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what do you think denver needs to get better at?

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    To me that is a no brainer. The Broncos were one of the top teams in yards. Definitely the defense.
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      not saying i agree with this, but if we had a true feature back we would have scored more touchdowns in the red zone and been able to control more time of possession.

      who's you pick at 12 bowie?


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        One thing about watching DEN-GB SuperBowl last night (on ESPN) and the 1996 Jax upset... Was I noticed how important Atwater was to our defense.

        If a RB broke free... he was tackled... IF a WR cross the middle... He was drilled. Atwater made plays, covered the field... made up for a lot of missed assignments. On top of that, he had a presence. WRs "knew" he was there and at any given moment could take their head off.

        With CBs like Bailey/Bly... we do our secondary a disservice by having such weak safety play.

        I do think a SAFETY is a must this draft. Sign Wilson... Draft Phillips/Barrett... We need someone back there who can cover ground and make a tackle.

        We need OT/DT... to help both sides of the ball. STILL, we also need RB/LB/FS.

        Which is why... I'm not really concerned whom we draft... I just think whichever direction we go... we better no miss. I think we need 6-8 players from this draft class... and 2 studs. Whatever position we address... FINE... we'll address the other positions next year.


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          so we went 7-9.

          we had 6 horrible games against the colts, both games against the chargers, the horrible game against the lions, the second raider game, and the game against the texans.

          the colts game let us know we need a better safety as dallas clark caught two td passes

          we managed 6 pts and allowed 64 to the chargers. I hate them

          we made the lions look like a playoff worthy team

          the raiders probably could have swept us if not for shanny's timeout

          we probably shouldn't have let kubiak go, and he proved why

          I have no idea why we kept on punting and kicking off to devin hester.

          I think we just need more of that inspirational hitting leadership that both steve atwater and al wilson provided, but unlike you I don't think the cupboard is as bear as you say it is.


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            first we need to think about the future and draft an OT such as.

            The Pick: Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St.*
            The buzz: The Broncos offensive line must improve for QB Jay Cutler to take the next step as an NFL starter.

            If you watch films of the O line when the broncos went back to back SB's you will see that we dominated the line of scrimmage and we need to get back to that starting now.

            We also need a dominating saftey becuase Lynch is Old. our D line needs the crew to be better and I believe they will. sorry our D may have choked a little but Darn if we could have dominated the line of scrimmage on Offence we might have scored more pints.

            Basicaly our needs cannot be fixed right away because linemen take time to mold and we need to work on linemen on both sides of the ball.

            Just a few thoughts.
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              i'm not sure if my memory is fading or not, but I remember our super bowl wins that we could run the ball up the middle or to the outside. now it just seems like our best bet is to the outside and maybe 1 or 2 yards up the gut. I'm not saying anyone we have is in the same league as TD, but I don't think any of our lineman are either.


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                you can't blame it on the RB's in denver even though we still ranked top ten in rushing.
                I still think our O-line is fading.
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                  I just think our running attack is getting a bit stale.

                  And the league has caught up with our zone blocking scheme.

                  It doesn't help that we are in a transition period on the o-line with lepsis done, hamilton being injured and nalen getting up there in age.

                  I know it'll never happen but i would love to see jake long protecting cutlers blind side and running over merriman and all those other chargers I am hating more and more.


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                    what do we need to get better at?

                    tackling on d


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                      so how do you suppose we draft to improve our tackling. Is it one guy with the 12th or many?


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                        Originally posted by crush'em View Post
                        you can't blame it on the RB's in denver even though we still ranked top ten in rushing.
                        I still think our O-line is fading.
                        With the exception of Lepsis our O-line was either back-ups and/or first year starters for the Broncos at their positions. What did you expect?


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                          I think it is our defense on 3rd down, We did well on 1st and 2nd down for the most part but when we got it to 3rd down we could not stop anyone for the life of us. The play calling on defense on 3rd down always put us in the wrong position, we blitzed when we should have stayed back, we stayed back when we should of blitzed, and it seemed every d play call was the wrong one, didnt mater if it was 3rd and short or 3rd and 22, we would find a way to give up the 1st down. So to me the defensive play calling has to improve 1st. and of course we need to work on stoping the run and our pass defense will take care of the rest.


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                            I hate to keep harping on the same idea but I think that a true FB would do wonders for our offense in the red zone and in short yardage. If we picked up Hillis or Schmidt, IMO the offense both passing and rushing would get an instant boost. Here is an article from Orange Mane on Schmidt.


                            He is the kind of pick I would like to see even though he doesn't have great athleticism. He has a great work ethic and gets the job done.


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                                While Looking at everyone else post I'll add some stuff as well.

                                Simplistically on the Defensive side adding players looks like the best option to upgrade the whole defense.

                                Complex version: The Coaching in two years has virtually be turned on its head, with Coyer gone and having 1 year for Bates system to take shape. We all expected a huge jump from the bend to break defense to the 3-4 2 gap 4-3 defense that Bates deploys witch has success everywhere else. Quickly Shanahan saw that Bates could not make his scheme work without ejecting 1/2 of the players there reworking the whole D-line, LB core and Safety positions. That would leave the Offense running on neutral for two to three seasons. Something I doubt Shanny would like to see.

                                With that being said and having Bates system being scrapped for the tested Bend dont Break system witch looked more like Break down system leaves me to question the stablity of the Defensive Coaching and its effects on its players. The impact and implications became apparent thought some games that the confusion and down right mis-mangement of everything on the defensive side lead to our poor play.

                                Defensively upgrades to be looked at are DT OLB and SS witch can be addressed in the 4th and 5th rounds. In 2009 these can also be addressed in the 1st and 2nd rounds as the prospects are far better to look at.

                                Simplistic version of the Offense: Offensive Line, Run game and WR need to be added.

                                Complex version: With Helmdingers departure leaves a huge gap at OC, as well as Shanahan not having a true Running Back that he will need to finally pull all the stops out on his play book. As people love to speculate if Kubes would do a good job if he was here, i doubt as Kubes plays call for a mobile QB(as i think of as a quasai-RB that can throw) would have helped our red zone play. Maybe Kubes would adjust for Cutler but as I saw in the Texans game Kubiak's Play book relies on a QB who can run and pass decently on the run. Something that Cutler doesn't fit the mold of the run and throw QB, He can do it but Jay has more ability to nail targets if he can sit back, step up and sling it.

                                With that being said, some analysis think we'll shy away from the run first west coast style defense that Denver deploys. Witch means we get rid of the undersized Linemen and give Jay more of a sturdy Pocket type Offensive line. While that would be a great plus it will also take time up to 2-3 years to get that line while having them gel together.

                                We still need that linemen but it can be addressed in the 2nd and maybe 4th rounds, offensive line coaching must improve and Harris has to show he belongs as a starter but i would get a veteran LT to play behind him. (as his religious fasting will effect the first few games he plays)

                                When it comes down to it all Walker and Henry are good as done in Denver, Shanny would love to pair Jay up with a number 2 WR and a RB who can really open up the book. People forget Running Backs add to the QB's number by taking pressure off, Case in point Brett Farve compare his numbers this year to those last year and you'll see a drop in INTs. Give an RB to Jay and those Ints will drop by half, while TD's may improve. Henry may become an FB option but I really hope he's gone.

                                Overall, for the Broncos to come back to being solid will take close to 2 if not 3 years to be complete. This year would be the best time to get a top knoch RB, good WR and a OT who can play both the Guard position as well as Tackle. Then draft some Defensive players to start nursing along that D-line nucleus with some more additions. I say this year we complete the Offensive puzzle and let next year be the final finish on the defensive side.
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