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  • Random Sr. Bowl Thoughts

    I am finally getting a chance to watch the Sr. Bowl, and as I do so, I will post my thoughts on it's players.

    Overall, however, I am even more convinced that this Draft is a very poor one by NFL I watch the tape, I am seeing alot of poor tackling, bad QB play, poor interior O-Line play, and a very clear example of how stats lie with eventual MVP Matt Forte, who I would not even Draft, and yet he was the leading rusher. The QB play, which is supposed to be full of 'NFL calibur' prospects was borderline horrendous.


    Overall, the play here has been very bad. When you consider that teams have to play a vanilla 4-3, with no blitzing, little to no motion, and the free safety has to play straight up, this should be the easiest Defenses these QB's have seen since Pop Warner days.

    Colt Brennan...Is horrible. I would not even draft him. His INT to Connor was about as telegraphed as a pass gets...the other throws have largely been off target, or in the dirt. He looks like an Arena League QB to me.

    Chad Henne...Got lucky on that flare pass he threw for a TD to Hawkins. In the NFL, that gets picked.
    Nothing else he has done has been remotely impressive.

    John David Booty...Does not look nearly athletic enough to play in the NFL. Inaccurate. Nothing specail in terms of arm strength or mobility. To me, not a Day One player by any stretch of the imagination. Capped off poor first Qtr with a horrible INT in the End Zone.


    Matt Forte...This kid may have been the rushing leader, but he is not impressive to me at all. He runs tall, will take a ton of punishment in the NFL, and IMO, will have trouble staying healthy. He is not fast, and has limited quickness. After the first Qtr, he had over 20 yards rushing, yet virtually all of the yardage was onl mis-direction pitchout plays where he caught the Defense in the wrong pursuit. His longest run of over 10 yards went untouched until the end when USC OLB Keith Rivers drilled him and he fumbled. Not a Day One pick, IMO.

    Tashard Choice is still the best RB in the Sr Bowl and it's not close. He did not get alot of carries, but his blocking and toughness are apparent as he ran over a LB on his first carry. On his second carry, he hit the hole up the middle and moved the pile forward a couple of yards before going down. Good all around player who will move up dramatically if he can run decently at the Combine.

    The Guards and Center in this years Sr Bowl point to it's overall lack of talent.
    Mike Flynn, Kory Lichtensteiger, Drew Radovich, etc are all late round guys that will have trouble sticking in the NFL.
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    Funny how scouts and the so-called 'experts' have Kentucky QB Andre Woodson falling, yet all he does is move his teams. On his first drive in the game, he lead his team for a TD with a nice throw to the TE for the touch. One drive, one TD.

    Funny how production often gets lost on the scouts.


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      Rarely do we ever read anything around here about Arkansas NT Marcus Harrision, yet at 6'3"-315, he certainly looks stout on the Nose, and has gotten a consistent push here in the first half.

      In fact, there have been a few DT's to make some plays....we all know about Ellis and Laws, but Red Bryant also stufffed a run on 3rd and 1, Harrison has made some plays and V Tech's Chris Ellis has had some nice rushes off the edge.
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        Lavelle Hawkins is impressive. He bailed out Henne on that flare pass. I think he could be a great #2 receiver in the NFL.


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          The QB's continue to suck....Joe Flacco's INT to Rodgers-Cromartie was alot like Henne's TD pass, just a big flare that looked more like a punt than a pass.

          CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie made himself alot of money in this game, and really has been the most impressive player on the field in the first half.


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            Woodson just got sacked in the End Zone for a safety as Sedrick Ellis just abused the Bowling Green Guard, Kory Lichtenwhatever.


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              Flacco just missed a wide open WR in the End Zone for a TD...just overthrew
              him badly.

              The UTEP Safety Quintin Demps looks like a player. He has a pick in the Red Zone, and has been diagnosing the run well. Looks like a solid third rounder who could creep in to the late second.

              Flacco made a nice throw for a TD that wasn't...

              The Oregon St kicker, Alex Serna, just missed the worst kicked FG I have ever seen...


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                Well, that's the end of a poorly played, under-talented, un-eventful first half.

                Alot of these guys may get Drafted, but I guarantee you their futures in the NFL will be short, and that there will be less players from this class remaining after three years in the NFL than average.

                My favorite part of all this was the halftime report that pointed out that
                North Coach Lane Kiffin did not wear Raiders gear all week (unlike his assistants), but rather silver and black Under Armour gear. Classic.

                Good for you Lane. You don't need weird Al...


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                  thanks for the observations. good stuff i missed the game.
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                    Originally posted by Broncosinindy View Post
                    thanks for the observations. good stuff i missed the game.
                    Thanks, although I have not summoned the curiosity to even watch the second half yet; the game was that bad.