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    Originally posted by ElBroncoHart View Post
    Hello Bronco Nation these are my wishes to see in the next 4 Months some realistic and that might be out of reach.

    I believe that DJ belongs on his strong side like he started, yea he had the second most tackles in the league but he had no choice with the way our gaps were exposed. With that being said like all the rest of my Bronco family here's my wish for Al Wilson to take his rightful place as our field general on D. Now most of our Bronco family dislike Shaun Roger's because you all believe he is lazy, but i believe in him remember Warren Sapp and how he lost 50 pounds. Double teams in this league on DT's can make you disappear, but thats why i believe in Marcus Thomas to step up big in 08 here's to it. Now Speaking of family no one together better then just that family so why not from in the Boss Bailey he wouldnt be askin for much

    Well firsts things first trade Javon Walker for a 3rd round pick i dont want a guy thats has no passion to be here that being said i hold no dislike for him it's just business. With the 12th pick of the Draft The Denver Broncos select Kenny Phillips Sorry guys i just dont want us to past on another DB from the U. Now im not a mindreader when it comes to drafts so the other picks are beside me haha, But here are some players that i would love to see in orange and blue. 2 WR's on my mind 1. Earl Bennett what better rookie WR then 1 that already has chemistry with Jay. 2. Eddie Royal because we dont need a good returner we need a great one and the guys has got the goods. Word has it that our scouts are working extra hard on finding pure talent for our draft needs and with 8 picks and a chance of 9 if we trade Javon for one i believe in them. Oh and i hope Colt Brennen stock drops and he falls all the way down to the 7th round and we take FOR A BACK UP haha WHAT!!! he would have value in 3 years.


    Broncos Offense
    WR 15 B. Marshall 14 B. Stokley
    LT 74 R. Harris
    LG 50 B. Hamilton 73 C. Kuper
    C 66 T. Nalen 62 C. Myers
    RG 70 M. Holland 69 P.J. Alexander
    RT 64 E. Pears 74 R. Harris
    TE 89 D. Graham 88 T. Scheffler 85 C. Mustard
    WR ?E. Bennet ? E. Royal
    QB 6 J. Cutler 5 C. Brennen
    RB 20 T. Henry 35 S. Young 23 A. Hall
    FB 37 C. Sapp 26 P. Smith 30 M. Bell

    Broncos Specialists
    P 3 P. Ernster
    K 1 J. Elam 5 M. Prater
    KO 3 P. Ernster 5 M. Prater
    PR 32 D. Bly
    KR ? E. Royal

    Broncos Defense
    LE 91 E. Ekuban 96 T. Crowder 77
    LT 79 M. Thomas 97 K. Peterson
    RT 93 S. Rogers 99 A. McKinley
    RE 92 E. Dumervil 96 94 J. Moss
    WLB 59 B. Bailey 52 I. Gold
    MLB 56 A. Wilson 57 J. Beck
    SLB 55 D.J. Williams 51 J. Winborn
    LCB 24 C. Bailey 41 K. Paymah
    RCB 32 D. Bly 22 D. Foxworth
    SS 36 K. Phillips 21 H. Abdullah
    FS 47 J. Lynch 38 S. Cargile

    you do know Dj started at Weakside and wasnt that great so they moved him to Strong side, but he was even worse there? he also cant stand SLB and said he doesnt want to move back there, we move dj 1 more time and he will walk out as soon as possible! so if u want dj to be gone by all means move him again