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    Yeah, I would be really excited if they could get Bryant Johnson to Denver. He is still only 26 and has flown under the radar his entire career. I think he would be out to prove himself in Denver as a legit option at WR.


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      Originally posted by McKeough View Post
      Uhh... you mean Donté Stallworth?

      I don't know how you think he's the answer when you can't even spell his name. Twice.
      ? Is this a joke? If you really believe what you typed then I feel really sorry for the people you live with.


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        Listen if we keep on talking about adding another WR Javon might get jealous and then want to be traded...again. Lets work on appeasing his ego and then trade him next year. Or hell maybe Cutler throws around the 4 thousand range, and Javon and Marshall both have a grand in yards.
        New England Patriots GM


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          Originally posted by Bronkster View Post
          Stallworth is so inconsistent. I would rather pick up Patrick Crayton if the Cowboys don't resign him. I even rather have Bryant Johnson from Arizona. Some people forget that he was drafted ahead of Anquan Boldin.
          They already did, but Donte is inconstant, you know he was 2nd wr for the pats.Than he lost it to Wes Welker, than Lost 3rd to Jabar Gafferny.