIG time receiver!! might be more possesion than big distance plays, but man can he catch the ball in traffic!!
      The Vandy receiver I don't know about , that team isnt worth watching now that Jay is gone!!


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        We got him.....Now we will just have to wait and see if we get bennet in the draft....

        GO BRONCOS IN 2008


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          What is Earl Bennett projected to go at? 1st round,2nd round, 3rd round, later?


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            I heard 2nd round but that was before the combine not sure as of now...

            GO BRONCOS IN 2008


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              I think we get Bennett if we can move Foxworth for a 3rd rounder.

              I could see us then packaging one of our 4ths with that 3rd to move into the latter part of Rd. 2, where we should be able to get Bennett.

              Round 1, unless we trade down I think either OT or RB is pretty much a lock personally. Then Rd. 2, I think we go DT.

              If we can't move Foxworth then we'll just get a WR in the 4th, be nice to get Earl though. He's a good reciever and another high character guy as well by all accounts.