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Broncos look to add another Day One Draft Pick

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    Last year... SD swung a deal with Chicago:

    San Diego sent their second-round selection (62nd overall, used to select Dan Bazuin), their third-round selection (93rd overall, used to select Garrett Wolfe), their fifth-round selection (167th overall, used to select KEvin Payne), and their third-round selection in the 2008 NFL Draft to Chicago for their second-round selection (37th overall, used to select Eric Weddle).

    Basically... SD sent a 2nd, 3rd, 5th and next year's 3rd to grab a 2nd... BUT... the second round pick SD got was the 5th pick of the second round, and the pick the sent to CHI was the 30th pick of the second round...

    SO... to move from 30th to 5th in the second round (25 spots) they had to deal 2 thirds and a 5th...

    NOW... what would it cost DEN to trade in to the back end of the second round? Who knows... BUT... If DEN were to obtain a third before the draft... that along with a 4th, 5th, and 3rd in 2009 might get it done.


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      I think the only possible thing to do is trade down in round 1.
      If a QB like Matt Ryan or maybe Brian Brohm fall to 12 then I can see a team like Minnesota wanting our 12 pick!


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        Let's just hope a top DB slips to 12 and Dallas makes a run at him... They could give us a first, second and a 4th. That would be sweet.