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    Originally posted by FinNasty View Post
    Reunite Brandon Marshall with Kevin Smith... and your offense will be set for the next decade...

    Watching Marshall throw blocks and springing Smith will be great to watch... again...
    now that is a rb i would like to see the broncos get in the 2nd. Him or a LB like phillip wheeler.
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      Originally posted by MHS View Post
      well since you work for the broncos and know exactly what bowlen is thinking im glad you can make posts. At least i am looking at other option your stuck on a bandwagon for a RB when it is a good possibility that denver will draft defense. Bowlen said he wanted shanny to draft better but never said anything about drafting a rb, so that point makes no sense in your post. I dont expect to find another TD and think it is impossible but it is very possible to get a good RB outside of mendenhall and stewart which i would rather do since it wasnt our RB or offense that lost us games it was what? the defense, Phillips is a great saftey prospect... no sean taylor but if you are waiting to draft a sean taylor type that is gonna take at least 5-10 years. I am not totally against rb i just think the smartest thing to do is to get young players on defense. And if ellis phillips clady are gone then i would hope for shanny to trade way down or even out of the first round.
      Oh man I wish, I worked for the Broncos Org, then again if I did, i would be fired right away for posting anything on these boards.

      Its not that I'm on the RB banwagon but its mostly looking at our previous history with the RB situation witch has been utter crap for since we traded away Portis for Champ. Not that I hate that trade but I really question that trade. For the past drafts Shanny has been putting fodder after fodder in the RB position only to have the RB by committee fail miserably.

      Kevin Smith, he's good but how he uses his body to bust in the holes puts so much wear on his body that he's a virtual time bomb on how far he can go in the league if he keeps doing that. Plus the treads on the tires are worn pretty well.

      Stewart, Jones, Mendenhall have some if not little wear on their treads and would make the most sound judgment call to pick over Smith.

      Plus K.Phillips is talented but not as talented as those Safeties I have posted, plus I think Mindfield said it best about this being not a great draft for DT,S, and ILB. The deeper i look the more I agree with Mindfield, if you just want to be a fanboy of Phillips and Smith fine by me. But Right now we still got a young D-line and we can add more to it next year as we already have the Offense solidify for years to come and not worry about the RB situation that has been in turmoil.
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